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Failure’s not flattering


Jack’s POV

When me and Alex got home the house was too quiet considering there was 5 teenage boys and a 5 year old in the house and that got me worried.
“Where is everyone?” I asked as I went upstairs and quickly went to Hallie room and she wasn’t there.
“Jack.” Alex said as I crashed into him.
“Where’s Hallie?” I asked and looked at Alex.
“I’ve just got a message from Jake and he said that dad had to take Hallie to hospital.” Alex said softly.
“I need to go.” I said quietly and pushed past Alex and he caught hold of my hand and I spun round and glared at him and Alex smiled softly at me.
“Let’s go.” Alex whispered as he caught hold of my hand and we went to the hospital.

When we got there Alex kept hold of my hand but I removed it and went looking for someone who could find Hallie.
I managed to find a nurse and caught hold of their hand and they spun round and looked at me.
“Can you tell me where my sister is, please.” I said desperately.
“Sir I’m sorry but I can’t help.” The nurse said and I felt Alex put his hand on my arm.
“Izzy, where’s my dad or Danny?” Alex said softly.
“Hey Alex, um I don’t know where Danny is but your dad is up in Pediatrics.” This nurse said and Alex caught hold of my hand.
“Also I’m guessing these British lads belongs to you, you might want to have a word with them.” The nurse said and walked off and Alex and turned round and we saw Flynn, Jake and Rudi looking beaten up.
“What the fuck have you been up too? Can’t I just leave you three alone for one night without any of you getting into a bloody fight!” Alex said as he walked over and I followed even though I want to go up to Pediatrics.
“Rudi started it.” Flynn said.
“I don’t give a flying fuck who fucking started it! Because I’m finishing right now so I can go up to Pediatrics with Jack.” Alex said and Jake frowned.
“What’s happened?” Jake asked.
“I don’t fucking know and the longer you keep on bloody talking it’s going to take me longer to find out so can you all please just shut the hell up so Alex can show me to where Pediatrics so I can find Hallie.” I said and everyone stayed quiet and Alex caught hold of my hand and he took me up to Pediatrics.

We got to Pediatrics and Alex managed to get a nurse which I was thankful for as I don’t think I could manage it without snapping.
“Do you know where my sister is?” I asked the nurse and she smiled and it was a kind smile which right now was something what I needed.
“What’s your sister called?” The nurse asked.
“Hallie, Hallie Barakat.” I said and I grabbed hold of Alex’s hand.
“With a pretty name like that I’m pretty sure she’ll be easy to find.” The nurse said and I smiled.
“Peter Gaskarth might be with her. I don’t know if you’ve seen him around.” Alex said and the penny dropped on the nurses face which made me smile.
“Ah damnit, Alex I’m so sorry. I didn’t even recognise you. Who’s this handsome fella with you.” The nurse said and Alex chuckled.
“My boyfriend, Jack. Hallie is Jacks sister and he’s really worried about her.” Alex said and the nurse smiled and she walked off and me and Alex followed her.
We got to a room and Alex’s dad was there and he looked round and he looked relieved when he saw me and Alex.
“What the hell happened?” I asked as I walked over to Hallie and I started to mess with her hair and Alex walked over and looked at Hallies chart.
“She was fine when we left last night, if she wasn’t fine then I wouldn’t of gone.” I said and Alex looked at his dad with a frown.
“She was fine and then she started being sick again and I brought her in because nothing was staying down.” Alex’s dad said and I nodded.
“Dad I know your itching to give Jack a full blown handover about it so let it all out.” Alex said and I smiled as I looked at the pair of them.
“It’s fine, I’m used to it after with mum and medical visits with Hallie, I quite like it when I get given a full blown handover it means I can pin point something all that.” I said quietly because I wasn’t stupid when it came to medicine and all the terminology.
“Oh thank god.” Alex’s dad said sounding like a child.
“I called her down for breakfast like every morning and she didn’t come down which as you know isn’t like her whatsoever, so I went upstairs to check on her and she had been sick and looked really unwell so I took her temperature and she had a fever and she was really dehydrated as well and I brought her to the hospital because she has Down’s syndrome and I don’t know her full medical history so I brought her here and I made sure I stayed with her Jack. She was never alone.” Alex’s said and I smiled at him and it looked like a wash of relief went over his face.
“She doesn’t exactly have the best immune system in the world and she’s always picking something up.” I said and Alex smiled at me.
“How about I go and get us all coffee.” Alex said and I nodded .
“Thanks Lex.” Alex’s dad said and Alex walked off and I focused back on Hallie.

“Your a bright boy Jack.” Alex’s dad said and I looked at him.
“I’m really not but thanks anyway.” I said quietly.
“You have a future in medical care, just like Alex does. You have a talent if you have a talent in something then you should chase your talent.” Alex’s dad said and I sighed loudly and looked at him.
“I don’t have the money, I have so much I want to do but I can’t afford it. I have dropped out of school, nobody would want someone like me working for them. I’m just useless.” I said quietly.
“That doesn’t matter, everyone has to start somewhere. I started my career in the army and then I became a tumour surgeon. Danny came from a poor background and look at him now, one of the best cardio surgeons in the world. Never let your background get in the way for what you want to do in your life. Never let anyone tell you that you are useless or worthless because you are not and never let anyone tell you any different. If you want to work in line of work then do it, grab it by the balls and never look back because it is a challenge everyday but it’s ducking worth it Jack. If you need help and support for money to go to college then I will help you.” Alex’s dad said and I frowned at him.
“But what about Alex?” I asked and Alex’s dad smiled.
“Alex has what he needs to be able to support him, he could even support you as well. Alex will always have money if he wants money. I know we have only taken in you in what a month ago but you are like another son to me, just like how Hallie is like a daughter to me. Me and Danny love you both like you two are our kids. We will do anything for you, Alex and Hallie.” Alex’s dad said and I felt tears in my eyes.
“God sake dad, you’re not meant to make Jack cry.” Alex said as he walked back into the room and over to me.
“You okay?” Alex asked softly and I nodded.
“Yeah.” I said as I looked at Alex and he smiled and kissed me which I returned.
“Remember what I said Jack.” Alex’s dad said and I nodded and he left the room leaving me and Alex alone.

Alex was sat on the chair and I was sat on his lap as I was holding Hallie’s hand.
“What was you and dad talking about?” Alex asked.
“That him and Danny think of me and Hallie as another child in their lives. He also said that I’ve I wanted to go to college then they would support me to college and that I got a talent and your dad will help me get into college and he even said he would pay for it as well.” I said quietly.
“See told you my dad loves you.” Alex said as he sat up and kissed the back of my neck and I looked at him.
“Because who wouldn’t love you.” Alex said and kissed the end of my nose which made me smile.
Someone walked in the room and I heard the door shut and both me and Alex looked up and Danny walked in the room with a look on his face which made me frown and stand up.

“I’ve just finished looking at Hallie’s scans on her heart.” Danny said and I looked at him confused.
“Peter said she came in because she has been vomiting and has the shits and probably a bit dehydrated as well. So why did you do a scan on her heart? Even fucking better why didn’t you or Peter phone me and I would of been here for Hallie.” I said slowly losing my cool.
“Jack you need to chill.” Danny said and I snapped.
“Chill? You want me to fucking chill when I thought my sister was in bed with a stomach ache and a little bit of vomiting. I get back home to find out that Hallie is in fucking hospital for having the shits. And now your saying you scanned her heart without even fucking bothering to give me a bloody phone call!” I said loudly and Alex stood up and caught hold of my hand.
“Babe, Chill Okay.” Alex said quietly in my ear and I glared at him.
“Okay let’s just say that telling Jack to chill isn’t going to happen right now.” Alex said and I looked back at Danny.
“Yes I admit that either me or Peter should of contacted you but right now we are not talking about that right now. Right now we are talking about Hallie.” Danny said and I just wanted to punch him but right now I knew it was best not to.
“Okay, when we brought Hallie in, we wanted to make sure Hallie is in good health because of having Down syndrome.” Danny said and I butted in.
“Yeah I know people with Down’s syndrome are more likely to have more health problems. Just cut to the chase Danny.” I snapped.
“I found a problem with Hallie’s heart and she also has other health problems.” Danny said softly and I looked at Hallie and I felt my heart break.
“What has she got wrong with her?” I asked quietly.
“Hallie has a heart murmur.” Danny said and I frowned at him.
“But she showed no signs though, if she did I would of gotten her help.” I said and began to panic.
“Jack it’s okay, people don’t know they have heart murmurs until someone does a scan on their heart. It’s okay you weren’t to know she had this.” Danny said and I looked back at Hallie.
“Does she need surgery?” I asked quietly.
“Yes she’ll need surgery.” Danny said and I looked at him.
“I want you to do it. Nobody else is to go near my sister.” I said seriously and Danny smiled as he walked over to me and he pulled me into a hug which I returned.
“Don’t worry, dad and Danny will only get the best people to look after Hallie.” Alex said and I looked at him and smiled.
“I’m going to do the surgery in the early hours of the morning since I’m working tonight. Alex is going to take you home and you’ll wait there until I call you.” Danny said and I felt Alex catch hold of my hand.
“Let Danny work his magic.” Alex said quietly and I nodded as I let go of Alex’s hand and went over to Hallie where I kissed her forehead.
“I’ll be back tomorrow. Danny is going to look after you. I love you Okay.” I whispered and kissed her forehead again and I walked past everyone and went outside.

Me and Alex was at home with the guys downstairs but I was sat in Hallie’s room messing with her teddy. Alex gave me some space which I was thankful for.
I was miles away think when someone knocked softly on the door and I looked up and saw Jake which confused me.
“Alex told me what happened to Hallie.” Jake said softly and I sniffed as I looked down.
“I don’t want to talk about it with you.” I said quietly and Jake left the room and another set of footsteps walked into the room and this lot just walked over to me and sat on the bed and pulled me to their side and I hide my face in their side.
“Hallie is in good hands. Dad and Danny will look after her and Danny will do everything he can.” Alex said quietly but it doesn’t make me feel any better.
“She’s never been on her own before, what if she wakes up and thinks I’ve just abandoned her. Nobody knows how to keep the bad dreams away.” I sobbed and Alex held me closer to him.
“Hallie knows you love her to bits and that you would never do that to her. Danny knows how to keep the bad dreams away, he’s heard what you say to her and he will say that to her.” Alex said softly.
I heard Alex phone go off and he answered it and I looked at Alex and there was this expression which I’ve never seen before.
“We’ll be there.” Alex said and I looked at him.
“We need to go to the hospital.” Alex said as he moved off the bed and I looked at him confused.
“Social services are at the hospital.” Alex said carefully.
“What! Why?” I said loudly as I stood up.
“Some nurse saw some marks on Hallie and she called social services.” Alex said and I quickly went through what marks Hallie had and I knew the one the nurse saw.
“I can’t lose her Lex, she’s all I have left.” I said and Alex walked over and pulled me into a hug.
“Hallie won’t be going no where. She has all of us behind her.” Alex whispered and he kissed the top of my head and he caught hold of my hand and we walked to the hospital.

We got there and Alex’s dad was stood with Danny and I let go of Alex’s hand and walked straight over and I saw this woman talking to Hallie.
“What the fuck has happened?” I asked seriously.
“A nurse saw some scars on Hallie.” Danny said and I took a deep breath.
“That fucking bastard.” I said and Danny looked at me.
“When my dad went to prison my brother did stuff to me and Hallie. The scars are from him.” I said quietly and I noticed the woman looking at me and walked out the room and over to me.
“Are you Hallie’s guardian?” The woman asked.
“Yeah, I’m her brother Jack.” I said and the woman nodded and wrote something down on some paper.
“Where are your parents?” The woman asked.
“My mum is dead and my dad is in prison and I have no idea where Hallie dad is.” I said and the woman nodded.
“So you have no other family?” The woman asked.
“My sister is an alcoholic with a drug problem and my brother is in prison as well. I’m the only family Hallie has.” I said and the woman frowned at me.
“Your sister has scars, she also had a old fracture on her arm. Do you know where they came from.” The woman asked and I looked down and nodded and I felt Alex catch hold of my hand.
“Don’t make him talk about the stuff those men did to him and his sister. Jack has been through hell to make sure Hallie stayed safe as well as being a full time career to his mum who had dementia. Jack isn’t alone now he has me and my family to support him now and to be honest I’ve met his sister and out of all of his siblings I have met Jack is the good one and it would not only break Jack’s heart but it would really break Hallie’s heart. Those two have a really strong bond and they understand each other. The worse thing you can do is spilt them up.” Alex said defending me.
“But because of your past you could still be a threat to Hallie.” The woman said and I looked at her about to blow when Alex squeezed my as a reminder to calm down which I did a little.
“What you think I’m going to abuse and neglect my sister who has Down’s syndrome and who I love to bits and would do anything to protect her then you have the wrong end of the stick here lady. I am nothing like my father or siblings. I gave up everything to make sure my mum and my sister got the best care I could possibly give them. So don’t you dare say I’m like the other men in my family because I’m not. I am nothing like them.” I said and the woman nodded.
“After hearing what you said, I think it’s best if Hallie came with me when she is better as you are clearly not coping and I cannot put a vulnerable child in your care.” The woman said and I looked at her shocked and then I looked at Hallie and my heart broke.
“No, no you can’t take my sister away from me. She’s my only family I have left, she’s my reason why I stay alive and why I am the person I am today. Without her I’m nothing. You can’t take her away from me!” I said loudly and feeling myself begin to cry.
“Surely you don’t have to take her away. There has to be another way.” Alex’s Dad said stepping in.
“I can’t see another way, a child like Hallie should grow up around men. She need stability in her life and she won’t be getting from you.” The woman said.
“She has that, with me. She fucking has stability, fuck if anything I need social services help 2 years ago but me and my sister just got lost in the paperwork. So my sister is not going anywhere with you or anyone else. She is staying with us and I really don’t care what you think. She is my sister and I understand her better than anyone else does.” I said and I just walked past and walked into Hallie’s room where she was awake and she looked at me.

“Who was that lady?” Hallie asked and I looked at her with a small smile as I lent down and kissed her forehead and she moved over and I climbed onto the bed as Hallie cuddled into my side and I held her close to me.
“That’s the lady who makes the choices if you can stay with me or not.” I said quietly and Hallie looked at me and you could see her little heart break as well.
“I want to stay with you Jacky.” Hallie sniffed and I smiled as I wiped the tear away.
“I know, I want you to stay with me as well. But I don’t know what I can do Hallie.” I said and Hallie climbed on me and lead on me as she cried onto my chest and I couldn’t hold it together anymore when I hid my face in her hair and cried as well.
I don’t know how long we was like this for but I heard someone walk over and sit in the chair.
“Babe.” I heard Alex say and I turned my head and looked at him.
“Dad and Danny both said they have a plan to keep Hallie with us.” Alex said softly.
I looked down and saw Hallie was asleep and I just started to mess with her hair.
“I can’t believe this is happening Lex.” I whispered and Alex brought the chair forward and he put his hand on my head and he started to mess with my hair.
“Neither can I Babe. But dad and Danny want to talk to you about what they are thinking as it will probably be the only way we can keep Hallie.” Alex said quietly.
“I can’t lose her, she’s all I have left of mum.” I sniffed and Alex smiled at us.
“I know babe, Hallie won’t be going anywhere okay. We’ve got this and let us deal with this okay.” Alex whispered and I just nodded.
“I’m staying with Hallie. I can’t leave her not when that bitch is around, I don’t trust her.” I said quietly and Alex smiled.
“Okay, I’m going home to get you and Hallie some stuff and then I’ll be back and I’ll stay with you.” Alex said and I nodded as I smiled slightly and I moved Hallie so she was now to the side of me.
“You don’t have to.” I said quietly as I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed and Alex wrapped his arm round my leg and he rested his chin on my knee.
“I’m not having you here on your own.” Alex said.
“I’ll be fine, I have Hallie keeping me company.” I said.
“Hallie will be I surgery for most of the night so I’m going to stay with you or you can come home with me. It’s up to you.” Alex said softly and I sighed.
“That woman won’t be here will she? If she is then I’m not going home.” I said and Alex smiled.
“I highly doubt she’ll be here over night.” Alex said and the door opened and Danny walked in.
“You two need to go home.” Danny said and I looked at him.
“But what about that woman and Hallie?” I asked and got off the bed.
“The woman is getting paperwork and Hallie will be fine, I’m going to and get myself prep for surgery and then I’ll be taking her to surgery.” Danny said and I frowned at him confused.
“Paperwork for what?” I asked.
“Peter will talk to you about it when you two get home. Hallie is in good hands now okay. But you need to rest as you’ll be no good to anyone if you don’t rest as both of you look like you hardly got any sleep last night.” Danny said and I smiled slightly and I looked at Hallie.

“I’ll take my time and I’ll make sure she has the best of everything.” Danny said quietly and I nodded agreeing to go home and I kissed the top of Hallie’s head and I caught hold of Alex’s hand as I walked past him and we walked home.


Don’t like this chapter at all so shitty


I really like this story, it seems pretty sad and I fear Jack will not be able to cope with all of the things happening in his life.

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