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The new album is out and the hectic touring schedule begins which will challenge both relationships, but everything should be fine. Right?


Abby Shaw

Abby Shaw

Redheaded spitfire who has had a rough life, but is one of the most kindhearted people.

Miranda Cullen

Miranda Cullen

Abby's best friend. Shy, sweet, sensitive and incredibly supportive of Abby.


  1. Intoxicating

    The new album is here.

  2. Glow

    Music filled day.

  3. Stunned

    An unexpected call.

  4. Tempestuous

    Baby news, an unwanted visit and fun.

  5. Mindful

    An eventful girls day.

  6. Sunshine

    Fourth of July.

  7. Positive

    Life altering news.

  8. Confirm

    Abby's first doctor's appointment.

  9. Homesick

    Lazy Sunday.

  10. Bump

    The boys have returned.

  11. Announce

    Telling their parents the life-changing news.

  12. Altogether

    A good and bad day.

  13. Imagine

    Looking for a new home.

  14. Humorous

    A birthday spent at home with friends.

  15. Flashback

    Remembering a terrible day.

  16. Shower

    Miranda's baby shower.

  17. Embrace

    Alex's return and the baby's gender is revealed.

  18. Move

    Moving into their new home.

  19. Contractions

    Miranda goes into labor.

  20. Arrival

    Baby Barakat is finally here.

  21. Accident

    Something terrible and unexpected happens to Abby.

  22. Inevitable

    An eventful day of Christmas shopping.

  23. Relax

    A huge decision needs to be made on a special day.

  24. Lively

    A busy day at home.

  25. Memorable

    Alex comes home.

  26. Dream

    Abby's baby shower.

  27. Perfect

    Abby goes into labor earlier than expected.

  28. Visitors

    Meeting Scarlett.

  29. Adjusting

    Abby and Alex are on their own.

  30. Strong

    An interesting lunch date with both couples.

  31. Leave

    Leaving Scarlett for the first since she arrived.

  32. Reminisce

    One week has passed and memories come flooding back.

  33. Chaotic

    A scary situation with an unwelcome person.


OMG, a dramatic update. :O Loved it, though!
I'm glad Abby and Scarlett are okay. Her dad is literally insane. Man... I'm glad you finally put that a bit to rest, though. I mean, she still has to deal with the legal stuff, but I feel like this is a step to resolving it. I was just wondering when he would turn up again.
And her conversation afterwards with Alex was very sweet. <3
One thing I want to note:
What seemed a lifetime later but was actually less than ten, I heard the police outside.
... this line was a bit off, because you just said "less than ten." Less than ten, minutes? I'm assuming that's what it was. XD But as is, it's sounding like you're saying less than ten lifetimes, lol. But that's just a small thing; the minutes thing is probably easily assumed.
Excited to see more! :)

Nanook Nanook

Aw, Abby's on her own now with the baby; I hope this doesn't take too much of a toll on her mentally. :(
I'm loving these flashback scenes, especially the one in this latest update, that gives us insight to their relationship as it was starting, that we haven't seen before. It would be interesting to see more of those moments. You've done them before, but something just struck me about this one. Perhaps because it was about their first date. :')
It's funny, I got on here to read chapter 31, when I got sent the update for 32. :P So, two updates! Woot! :D
Great job with both updates; excited to read more! :)

Nanook Nanook

Yay, an update! Great job with the chapter! :)
Their little family is so cute. <3 Love how they were when they went out and about... except towards the end there when Abby started getting jealous and it just kind of got sad from there. :( But I love how Alex was still there for her though.
Writer's block happens, no worries. Take your time if you need to. An idea I had, since the jealousy with her was brought up... maybe have Alex get jealous in some way? I was just thinking how it would be a huge dose of karma, because he says if they just look it doesn't bother him, but c'mon... really now? XD I don't really believe that for some reason, especially given how protective he is over Abby and her well-being. <3
So it would just be kind of funny for that to happen and then have Abby rub it in his face that she was right/justified in her own jealousy. XD Just sayin'.
But yeah, if you need help brainstorming more ideas, let me know and I'll try to come up with some. That's just one that came in mind for this chapter.... oh, and the thing with Abby's dad. I feel like that hasn't been fully resolved yet, right? Hopefully I'm not off with that. XD But yeah, that may be something to delve into again as well if you weren't already planning it.
Excited to see more! :)

Nanook Nanook

Loved the updates! Great job! :D
Haha, that's totally true about Alex having a regal name. XD That's cute how they did that with the baby too. :)
And they seem to be adjusting fairly well, considering the fact that they're new parents. That's not easy. Alex is being so sweet and understanding and it's just so cute. :')
Hmm... wonder how Abby will adjust though when Alex goes back on tour? :/ She seems as okay as she can be now while he's there, but that'll be another adjustment when he leaves. Hopefully she'll be able to stay strong and hold down the fort. <3
Can't wait for more! :)

Nanook Nanook

OMG hi. :D Haha. You're always so quiet when it comes to responses. XD
But oh, gotcha, maybe it's just because when they're posted within a certain time span, I only get the one notification.

Nanook Nanook