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Love Is Just a Chemical Creation


Why was it that when everything in my life seemed to be going right something has to come along and screw everything up? I really thought my life was going in the right direction. I was in an awesome art school, I had a good job, and I had amazing Friends & Family. I had just turned 19 and I was happy with how everything was going.

Well except my love life. I hadn't had a real relationship in almost 2 years. But that didn't really faze me all that much. It was hard for me to trust guys after what Josh, my ex-boyfriend, did to me.

So when one fateful day changes everything I had worked so hard for, I didn't know what to do. I had gotten off the phone with my mom right before class and she told me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. When I got to class my teacher told me I had failed my last assignment. I mean who like taking pictures of dogs in clothes anyway?

Well I thought my bad luck had ended for the day but no way. Why would I get that lucky? I just had to get into a car accident. So why was it that him hitting me changed everything? Well you will just have to read and find out!



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