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Failure’s not flattering


Alex’s POV

“Alexander get up for god sake.” My dad said as he walked into my room and pulled the curtains back and the bright sun shined into my bedroom.
“No, it’s still the weekend.” I grumbled as I pulled the covers over my head.
“Sadly son, it’s not the weekend. It is a Monday morning and me and your father have surgeries until later on so you’ll be on your own until we both get home.” Dad said as he moved the covers from me.
“Dad, Danny said he didn’t mind if I didn’t think of him as my other dad.” I said as I looked at dad.
“Alex, Danny has been in your life since your mother left.” Dad said and I frowned at him and glared at him.
“She only left because you was getting fucked up the ass by Danny. Don’t say I’m not allowed to say that because I’m gay as well so I can say those things. You pretty much used Mum and then when you got what you want to took me away from her. Then she killed herself because everything which was holding her together left. So as far as I’m concerned Danny is the reason I don’t have a mum. Now can you get the fuck out of my room so I can get ready for school.” I said and dad sighed loudly as he got up and walked out my room.
I just lead in my bed and thought about mum before I rolled out of bed and had a shower and got ready for school.


“So what’s the deal with that Barakat kid?” I asked since I’ve only been at the school for a year since I moved to America after me having a mental breakdown and my dad thought it was best if we moved but really it just benefit both his and Danny’s job as being surgeons.
“Barakat? Which in is that one?” A boy called Felix asked.
“The one with the blonde patch in his hair and he’s always late.” I said and my friend Asher frowned.
“Oh him. Well I heard that his family is a total shit storm. 5 years ago his dad was arrested for beating up Jack and his mum who was pregnant at the time and he was on drugs all the time and he used to give Jack and his other siblings drugs to keep them quiet.” Asher said.
“Also his mum has something wrong with her and his sister is a retard as well.” Scott said and I frowned at that and I looked up and saw Jack who looked hurt on what the boys had just said.
“Oh hey Jack, didn’t see you there.” Scott said.
“Oh course you didn’t. Also don’t call my sister a retard just because she’s different. She certainly knows a lot more than what you do even with her retard brain.” Jack said and he walked off.
I couldn’t help but smile as turned round and checked his ass out and it looked good in those jeans he was wearing as well as from where I was sitting.

Asher smacked my arm which made me turn round and looked at him.
“What?” I asked and Asher rolled his eyes at me.
“He’s a total nut case, you can someone better than him.” Asher said.
The bell went and I got my bag and stood up and Asher did the same.
“My love life is my love life. I fed up with one night stands now, I just want to feel loved and have someone to love. Is that a crime now?” I said and Asher sighed loudly.
“I know but Jack has a lot of baggage. I know you do as well which is probably why you two won’t work in a relationship.” Asher said.
“I have baggage as well Ash. So to be honest I think me and Jack would get along quite well.” I said as I got to my lesson.
“I know, I just don’t want t see you getting hurt.” Asher said.
“And people call me gay.” I said and Asher chuckled.
“That’s because you are gay.” Asher said and I smiled.
“Mr Gaskarth get your ass in here right now.” The teacher said and I looked at Asher.
“See you on the other side.” I said and Asher nodded and he walked off to his lesson and I walked into the classroom at the back of the class in the corner just like in all my lessons.

“So my dad and the darling asswipe have work until late, fancy coming round. I have some weed and some other drugs on me as well.” I said to Asher as we sat on the sports field smoking.
“Why do you hate Danny so much?” Asher asked.
“Because he drove my mum to kill herself after my dad took me away from her.” I said and flicked my cigarette and looked up and noticed Jack walking towards the tree he normally say at and he was on his phone like normal.
“So you coming round mine tonight or what?” I asked as I looked back as Asher.
“Ah man I wish I could but I have to sit with my sister tonight.” Asher said and I groaned loudly.
“But you could always invite your new love interest.” Asher said and I looked at Jack who like normal was doing homework while smoking a cigarette.
“Do you know if he’s eaten or not?” I asked and Asher shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t know, he’s not my concern. Have enough trouble keeping an eye on you making sure you don’t go crazy.” Asher said and I looked at him and frowned.
“Never asked you too wipe my ass for me.” I said and Asher looked at me.
“Yeah but you enjoy me wiping your ass though.” Asher said.
“Oh yeah baby wipe my ass all night long.” I said and we both started to laugh.
“You should ask him.” Asher said and I looked at Jack who looked lost inside his mind still smoking.
“Nah, he’s probably got better things to do than hang out with lonely old me.” I said.


Since I had the house to myself I used this time to have my music playing as loud as I could and walking around in just my pants even though dad and Danny do nothing but walk around in their pants which is something my 18 year old self should not be seeing first thing on a Saturday morning.

I ordered pizza for everyone and just as the pizza guy showed up so did dad and Danny which was really a pain in the ass as I could happily eat all the pizza I had ordered everyone.
“You ordered take out?” Danny asked.
“Yeah? I can’t cook, so take out it is. Unless you don’t want it and then I’ll have it and you can cook for yourself.” I said sarcastically.
“Don’t start Okay. Alex has brought us food and we should consider the end of the world happening.” Dad said as he looked through the pizza boxes and he found his pizza and he got himself a drink and walked to the sitting room.
Danny just looked at me and got his pizza and walked to the sitting room.
“Your welcome assholes.” I muttered to myself as I got my pizza and the bottle of coke which I brought for myself and went to the sitting room and watched a film.
I waited until everyone was in bed and was fast asleep when I stuck out the house and went for a walk.
I was walking down this street when I heard shouting and being the nosey person that I am I went and had a look.

I found myself outside of Jack’s house who was shouting at this girl who looked about 22 years old who was drinking.
“You can’t waste your fucking life away Ella! You moan at me wasting my life looking after mum but at least I’m not killing my liver!” Jack said loudly.
“Relax Jacky, nothing is going to happen to me.” The girl said as she staggered over to Jack but he moved out the way.
“How the fuck do you know! How the fuck do you know that a year down the line you could be in hospital waiting for a new fucking liver!” Jack shouted and I looked up and saw a girl looking out the window.
“Don’t be so fucking stupid will you.” The girl spat.
“I’m not being stupid, for once in my life I’m not being stupid, I’m using my head and right now I can see where you are heading.” Jack said.
The girl shook her head and she turned round and she staggered down the steps.
“Don’t expect the door to be unlocked when you get back.” Jack spat and I moved out the way and hid as I watched the girl stagger down the street.
I moved and looked at Jack who looked like he could breakdown at any moment.
I looked at the girl and she didn’t get very far before she collapsed on the floor and I heard her being sick so I moved and walked towards the girl.

“You okay?” I asked the girl as I checked her over.
“I fell.” The girl hiccup and gagged.
“Sit up if your going to be sick.” I said as I helped her sit up and she threw up.
“You haven’t got a cigarette on you.” The girl asked as she looked at me.
“Nope, don’t smoke I’m afraid.” I said and the girl sighed loudly.
“You know my little brother don’t you.” The girl said and I frowned.
“Nope, come I’ll take you home so your brother knows your safe.” I said as I helped the girl up.
“I can’t fucking walk.” The girl slurred more than before.
“Can I pick you up and I’ll take you home.” I said and the girl nodded as I picked her up and I walked to Jack’s house.
When I got to the door the girl had just passed out and I hoped I didn’t wake Jack up when I knocked on the door.
A few seconds later the door opened and Jack was stood there in just his shorts.
“So don’t think that I’m a stalker because I’m not but I was going for a walk and I noticed her collapsed on the floor, so I brought her back here since I saw her walk from here I guessed she belonged to you.” I said and Jack sighed loudly.
“Knew she wouldn’t get very far.” Jack said.
“I didn’t wake you up did I?” I asked and Jack smiled as he shook his head.
“Nope, I was up waiting for drunkzilla to get back.” Jack said as he looked at the girl.
“I can bring her in if you want?” I said and Jack looked at me and nodded.
“Sure, Follow me.” Jack said and I followed him into the house and I just looked around and noticed a wheelchair and loads of other stuff which was a bit strange to have in a house.
“She’s sleeping in the sitting room at the moment.” Jack said and I placed the girl on the sofa and straight away Jack started taking her coat off along with her top and trousers and getting her ready for bed.
Watching him do that with a lot of ease makes me think that he does this on a regular basis.
Jack got a bowl and put it on the table along with a glass of water.
“She’s out of it, hopefully she won’t choke on her own vomit or throw up all over the place. That would not be nice thing to smell or see first thing in the morning.” Jack said as he turned the tv down and he walked out the room and I followed him as he turned the light off.
“Coffee?” Jack asked and I looked at the time and saw it was 2 in the morning and we both had school in a few hours time.
“No I’m good thanks. It’s getting late so I need to go home before my dad and step dad find me missing and call the police.” I said and Jack smiled a sad smile.
“Okay, I’ll see you around then.” Jack said quietly as he walked past me and I followed him and that was when someone started shouting which made me jump.
“I’ll see you around Alex.” Jack said as I walked out the door and Jack shut the door before I could speak.
“Laters Jack.” I said quietly and I walked back home.

When I got home I quietly let myself in and quietly went up the stairs hoping nobody heard me as I went to my room and got myself ready for bed and I put a film on and I just crashed hoping that somebody would wake me up in the morning.



I really like this story, it seems pretty sad and I fear Jack will not be able to cope with all of the things happening in his life.

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