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A New Beginning


Harper Hennessy-Nielsen never expected to be filing for divorce before turning thirty after a three year long marriage, but when she learned her husband was being unfaithful, there was no choice. Hopefully, someone new will make her life better again and ease the pain known as heartbreak.


Harper Hennessy-Nielsen

Harper Hennessy-Nielsen

Headstrong and confident especially after finding out the man and supposed love of her life she’s been married to for three years has been unfaithful.

Iris Eller

Iris Eller

Harper’s younger cousin who is pretty much Harper’s best friend and supportive, outspoken and opens up her apartment when her older cousin files for divorce.

Kyle Nielsen

Kyle Nielsen

The cheating bastard who committed infidelity during his and Harper’s marriage.


  1. I Never Thought This Would Happen To Me

    Harper has to start over.

  2. What a Day

    An unpredictable Saturday.

  3. This Feels Right

    An official date.

  4. From One Emotion to Another

    An emotional day.

  5. Peace and Freedom

    The best Saturday ever.

  6. I Could Definitely Get Used to This

    The following day.

  7. My Worst Nightmare

    A nightmare becomes a reality.

  8. Making Plans

    Interesting conversations and plans.

  9. Going Home

    An emotional homecoming.

  10. Condolences and Pain

    Conner's viewing.

  11. The Final Farewell

    Conner's funeral.

  12. Roughing It

    A rough yet exciting night for our favorite couple.

  13. Spun Around

    Unbelievable and heart-wrenching news.


Harper should get pregnant as revenge

Heyo, I just replied to your forum post and I decided to see if you're writing anything. And you are! I'm going to support you and read your stuff. I just started this, so give me a second to read it all. So far, I'm liking it.