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Brand New Contest! [CLOSED]


Okay, so as you guys may remember, there was a contest a couple months ago on here.

I've been waiting for a new contest to pop up. So I've decided to host my own. I want you all to know that this one will be loads of fun and the rules and how to apply are going to be up right now and I will open up the slots when I have a partner to help me judge.

Speaking of additional judges, I am open to have anyone volunteer to help me judge. I may like reading a lot, but if I'm the only judge, I will be way to biased to judge everyone that enters fairly.

The Prizes:
1st place: Mention in my stories' note section for 1 month and a one-shot they design with me.
2nd place: Mention in my stories' note section for 2 weeks and a one-shot they design with me.
3rd place: A one-shot they design with me.

I am also pleased to announce that Rae.Barakitten has joined me as a judge for the contest as well. Sign ups will open soon, once we peak enough interest from you guys.

Latest info.

We have SIX slots filled! We have a maximum of twelve total slots. and a miniumum of eight. SO we need YOU and that other person that is looking at this right now to SIGN UP!
What excuses you may have:
  1. I've never written before!
    1. Well! Maybe you're an amazing writer and you just dont know it! School is hardly a place to determine ones abilities. While you have the freedom of the internet *Rainbow*
  2. I have no talent :/
    1. B.S. You're good at breathing. You're alive now so you probably have some eating experience. I have little talent. What do you honestly have to loose? You're shameless! take a chance and learn from it! Maybe They'll read it... Personally if I were famous i would read a TON of fan fictions then post videos responding to them online. IDK about you...
  3. I have no time
    1. You're reading fan fiction. You have time.
  4. I don't know enough about all time low
    1. WIKIPEDIA. (Though there are FAR more reliable sources)

Thank you for reading this and signing up because i know you will. You have any other excuses I will adress them.




They call it pop in WVA, which is where I was born. Moved to VA when I was four and people STILL think I'm weird for saying it!
I have friends from like St. Louis and Wisconsin and they get on me for calling it pop. I thought it was just a Michigan thing.

AND OMG YOU SAY POP! People in VA make fun of me for saying pop instead of soda! I love you ten times harder now! <3<3<3

No, it's not. Look it up. It's vacuum.
Guess you're not so original, eh? lol. <3.
I just about died as I laughed and choked on my pop. It's vaccum. lol