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Would've Married You in Vegas


"The year is 2007. All Time Low is playing Warped Tour, and it’s hot as fuck. They’ve been extremely busy touring, writing and recording their new album, and trying not to die of alcohol poisoning while also hanging with the big dogs in their scene, like Sum 41 and Yellowcard and Alkaline Trio. Jack’s so stoked that Alex is pretty sure that he hasn’t blinked in weeks. Rian is annoyed because Jack won’t shut the fuck up about playing alongside Yellowcard. It’s making them look uncool, okay? Zack is gone skateboarding with some of the guys from Boys Like Girls so often that they rarely know where he is, but he never shows up to the Hurley.com stage late, so they haven’t kicked his ass yet. Alex is just taking it all in. And also flirting with Meg Frampton from Meg & Dia, but he doesn’t see that going anywhere. He doesn’t mind. He’s not here for girls. He’s here for the music, as corny as that might sound."

Written for the Let It Roll (Back To ‘07) Contest


  1. Had You Given Me the Chance to Say 'I Do'

    Could I Make It More Obvious


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