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Mama , I'm In Love With A Criminal (Jalex)

Chapter 8

"Now the shoulder blade of the fourth dummy! C'mon Lexy-Bear get a bulls-eye!" Austin yelled from behind me.

Yea, sadly I was with Austin again. But right now he's not the only one I'm with, sure he's the only other person in the sound proof shooting rang with me. Where as Rian and Vic were in the "Spectators Quarters" over head.

"Don't call me 'Lexy-Bear' Austin, my name is Alex. So, call me Alex." I said harshly over my shoulder.

We're at a shooting range downtown. The only one that will let us in while wearing our 'Gang Jackets'. Well, that is everyone but me. 'Cause I'm only a rookie I can only wear support cloths.

"Sorry. I'm only trying to be a good boyfriend." Austin said in a voice mixed between hurt and anger.

His 'boyfriend' re-mark caused me to shoot the gun, out of anger. Instead of yelling at him. Which would blow me and Jack's secret.

"Good work 'Pretty Boy', never missed a shot. 'Honey-Bee', drive the boy back to 'Prince's'. "Rian's sarcastic voice came staticy over the intercom.

I beamed, he means Jack, for Austin to take me back to Jack's.

My glance went from the now gone Vic and Rian, to Austin. With a huge smile plastered on his face. the same smile that had me swooning weeks ago. But now, but now it just makes me cringe. It's the same smile he wore the day he called Jack a faggot.

My body tensed when he cupped my face in his hands. I never noticed he came at me, the littlest moment of Jack in my thoughts sucks me in, and I usually ignore whats going on. Before I could re-act Austin was slamming his lips into mine.

Austin never kissed me the way Jack kissed me.

Jack kissed me softly or deep, depending on our moods or the conversation going on before the kiss. When I kiss Jack, he always puts one hand on my hip and on hand stroking my face. Jack's kisses give me little butterflies, make me weak to my knees, and always leave me wanting more.

But Austin's are different.

Austin's kisses are rough and needy. Always one sided and always seemed to have to much saliva. He's basically sucking on my face trying to get me to kiss back, but I usually just stand helpless, starring at something behind him. Austin's kisses make me feel gross inside, and guilty.

This isn't how relationships work, Jack shouldn't have to share me with anyone.
I pulled away from the kiss, and took a few steps back. Austin looked at me questioningly, this is the first time I've ever broke the kiss. I've always let Austin do it, since I was scared that if I broke it off he would get angry or suspicious But right now I don't care, all the thoughts of Jack in my head, I just can't do this anymore.

"Baaabe, why did you break off the kisss?" Austin whined stepping closer to me, I stepped back again.

'I broke it off because I don't want you to kiss me, I don't want you to touch me, I don't want you near me, I don't want you to think of me, I don't want you. I want Jack. I want Jack to kiss me and hold me and love me. I just want you gone.' I thought.

"I needed air." I said flatly.

I walked past Austin, grabbing my bag. Before I can turn, Austin is slamming my into the wall. I let out a grunt, I think this was meant to be seductive.

"What the hell man?!" I yell pushing back, just to be slammed against the wall again. Austin started grinding himself against my ass.

'What the hell kinda foreplay is this?!' I think to myself.

He stats kissing and sucking my earlobe and neck, grinding harder into me. When Jack sucks on my neck and earlobe I go harder than a rock, faster than lightning. But Austin doing it, feeling Austin's spit and tongue on me makes me want to throw up.

"S-s-seriously Austin... S-stop!" I say trying to get away from the wall, but every time I back up, he pushes me into the wall harder. Kind of aggressively.

Austin cupped my member in his hand, squeezing a little to hard. I slammed my back into his body, trying to get free. I guess he thought I was turned on, because he smirked onto my neck and started undoing my jeans.

Only now did it dong on me, what Austin was planning to do.

'He wants to have sex with me!'

I swear if my eyes could pop out of my head, they would be rolling on the floor right now. I let out a scream, Austin gagged it.

"You can scream all you want Lexy-Bear. We're in a sound proof room. Why don't you want to have sex with me?" Austin whispered angry threw his teeth.

I started to cry. He knew something was going on he wasn't aware of. I knew he wasn't going to stop.

He wasn't going to stop...

"A-austin... I-I don't want to f-fuck you!" I screamed out threw tears as he ripped down my pants.

I heard him unbuckle his belt, followed by his pants hitting the floor. Was he really going to do this?

"Sure ya do babe. You love me." Austin grinned against my back.

He aliened himself with my entrance.

"D-don't Austin!" I yelled between sobs.

But he did it anyway...

He slammed him self repeatedly into my entrance. The new sudden pain making me weak to my knees. I fell to the floor, on all fours. The sobs coming from me got louder and faster, Austin bent down and slammed in again. I whimpered at the pain, limply falling to the floor. But Austin hosted me up on his knee so he could continue.

This was my first time. I should be enjoying this! I should be in control of what he is and isn't doing to me!

I never would have thought Austin would be one to. . . Rape somebody. He seemed so genuine, caring, for fuck sakes he wouldn't kill a person! But here he is. . . Violating me in a way thats unexplainable.

I laid silently, trying to ignore the pain, trying to ignore Austin's disgusting sweaty body on top of mine, trying to ignore his gross grunts, trying to ignore everything going one! Where was Rian? Where was Vic? Where was anyone in this stupid fucking establishment?!

Austin got quiet, and his thrust got sloppy. I know what was happening. I didn't want him in me!

"No! No! No! Please no! Pull!" I cried but it was done, he busted his load inside of me.

Austin pulled out. He tried to trace kisses down my back, but I crawled out from his grip and to the other side of the room. I grabbed my bag and used it to shield my small balled up body. Austin scoffed under his breath, pulling on his skinny jeans.

"Don't pretend you didn't like it babe." Austin said rolling his eyes.

I started crying harder. It was to the point where you know your face is all red and gross looking, your entire face is wet some how, and animal noises are coming from your throat.

"Get dressed, I'm taking you home." Austin threw my clothes at me and left the booth, and then the whole shop.

I scurried to my cloths, throwing them on faster than I thought I could with pants this tight. I grabbed my bag and phone. I unlocked it to see I had a text from Jack.

From; Jack:
hey babe miss u :*

My crying stopped a little, Jack really does make everything better.

To; Jack"
i'll be home real soon baby. there was kind of... an accident :/

After I sent the text, someone came in the booth. It was a boy, short and lanky, much like myself. But he was covered head to toe in tattoos. He had on a Slip-Knot shirt and tight black skinny jeans.

"Oh. Sorry Mate. I didn't know you were in here, eh? I saw the other guy leave, so I thought it was empty." The guy had a thick accent. British maybe, but there was a twist of something else in there.

"Shit mate! You a'ight?" He asked walking towards me fast.

"Y-yea. Well n-no. But it's n-no big deal. I was j-just leaving." I said standing.

The pain was to much for my body, I shuttered at the squeal that came out of my mouth as I fell back to the ground.

"Whoaa? Buddy, you had sex with the big guy that was just in here didn't you?" The guy asked helping me back up, flinching from the squeak I made trying not to scream.

"Something like that." I muttered, releasing from his grip.

"Oh." Was all he said as a look of realization crossed his features. "I'm Oli by the way, and I'm so sorry about what he did to you. Thats not fucking right. Do you want to call the police? No, you know what I'll call them, than I'll take you home. I don't want you anywhere near that disgusting piece of shit." No. No. No. he can't call the cops.

"No Oli. You can't call the cops. Don't know if you noticed, but he's a gang member. And if I get him locked up, they're going to come after me, 'cause I'm a rookie. And I just broke like a seven rules, oh shit, eight now telling you this." I sighed, bringing my hands to my face to cover the tears coming now.

That's what is going to happen. They're gonna fucking kill me, no matter how much I'll plea with them, and tell them it was Austin, he's been here way longer. He has them wrapped around his finger. It's not going to matter how much evidence I have either, they're never going to believe me. And I will be killed.

"Ok. Well, I'm still driving you. I don't want you near him>Whats your name mate?" He asked taking out his phone.

"Alex." I replied.

"Number?" He asked.

"!-649-696-969." I answered.

My phone went off, causing me to jump, and the jump making me squeal in pain.

From; Unkown Number:
lets go :D

I smiled and looked at Oli, he extended a hand to help me walk. When we got to the parking lot, I seen Austin parked right in front of the building. He looked at me and Oli, Oli flipped him off and kept walking towards his car.

"What the fuck you think you're doing Alex?! I have to get ya to Jack's! Get the fuck over here! Tell your little fuck buddy good bye!" Austin screamed from his car.

I started to cry, Oli ignored him and helped me into the passenger seat before turning to Austin.

"Maybe you should watch what ya say, yeah? You fucking perverted son of a bitch!" Oli yelled back at Austin. He was like a cartoon, you could practically see the smoke coming from his ears.

Oli got in the car. After a short heated conversation with Austin, which led to Austin speeding off. He doesn't like confrontation at all. Oli pulled out of the lot and sped to the exit, before colling down enough to speak again.

"Where to?" He asked softly, smiling at me.


This was super intense for me to write! Like whoa....
Sorry if it wasn't good.
I put Oli in it to make up for it though ^u^
And also, sorry for taking so long to update, I started another story. And have had some problems at home and school.







Because Jalex Because Jalex
Omfg yes!!!
wtf jack cant kill oli! :'c
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Thanks :)
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Perfect story.
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