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Remembering Sunday


His explanation made me sad, as unpoetic as that is to admit, it's the only way I could think to describe it. It hurt me to hear him talk like that. To say those things in such a defeated tone. I couldn't help but conclude that he truly believed that he'd somehow let me down when everything happened to me. Miles away from him and out of his control in every way.

I reached my shaky hand outward, encasing his under my own. Holding it tightly. "What happened to me wasn’t your fault, Alex." I whispered, turning my head to look towards him. Feeling my heart swell in my chest as I did from all he'd just said. "You know that don't you?"

"I know I couldn’t control it." He admitted. His hand twisting between my thigh and mine to tangle his fingers in my own. "But I just know I should have been there to protect you, Like I promised I always would be. I broke that promise, and I almost lost you forever."

"I know I don’t remember much Alex, but I would never blame you for what happened to me." I muttered, squeezing his hand ever so slightly.

"You don't have to," He breathed, "I blame myself."



Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

Kennedy Paige Murphy

Kennedy Paige Murphy


  1. One: Amnesia

    Title: 5 Seconds of Summer

  2. Two: Sour Patch Kids

    Title: Bryce Vine

  3. Three: Young New England

    Title: Transit

  4. Four: Fast Cars and Freedom

    Title: Rascal Flatts

  5. Five: Banana Pancakes

    Title: Jack Johnson

  6. Six: High School Never Ends

    Title: Bowling For Soup

  7. Seven: Just A Kid

    Title: Simple Plan

  8. Eight: Hold On Till May

    Title: Pierce The Veil

  9. Nine: Hangin' On

    Title: Chris Young

  10. Ten: Head On Collision

    Title: New Found Glory

  11. Eleven: See The Light

    Title: Green Day

  12. Twelve: Lemonade

    Title: Phil Vassar

  13. Thirteen: Get Along

    Title: Kenny Chesney

  14. Fourteen: When It Rains, It Pours

    Title: Luke Combs

  15. Fifteen: Just Out Of Reach

    Title: Mayday Parade

  16. Sixteen: Play It Again

    Title: Luke Bryan

  17. Seventeen: Miss Adventure

    Title: AC/DC

  18. Eighteen: Breakeven

    Title: The Script


Omg... Alex.. This had me in tears.

hopeless1313 hopeless1313

I feel that

Daydreamers Daydreamers

Thank you very much! I feel like my writing kind of changed as I grew up but I kind of prefer it now it just feels more orderly and less all over the place but i try and stay in touch with all the creative dramatics my old writing have in them ;)

sarahbeth sarahbeth

Thank you!!
I actually hadn't gotten around to listening to that song before you said that but I just did and it was so cute i can totally see how it relates to Kennedy and Alex!
and yes it still is! It was on an account that I lost access to bc this site changes the google log in so i never got to finish it.. but its called No Pads.. No Helmets.. Just Memories! Its been over 3 years since I've updated it but theres a ridiculous amount of chapters to kill time on

ps can't say its my best work it was my first ever fan fiction but if you search Jasey its down on the first page of results!

sarahbeth sarahbeth

I love what great friendships she seems to have had with all the guys while it still being very clear how different hers with Alex is.

Have you heard the new Shawn Mendes album? There’s a song on there called When You’re Ready that reading this story makes me think of... It’s cute.

One last thing - Your other No Pads story I see you and other readers mentioning- is that still on this site? I’d like to read it if it’s available, lol.

Newyork_xo Newyork_xo