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Catch Me


A not so typical one night stand changes Riley’s views on love and life while it also changes that other person’s life as well.


Krissy Oblinger

Krissy Oblinger

Riley’s mild mannered and supportive friend since middle school.

Myra Ansley

Myra Ansley

Riley’s exuberant and supportive friend since kindergarten.

Riley Paulson

Riley Paulson

Strong-willed and kind but puts up a wall as her insecurities run deep.


  1. The Point of No Return

    One fateful night.

  2. What Was I Thinking?

    The day after.

  3. Just Tell Her

    Is it time to just move on?

  4. Starting Over

    Time to fess up.

  5. What a Feeling This Is

    The 'first date'.

  6. Flying High and Low

    How the 'first date' went and the next one.

  7. Such a Turnaround

    The rest of the date.

  8. In Sickness and In Health

    Making it official and having fun.

  9. Here's How Much I'm Gonna Miss You

    Spending one last night together before going on tour.

  10. I've Never Felt This Violated Before

    An unfortunate encounter with a scumbag.

  11. The Truth Comes Out

    Telling the guys and telling Riley's mom.

  12. Girl Talk

    Time to catch up with Riley's sisters.

  13. A Rush of Emotions

    Zack comes back from touring.

  14. What a Night

    An unwanted reunion.

  15. Meeting the Family

    A crazy first day with Riley's family.

  16. You Mean Everything to Me

    Riley's parents' vow renewal.

  17. I Am Enamored of You

    True feelings come to the surface.

  18. Catching Up

    Plans are set.

  19. Well, Here We Go Again

    A run-in with an ex.


I’m so excited by this. I absolutely love Zack

RosesNWriters RosesNWriters

I love this so much omg

Daydreamers Daydreamers