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Our Chemistry is Kerosene

meet the girls.

The older girl, about seventeen, a brunette with blue/silver eyes was standing by her cousins window. Her hair fell around her pale shoulders to about five inches past her shoulder blades.

The younger, about sixteen, girl was sitting in a beanbag chair, her medium length dirty blonde hair was in a ponytail. Her hazel eyes were looking out the window, the sun spilling in and making the shapes of the clouds on the carpet.

"So...your boyfriend is in a band, and you want me to come with you to see them?"

"Come on, V. You're just here for a few weeks. I want you to meet my crowd."

"When will I ever see them, again, Manny? I live in Cali."

"Come on, please? I told them you were visiting and they want to meet you." the brunette sighed.

"You're lucky you're family." Amanda smiled.

"You won't regret this I promise." the brunette sighed again.

"When do we meet up?"

"Well, my parents will pick us up and drop us off."

"Wait....aren't you sixteen? Don't you have your license?"

"Yeah but you know them. I can't drive at night." the brunette rolled her eyes.

"Seriously, Manny?" the dirty blonde girl nodded.

The brunette sighed and flopped on her cousins bed. she looked at her cousin who currently was upside down. she rolled over so that she was on her stomach. she flipped her long brown hair over her shoulder.

"I think I'm going to cut all of this off. A nice angle cut would be nice. The front ending about here." she put the tips of her black polished nails at the middle of her collar bone.Amanda's eyes widened.

"But it's so long and pretty!" the brunette rolled her blue/silver eyes.

"And I've had the same hair for five years now. Not counting the color changes. I'm bored with it. No worries, I'll do it when I get back home."

the brunette sighed.

"Mannyyyy....I'm bored." Amanda laughed.

"Well what do you want to do?"

"I haven't been to the park here in about eight years."

"Okay." the brunette smiled and the two girls got into Amanda's car.

"So, Manny, you and your boy..." V waited for Amanda to fill in the name.


"Jack. How long have you two been together?"

"Two months."

"Cute." Amanda rolled her eyes.

"What about you, you dating anyone." V laughed.

"Pffft. Ha ha, nope. I don't date."

"Why not?"

"SoCal boys have ONE thing on their minds." Amanda made an 'O' with her mouth. "Yeah. I don't want that. But come on I'm turning seventeen this year. I'm fine being single."

"But, you know that not all guys are like that."

"I know. Just SoCal guys." V said smiling. Amanda laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Well, Jack does have a single friend. His-" the brunette rolled her eyes.

"Amanda, do you realize how crazy that sounds? I'm going back out to Cali in two weeks. It would be pointless to have a guy here. How is that fair?"

Amanda bit her lip. she knew that V was right. But she was worried about her cousin. V didn't let people in anymore. Amanda wasn't sure what had happened in the year since she last saw her.

"V, did...did something happen with a guy? Is that why you don't want to date?"

The brunette looked over at her cousin. She wasn't sure if she could tell her cousin. She wasn't sure if she could admit it to herself. How she had let herself get s used. She bit her lip.

"Yeah. Something did."

Amanda looked at her cousin. She knew from the tone of her voice that V didn't want to talk about it. she sighed.

"We're at the park now." Amanda said quietly parking.

the brunette nodded and got out, letting the wind dry the soft tears that had began to fall.

"So what are the plans?"

"Bowling, I think. I don't know. Jack was being all weird about plans for this week."

"Seems kinda sketchy cuz."

Amanda shook her head.

"No. Jack's not like that. I think....I think he's planning a surprise. They knew you were coming."

"How exactly?"

"My mom told me when we were hanging out."

the brunette rolled her eyes.

"V, just give them a chance." the brunette smiled, sitting on a swing.

"I will." the dirty blonde girl just looked at her suspiciously, sitting on the swing next to her.

"Cross my heart." she said lifting her left hand and crossing the left side of her chest with her right hand.

Amanda laughed and shook her head.


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