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Failure’s not flattering


Alex’s POV

Turns out that Jack’s sister bed was really fucking uncomfortable so halfway though the night I took the offer of getting into Jack’s bed up and despite the fact that Jack’s sister hogs the bed I had a pretty good nights sleep.

I was woken up by someone giggling and I opened one eye and saw Jack’s sister looking at me as she was sat up and leaning on Jack who was somewhat asleep still.
“Jacky, there a boy in your bed.” Jack’s sister said and Jack sighed loudly as he roll over to face me.
“That’s Alex. He’s a friend.” Jack said sleepily.
“Like a friend Ella brings round?” Jack’s sister asked and I looked at him and Jack opened both eyes and looked down.
“No, Alex isn’t like the people Ella brings round.” Jack said still asleep.
“Then why is he in your bed?” Jack’s sister asked.
“Because he was asleep in your bed but your bed is too small so now he is in bed with us, now shut up and let me sleep.” Jack huffed as he rolled over so his back was to us and his sister looked at me.
“So what’s your name then?” I asked Jack’s sister.
“Hallie.” She said with a shy smile on her face as she hid in Jack’s back.
“That’s a pretty name.” I said and heard someone walk upstairs and the door opened.
“The bed is full I’m afraid.” I said and Jack’s other sister didn’t really care and she just walked over and sat on the end of the bed.
“Now the bed is full.” Jack mumbled and Jack’s sister looked at me.
“Who are you?” She asked.
“He’s a friend. No, not like you and the guys you bring home and fuck on the sofa.” Jack said as he got out of bed and climbed over us and walked out the room.
“Christ I’m too hungover for this.” The girl said as she flopped on Jack’s bed and she just passed out and I looked at Hallie who looked at me.
“Breakfast?” I asked and Hallie smiled and nodded as I got out of bed and Hallie shuffled of the bed and we went downstairs.

“Jacky! He making us breakfast.” Hallie said as she ran into a room and I followed her to find Jack in his mums room sorting the room out.
Jack turned round and smiled at Hallie.
“He has a name and his name is Alex.” Jack said as Hallie hugged Jack’s leg and he just messed with her hair slightly as he looked at her.
“What do you guys want for breakfast then?” I asked and Jack looked at me.
“Can’t get you to cook breakfast.” Jack said and I chuckled.
“Well I’m shit at cooking so me offering to cook is a once in a lifetime offer.” I said and Jack chuckled slightly.
“How about I cook and you babysit.” Jack said and I just frowned at him.
“She’s harmless, it’s the other one you have to watch.” Jack said.
“What one are you talking about?” I asked.
“Well considering Ella is passed out on my bed, she’s the harmless one. Hallie on the other hand will be keeping a close eye on you. Won’t you Hallie?” Jack said and Hallie looked up at him and had this cheeky grin on her face.
“Be careful she is a force to be reckoned with.” Jack said as he walked past me and too the kitchen and I just watched him my eyes firmly on his ass.
I turned round and Hallie was stood right in front of me which made me jump.
“Jesus kid you made me jump.” I said and Hallie looked at me all serious which was kinda cute since she has to wear glasses but at the same time it was creeping me out a little.
“My toys are in sitting room.” Hallie said and she grabbed hold of my hand and dragged me to the sitting room where Hallie just stopped and looked at the mess Jack never got to clean up last night.
“Ella is messy.” Hallie said as she walked off and went to tidy the mess up.
“Jacky, El made a mess.” Hallie said as she ran off with a full can of beer in her hand so I took on myself to tidy the mess up.


The hospital had brought Jack’s mum home and once Jack add sure she was comfy and she was happy we moved to the garden to enjoy the sun and so Jack could get some sort of break. Hallie was happily entertaining herself with the trampoline Jack had in the garden.

“So since I’m a school drop out with no future ahead of me tell me what plans you have after school.” Jack said as he looked at me as we smoked our cigarettes.
“I don’t know. My dads want me to g to medical school and be a surgeon but I don’t really want to do that. I want to work in music but I don’t know really.” I said as I sighed loudly and looked at Jack who was looking at Hallie.
“What’s it like having a family that loves you?” Jack asked as he looked at me.
“I don’t even know how to explain that.” I said and Jack looked down.
“I’m sure your mum loves you.” I said and mentally slapped myself as my choice of words and just wanted the ground to swallow me up.
“Please, my mum doesn’t even recognize me anymore, she thinks that I’m dad and that we are childhood sweethearts. Too bad that they never got to stay that way. But as long as in her mind she doesn’t remember the things he did to her then it’ll bring some comfort for me.” Jack said as he picked at the grass.
“Jacky, play.” Hallie said from the trampoline.
“I’ll come over in a bit. I’m talking at the moment.” Jack said and Hallie nodded and got off the trampoline and went running off somewhere.
“So I’m guessing that because you live in a gay household you are actually a straight boy waiting to come out the closet.” Jack said and I had to laugh.
“Well your guessing skills are shit because I’m the gayest one in my family.” I said and Jack chuckled.
“So your dads are gay?” Jack asked.
“My dad and my step dad. Yeah their gay and successful surgeons.” I said and Jack smiled as he looked at me.
“And I’m guessing your gay if not then I seriously need to turn you gay because that ass of yours looks very fuckable.” I said and Jack almost laughed but he stopped himself which was upsetting in a away but i will make it my mission to make Jack laugh again.
“Well I am gay and I’m glad you find my ass fuckable.” Jack said and I smiled as Hallie joined us and she sat between Jack’s legs and Jack kissed the top of her head.
“Can I go see mum?” Hallie asked and was doing something with her hands which Jack did back without speaking which Hallie understood and I frowned at Jack who chuckled ever so slightly.
“Go inside and wait, I’ll say bye to Alex and then I’ll make you a drink and you can see mum.” Jack said and Hallie nodded as she stood up.
“Bye Al.” Hallie said and ran off and I smiled.
“Well that’s a nickname I could get used too since everyone calls me Lex.” I said and Jack smiled as he stood up and I did the same.
“Thanks for coming round.” Jack said and I smiled at him.
“That’s okay, you need someone to look after Hallie then I’m here.” I said and Jack nodded.
“I’ll keep that in mind.” Jack said and I nodded and I went home.


I walked in the door and dad walked round the corner and smiled looking happy when he saw it was me.
“Don’t shoot I live here too.” I said and dad chuckled as he walked in the sitting room.
“The dirty stop out is home.” Danny said as I walked in the sitting and sat in the chair which was known as my chair.
“Okay, I was helping that boy that walked me home as he was in a right state last night so I stayed round to make sure everything was okay. Now you two on the other hand are probably the dirty stop out fucking all night making the most of me not being here.” I said and dad just looked at Danny.
“What have I told you guys? You’re too old to fuck.” I said and dad threw a pillow at me which made me chuckle.
“And what we do is nothing to do with you.” Danny said as he rested his head on dads lap and he automatically started to mess with Danny’s hair.
“Please, when I hear you two fucking it has everything to do with me.” I said.
“Maybe you should be asleep or have your headphones on.” Danny said.
“I was asleep but whoever bottoms out of you two happened to fucking scream as loudly as they could and woke me up. Oh I’m going to say that Danny is the bottom as you seem like a bottom.” I said and dad just rolled his eyes and we watched this tv show which made absolutely no sense to me so I went upstairs and stole dads and Danny’s Amazon fire stick and found something to binge watch.

“You stole the fire stick?” Dad asked as he sat on the bed, well he pretty much made himself at home on my bed hogging most of it.
“Yep, since you and Danny are being the happy couple so I stole it and binge watching whatever crap this is.” I said and found something to watch.
“Need to get yourself a boyfriend then you wouldn’t be feeling left out.” Dad said and I looked at him.
“I don’t need a boyfriend.” I said and dad raised a eyebrow at me.
“Yeah you do, will stop you looking all depressed around the house.” Dad said and I sighed loudly and looked down.
“That boy who brought you home the other night seems like a nice lad.” Dad said.
“Christ your not going to try and hook me up with him are you? I’ve already told you he has enough worries on his mind with adding another person to the list of people he has to worry about.” I said and dad didn’t really seem to care.
“Invite him round for dinner, I’m sure he has family who can cope with whatever goes on his house for one night.” Dad said and and I just rolled my eyes.
“Jack won’t come, his sister is a pisshead and he doesn’t trust her with his mum or little sister.” I said.
“You can give it a go.” Dad said and I sighed.
“I dunno dad.” I said quietly.
“Just look after him Lex, he going to need help soon.” Dad said and he got off my bed and I sighed.
“Do you think if I go for it with Jack, I would stand any chance with him?” I said and looked at dad.
Dad thought about it for a second and he nodded.
“Yeah, I think you stand a chance but you will probably have to do all the work Lex. Jack is in for a rough shunt and he needs a friend so don’t go in thinking abut your dick Alex.” Dad said and I chuckled.
“I won’t.” I said and dad smiled.
“I’ll see you in the morning.” Dad said as he walked out my room.

“Night.” I called after him and I tried to focus on the tv but my mind wondered over to Jack and what I could do to help him when he needed help.


Does anyone like this story??? Is there anything I can do to make it better?

Feedback anyone


I really like this story, it seems pretty sad and I fear Jack will not be able to cope with all of the things happening in his life.

Fanfic-addict Fanfic-addict