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Sing Me To Sleep


- Im Awaked With Mistakes -
If you haven't read the first book, I recommend doing so before you read this one. Trust me, its way better than this one :)



Oh my... so, a lot has happened. :O
Wow... Alex just got douche-ier and then tried to make up with her and then turned into a douche again and is now... trying to make up with her? lol, he's so back and forth. It's hard to tell what he really wants. He acts like he wants her now, but then how could he do all of what he did to her? Maybe blame it on immaturity I guess, a few years have passed so maybe he's a bit different now.
But yeah, just interesting how he was upset at the engagement, considering he's had his chances and blew them. Man.
And like, that broke my heart for Allie when he so easily broke her heart, but then didn't want to ruin it with the new girl. :/ Like, what? But then he went back on that in the next chapter, lol, so it's like, what words does he even mean when he says them?
Also, even though he's sorry now, there's just something unforgivable in the fact that he missed so much of Daisy's life so far. I mean, c'mon, I can understand the heartbreak, but his relationship with Allie shouldn't interfere with his father-daughter relationship. They're two separate things, and he needs to make it up to her on a different level. Like, I'm surprised he's being forgiven so easily, because it wasn't just Allie, but Daisy was majorly affected too.
But I get that you wrote this at a different time, so you probably didn't think on that too heavily, as you've mentioned with other aspects of the story, lol.
Oh, and even though it was kind of randomly thrown in there, I loved that you finally answered the question with the Rubik's Cube, lol. So that was finally solved, and it's interesting that he's the one who did that/ruined the promise? :/ Like, it's a wonder he didn't try to mix it up again. That he just let it solved. In a way, it's showing he brought the omen onto their relationship.
But yeah, great job with the updates! Sorry for the delay in commenting, I'm still here. :) And while I'm very skeptical of Alex's intentions, I suppose I'm still with the original ship, lol.

Nanook Nanook

Ohhh gotcha. That makes sense, I was thinking Alex himself did something, like he called her and left her a voicemail that he didn't mean or something.
And right? lol, I've kind of hated stories like that, because especially if they kill the main character off... like that's part of the reason I was enjoying the story, if I read that far, and they just took it away. :/
Haha, I've read a lot of stories where that's his archtype. Just the bad boy or he's a douche at some point. XD I think it was pretty typical like the kill off a character thing lol.
And aw, no problem, I'm enjoying reading. :D

Nanook Nanook

Haha so basically the video on Allies phone was something her band mates sent to her as they were finding out about Alex and his other girl. I wanted to fix it but I figured it keep up with the whole corny fanfic plot so I decided to leave it how I originally wrote it.
I really am confused as to why the dramatic and untimely ending of the lead character was so popular back then...? I remember reading fics where the leads would be critically injured and change the whole plot. It was a strange time haha.
I also have no idea why my younger self decided to make Alex the worst human alive oh my gosh. It seriously baffles me sometimes.
The weird ch 7 typo was a mistake. I assume I made a change and forgot to delete pieces of the old sentence. I’ll fix it now, thank you for bringing it to my attention!
Finally, thank you for all the comments. It warms my heart knowing there’s at least one person enjoying this ❤️

AlexAllTimeLow AlexAllTimeLow

Oh, and Daisy is such a cute name! Okay, I'm done. XD

Nanook Nanook

Oh... my.... *face palms* XD
Alex, what are you doing?
Well, first of all, I guess I should start with the fact that I'm happy that Allie is alive. I mean, what. What. I wasn't expecting the near death at all. OMG. XD But then it brought me back to fan fics that were written a few years ago, and I was like, "Ohhh... that's right. Like, an almost death during childbirth actually did kind of happen a lot." So it makes sense why you did that, lol. Why was that a thing again? It really did happen a lot, or if not during childbirth, like there would be a near death from like a car accident or something, and like a coma... it was just a common plot arch. XD
But yeah, so thank god she's alive, but then she just wakes up to that?!?! Really?
Like why did he cheat all that time. My heart breaks for her, especially since she was pregnant. Like, my god, he's heartless. And now HE'S CURRENTLY STILL WITH THE GIRL. Like I can't. I can't.
And he has some nerve to be jealous when he's STILL WITH THE GIRL AND DID NOTHING TO FIX AND I'M NOT OKAY with the way he's acting right now I can't.
But anyway, it has you wondering if maybe Allie's dream in that one chapter will come true. Although idk how I'll feel about this story with the switched love interest. But then again... Allie deserves better. Like honestly, WHAT is Alex even doing right now?! XD I just can't grasp it.
Anyway, great job with the recent updates! To say they surprised me is definitely an understatement. And I know it cut and we can probably assume the gist of what was said, but I am curious on what was on Allie's phone. Like, did Alex call her saying he hated her? Did he call her while he was cheating? Just a bit curious on what exactly was left on her phone he didn't want her to hear, because it was a bit vague on what exactly it was. It could also help add some context to why she's not with him now (I mean, what we actually know is definitely enough, but I'm just wondering how much it might've influenced her decision as well).
lol, this is a longer comment, but SO MUCH HAPPENED. So much. Interested in seeing what happens next lol. Also, I might have to check out your other story too. :)
Side note, beginning of chapter seven:
It’s not like Alex is gonna gonna any time soon
... did you mean to say "It's not like Alex is gonna be here any time soon?" The wording here was off, so I was just wondering what Emily was truly trying to say, lol.

Nanook Nanook