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Another story I wrote a few years ago. Found this baby in the archives of my Google Drive. While it is a little over four years old, I prefer the writing quality of this one over my other two. She's cliche, a little cheesy, pretty awful, etc, but this was a fave when it was written and posted a few years ago so i've decided to re-upload it.




I fixed the mistake! Thank you for pointing it out... I retyped the sentence in my google docs before I posted the chapter but it must’ve not saved. Oh well.

AlexAllTimeLow AlexAllTimeLow

Ughhh, she needs to just tell him! lol.
Hi. I'm still here, I was surprised when I got a notification for this, lol.
Loved the updates! I could kind of tell that you probably just went ahead and posted what you had, by this sentence in chapter 2:
I could bare the thought of Alex not wanted to be my friend all because of one stupid mistake.
lol XD Just a few mistakes there.
I wonder what her decision is going to be, hmm... it does have a few similar aspects to your other story, but it's still slightly different, so I'll read. :)
Can't wait to read more! :) And find out what happens with this one.

Nanook Nanook

Oh, haha, gotcha. Looking forward to seeing more then. :)

Nanook Nanook

Yes! More chapters are coming soon. It automatically marks it as complete when you create a new story and I forgot to change it haha.

AlexAllTimeLow AlexAllTimeLow

Here I am as promised! And hmmm... I wonder what this one is gonna be about.... *sly face* XD
This will be multiple chapters, right? Upon looking at the summary on your profile, it was marked as complete, so I was expecting a one-shot... but this seems like it's gonna have more to it.
If it continues, interested in seeing more! :)

Nanook Nanook