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Failure’s not flattering


Alex’s POV

Me and Jack got back home where it was late but dad was still up and Jack went straight to the sitting room.
“What is yours and Danny’s plan to keep Hallie here.” Jack said seriously.
“Do you want a drink Jack?” I asked.
“I don’t want a fucking drink! I need to know what you have planned to make sure my sister doesn’t get put into care.” Jack snapped and I looked down.
“Don’t you dare speak to Alex like that.” Dad seriously seriously and Jack looked at him and back at me and he smiled a sorry smile which I returned.
“The plan is that me and Danny adopt Hallie.” Dad said and me and Jack both looked at him confused.
“Look, me and Dan have a good relationship with Hallie and we both love her like she is our own daughter like we both love you like a son Jack. You are at the age where you should be enjoying you life Jack and you should be thinking about what colleges you want to go to. You trust me and Dan with Hallie so why not let us legally be the people who look after her.” Dad said and I did like this idea but it wasn’t up to me.
“You will still be her brother Jack. You’ll sill be a big part of her life but all I ask is that you think about this.” Dad said and Jack looked down and looked back at dad.
“Yes.” Jack simply said and dad looked at Jack shocked.
“You can adopt Hallie, but only because I trust you and Danny to look after her and give her the love that a child her age needs from an adult. I’m still a child myself like you said, I have no understanding on how to look after someone like Hallie.” Jack said and I frowned and so did dad.
“Jack, you looked after your mum, Ella and Hallie all by yourself. You know how to look after someone because those three are proof.” I said and Jack looked at me.
“I need a life now. That part of my life is over and now I should be like a normal teenage boy.” Jack said and he looked at dad and smiled and he walked out the room and he went upstairs and I decided to give him some space and hoped he didn’t do anything stupid.

“He has a point Lex. He has you now and he needs to get out and enjoy himself.” Dad said and I sighed as I looked down.
“But he gave Hallie up just like that though. I can’t help but think if it was someone else would he of said yes to them or be like how he was at the hospital.” I said and dad smiled at me.
“He hasn’t given Hallie up though Lex. He’s been thinking it all through and he probably thought of the same plan me and Dan did. Jack wouldn’t give Hallie up he loves that little girl too much to give her up to anyone. I think he just needs to be a normal kid of his age now. He has done his job and looked after his mum and he’s found us lot and he trusts us to look after Hallie and that’s what he’s going to let us do.” Dad said and I sighed.
“Lex you know me and Dan was looking for a child to adopt.” Dad said quietly and I smiled at him.
“Dad I know and I’m not mad and I don’t feel like I’m being replaced. I got Jack to worry about now so don’t worry about me getting jealous because I love Hallie like she is a sister already.” I said and dad smiled.
“He has a temper on him.” Dad said and I chuckled.
“Yep And that’s what I love about him, he looks like he couldn’t even stand up for himself but he always surprises everyone.” I said.
I heard something upstairs and I looked at dad and he nodded and I went upstairs to see what was going on.

When I got upstairs Jack was sat on our bed with his back to the door.
“Babe, is everything okay?” I said softly as I walked towards the bed and sat next to him and Jack sniffed loudly.
“Hallie nearly got taken away from me.” Jack whispered and I pulled him to my side and kissed the top of his head.
“But she didn’t, dad and Danny are good people and they will look after Hallie. It’s your turn now to enjoy your life and let them look after Hallie.” I said softly and Jack looked at me with tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Baby you have done so much for everyone, now it’s your turn to just think about yourself.” I whispered and I lent forward and kissed Jack which he returned.
“It’s your turn to shine and be number one in your life.” I said and Jack smiled as he kissed me again and I moved so I was sat on his lap and deepened the kiss.
“You are the sun Jack, nobody else is. Only you.” I said softly as I pulled back slightly and Jack smiled as he chuckled.
“You are literally just as bad as your dad and Danny when it comes to watching Greys Anatomy.” Jack said with a smile as I pushed him onto his back.
“Well I do plan on being a surgeon. Got to watch all the good shows so I know what’s going to happen to me.” I said and Jack chuckled.
“You still need to think about you. You can always come back to school.” I said and Jack sighed loudly.
“I don’t know.” Jack said quietly.
“Well you can always think on it.” I said and Jack smirked at me and I lent down and we both started to make out and we started to take our clothes off.

I was just about to take Jacks pants off since my pants was already off when the door opened.
“Hey boys you want... oh my god!” Dad said and I looked up and saw dad covering his eyes.
“Jesus dad, fucking knock next time.” I said as Jack hid under the covers and I climbed under the covers as well.
“Can I now remove my hands from my eyes.” Dad said and I looked at Jack who hid his face in my side and his face was bright red.
“Yes you can.” I said and dad moved his hand from his face and looked at us.
“I was wondering if you two wanted pizza, but I take it I caught you both at a wrong time.” Dad said as he walked out the room.
“Order us some pizza, we could of worked up some hunger so we might need food.” I said after him as the door shut.
Jack moved his face from my side and looked at me.
“Well that was embarrassing.” Jack said and I chuckled.
“At least you weren’t moaning my name as loud as you could.” I said and Jack playfully slapped my chest.
“It’s still embarrassing, in fact I am mortified about it.” Jack said and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“How can you laugh about this, your dad just walked in on us about to have sex.” Jack said and I moved so I was knelt between his legs.
“So, it’s not the first time he’s walked in on me and I’ve walked in on him and Danny have sex. It doesn’t matter Jack.” I said as I started to kiss the inside of his thighs.
“It does though Alex.” Jack said and I sighed quietly and I moved and rested my forehead.
“It does not matter. We are all guys here so we all have dicks here, anyway it’s not as if none of us haven’t done it because we all have.” I said and Jack sighed.
“Take it Dad has ruined the mood.” I chuckled and Jack smiled as he nodded slightly.
“Yeah he kinda has.” Jack said quietly and I smiled and pecked the end of his nose.
“Damn That man.” I said and Jack nodded.
I rolled of Jack and lead down next to him and rolled to face him as Jack rolled onto his side and looked at me.
“What if your dads and Danny plan isn’t enough? What if they do take Hallie away?” Jack whispered and I smiled softly at him and messed with his hair.
“You just have to trust dad and Danny. They will fight to get Hallie so you don’t have to worry.” I said and Jack smiled slightly and I lent over him and kissed him.
“Let’s go and get some food.” I whispered and kissed Jack again and got off him and off the bed and pulled some sweats on and I looked at Jack who was watching me and I walked over and pulled him to sit up which make Jack smile as I lent down and kissed him.
“I’m really hungry now.” I said as my belly made a noise which made Jack chuckle as he stood up which made me take a couple of steps back.
“Better go and feed you then.” Jack said quietly and he walked off and I just watched him and soon followed after him.

Jack had gone upstairs to have a bath while me and dad finished of the pizza.
“I am so sorry about earlier, but you really need to learn how to shut the door or put some sign up.” Dad said and I chuckled.
“It’s fine, I’m sure I can get Jack to come around.” I said quietly and dad put his hand on top of mine.
“What’s up Lex?” Dad asked and I sighed.
“What if this plan fails? That you and Dan don’t get Hallie. What’s going to happen to her? Jack is going to be heartbroken and will shut everyone out.” I said dad smiled slightly as he shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t know Lex. But we are going to try our damn hardest to make sure we have Hallie at home with us. That little girl is going no where without a fight.” Dad said and I smiled at him.
“Have you heard from Dan on how the surgery is going or went?” I asked and dad shook his head.
“I think he’s still in theater at the moment. But as soon as I know something I will let you guys know.” Dad said and I smiled at him.
“Thanks dad.” I said as I stood up and got myself and Jack a drink.
“Do you think Jack is okay?” I asked as I looked back at dad.
“Shouldn’t I be asking you that question.” Dad said confused.
“I don’t know.” I whispered as I looked down.
“What’s the matter?” Dad asked.
“I’m scared that if something happens to Hallie then I’ve lost Jack. He’s been through hell and he’s lost his mum and if he loses Hallie then Jack won’t have nothing. I’m not enough to keep Jack alive, he lives for Hallie. Hallie is his heart beat pretty much and what if you and Danny adopting Hallie plan doesn’t work and she does get taken away. I’ve lost the most amazing person who has walked into my life.” I said and dad walked over to me and pulled me into a hug which I returned.
“Jack is a strong lad, yes he lives for Hallie but we all do in our own way. We are all going to make sure that nothing happens to Hallie and that we give Jack the best support that we can give him.” Dad said and I nodded as dad pulled away and looked at me.
“You’re a strong and supportive young man. You’ve got Jacks back.” Dad said quietly and I smiled as I nodded.
“I’m going to go to bed.” I said quietly and dad smiled.
“Can you let me or Jack know when Hallie is out of surgery and if she’s okay.” I said and dad nodded.
“Of course I will Lex.” Dad said quietly and I went upstairs.

I walked into mine and Jack room and Jack was asleep with the bedside light still on which made me smile.
I quietly walked over to the bed and took my clothes off and quietly climbed into bed which made Jack sigh loudly as he rolled over to face me.
“Any news in Hallie?” Jack asked sleepily as I smiled at him as I started to mess with his hair as Jack slowly fell back asleep again.
“Hallie is still in surgery. Dad will let us know when she’s out.” I whispered and Jack nodded as he moved closer and cuddled into my side.
“Go back to sleep okay. I’ve got my ears open for dad.” I whispered and gently kissed the top of Jacks head.
“Love you Lex.” Jack whispered which made me smile as I got comfy and kissed the end of Jack nose.

“Love you too babe.” I whispered as I watched Jack sleep while I watched crap on tv and waiting for dad to tell me the news.



I really like this story, it seems pretty sad and I fear Jack will not be able to cope with all of the things happening in his life.

Fanfic-addict Fanfic-addict