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I am basically ATL trash. No word of a lie. I'm literally trash. I live in a garbage can with Oscar the grouch, and all we do is sit around and listen to All Time Low, watch All Time Low interviews, and stare at Alex's face.

So hey there. My name's Renée, I'm 14, I reside in Canada with all the polar bears and beavers. I play guitar and I kinda play the violin as well. I also sing and write my own stuff. My favourite TV shows are probably Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory, my favourite movie is The Breakfast Club and my favourite book is, and will forever be, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

I mostly write Teen Fiction and Adventure themed stories on my wattpad account (which is heyimreallyawkwrd if you wanna check that out), but I write a little bit of paranormal stuff here and there. To be honest when I die I'd like to be a ghost; I would prank people so hard.

There's not much else about me to say. If you'd like to be friends, then please do and send me a message. It gets pretty lonely with just me and Oscar in this trash can.

Have a nice day, guys.


Author's notes and such
Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

NC-17 Romance Horror Religious

Would you kill to protect the ones you love?


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