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Failure’s not flattering


Alex’s POV

“You sure you’re going to be okay with my friends? They can get a bit too much and carried away sometimes.” I said to Jack who was still sort off asleep since I was up at stupid time as me and dad was going to pick my friends up from the airport.
“I be fine.” Jack mumbled which made me smile as this was the first proper night sleep Since the incident a week ago.
“Okay, I’m going to leave you too sleep, can I turn the bedside light on?” I said but Jack didn’t respond so I just kissed his cheek softly and I rolled out of bed and had a quick shower before I changed into some trackies and pulled one of Jack’s jumpers on and I made sure Jack was okay before I turned the bedside light off and quietly walked out the room.

Me and dad was waiting in the airport both of us yawning our heads off.
“I’m going to kill them boys when I see them.” Dad said and I looked at him.
“Please don’t, I happened to of missed them and it’s been like a year since I’ve seen them face to face without holding my phone.” I said and dad chuckled.
“Have they met Jack?” Dad asked.
“Well Flynn said that if I ever got bored of Jack then he’ll have him. Rudi and Jake like the look of him but they will see when they actually meet him and it’s the same for Asher. Christ this is going to be a long 3 weeks.” I said and dad chuckled.
“So has Flynn finally come out yet then?” Dad asked and I shrugged my shoulders.
“Don’t know, we’ll find out when they get here.” I said and dad nodded.
“Do you think Jack will be able to cope? I mean all 3 off them are all forward going and don’t think before they speak.” I said and dad chuckled.
“I’ve heard Jack shout at you, now he may look sweet and innocent but fucking hell I don’t want to get on the wrong side of him.” Dad said and I chuckled as I looked at him with a smile.
“He’s not that bad once you get over him being so grumpy and he’s had his daily shout, he definitely knows how to keep me in line.” I said and dad chuckled.
“About time someone can do that.” Dad said and I smiled.

We had to wait half an hour before Flynn, Rudi and Jake showed up and I pretty much ran over to them and knocked all on the ground as we hugged each other on the floor as people looked at us as they walked around us.
“I’ve missed you guys so much.” I said as we all sat up and stood up and we walked over to dad.
“Hey Mr G, how things going.” Flynn said as he hugged dad which was normal as Flynn likes to hug everyone and I don’t know how Jack will cope with that.
“Alright boys, Shell we get going back home.” Dad said and we all nodded and headed towards the car and got in the car and it felt like old times.


We got back to the house and Jack was sorting Hallie out some breakfast.
“Never said he has a kid.” Rudi said quietly in my ear.
“He doesn’t, that’s his sister Hallie. She has Down’s syndrome so don’t make it obvious your staring at her and it’s the same for Jack and his scars.” I said quietly and they all nodded and walked towards the kitchen.
“Hey babe, hey Hallie.” I said as I walked over to Jack and kissed his cheek.
“Hey Lex.” Jack said quietly and Flynn, Rudi and Jake walked over and sat either side of Hallie which made Hallie frown at first but soon started to chat Jake up which he didn’t mind as his sister had autism.
“So the one who Hallie is chatting up is Jake, then the one next to Jake is Rudi and then the one on the other side of Hallie is Flynn.” I said and Jack nodded as he looked at me and smiled.
“Here’s your breakfast Hallie.” Jack said as he walked over to Hallie and put her breakfast in front of her.
“Thanks Jacky.” Hallie said and Jack smiled as he walked off and I knew he was sorting Hallie’s school stuff out since she was on her last day of school before she broke up for summer.

“That boyfriend of yours is very odd.” Rudi said as we chilled round the pool since it was really warm outside.
“He’s harmless, just a little shy that’s all. But you don’t mention his family because he doesn’t have family. Just Hallie and me with dad and Danny.” I said and they all frowned at me.
“Just don’t ask questions, I know you guys are fucking nosey but don’t go poking around.” I said and they all rolled their eyes at me.
We had no idea what the time was until Hallie came running out to the garden in her swimsuit.
“Can I join?” Hallie asked as she looked at me.
“You can, does Jack know you’re out here with us?” I asked and Hallie nodded and I saw Jack walk towards us.
“She okay to join us?” I asked Jack and he nodded.
“Just don’t let her drown.” Jack said and I smiled at him and I got out the pool leaving Hallie in Jakes control.
“You okay babe.” I asked and Jack nodded.
“Yeah, just feels strange being the odd one out when it comes to the accent.” Jack said and I chuckled.
“Yeah but you love it.” I said and Jack smirked at me.
“Yes I do.” Jack said quietly and I kissed him which Jack returned and I let him go back inside and I went back towards the pool where we all messed around and helped Hallie lean how to swim.

“So we’re not in your room?” Rudi asked as we walked upstairs.
“Unless you want to hear me and Jack have sex then the answer is no you are not in my room.” I said as we got snacks and gathered in the sitting room where we was going to watch films but I don’t know how long Rudy, Jake and Flynn was going to stay awake for as they looked bushed.
Jack had put Hallie to bed since she was tired so Jack put her to bed early and he came down and joined us to watch a film.
Jack got on the sofa and he cuddled into my side.
“You okay?” I asked Jack quietly and he nodded as he looked at me and smiled as he lent forward and kissed me which I returned.
“I’m okay. Just tired that’s all.” Jack said quietly and I wrapped my arm around him.
“Are they okay with Hallie being a pain? I tried to tell her that their was your friends but she wasn’t going to listen and be really stubborn and was gone before I could stop her.” Jack said and I chuckled.
“Yeah, I mean Jake has a sister who is autistic and since Fylnn and Rudi both live round Jakes they’re used to her, so Hallie is understood by them.” I said and Jack smiled as he looked at me.
“I’m going to bed, they’ve all crashed.” Jack said and I looked and saw that Flynn was literally holding Rudi and Jake up since they was all leaning on Flynn.
Jack moved and I did the same.
I walked over to they others and put the big blanket we had over them and I smiled and left them downstairs while I went upstairs with Jack.

“Is you dad and Danny trusting 5 teenage boys and a 5 year old in their house alone?” Jack asked as he sat on the bed and took his top off and I just stared at him, not because of his scars but because I found him beautiful.
“You’re staring at me.” Jack said quietly and I smiled at him as I walked over to him and sat on his lap and wrapped my arms round his neck.
“It’s for the right reasons, and yeah they are trusting 1 of the 5 teenage boys too look after Hallie while they work the night shift at the hospital.” I said and Jack smiled as I felt his hand rest on the bottom of my back.
“Well that’s definitely me then.” Jack said and I smiled at him and I kissed him.
“So what do you think of them then?” I asked as I got off Jack and took my top off and Jack just stared at me but he stood up and took his jeans off and he put one of my tops on and my favourite pj bottoms on but I allowed Jack to wear them.
“They seem okay, I don’t know as I haven’t really spoken to them.” Jack said and I smiled at Jack.
“I think you’ll get on with Jake as he’s been in a familiar boat as you and Flynn is just ultra gay and will push his luck and Rudi looks like he hates you but once you woo him he’s not that bad.” I said and Jack looked at me and frowned.
“So all 3 are gay then?” Jack asked and I chuckled and shook my head.
“Only Flynn, in fact I did go out with him but it soon turned into a friendship and that’s how it stayed. Rude and Jake are straight.” I said and Jack looked down when I said I was with Flynn.
“My feelings for Flynn died a long time ago. Yeah I love him but I love him as a friend the same for Rudi and Jake. I’m with you now and that how I want it to always be.” I said and Jack looked at me.
“My chapter in England has ended and being in the states is a new chapter and so far I’m liking this chapter.” I said and Jack smiled as he walked over and he kissed me which I returned.

Me and Jack was cuddled in bed watching a film when the door opened and Jake came in the room.
“Can I join the gayness?” Jake asked and I looked at Jack who nodded and he shuffled over as I moved closer to Jack and Jake joined us under the covers.
“Sorry, I don’t mean to bother you two.” Jake said and I had Jacks arm round my waist and I looked and saw that Jack was getting comfy for the night.
“You okay about this?” I asked and Jack nodded as he rested his head on my chest.
“Yeah, as long as Hallie doesn’t want to join us and he doesn’t snore.” Jack said as he slowly as he fell asleep and he kissed my chest which made me smile and I just left Jack to fall asleep and I messed with his hair and waited so me and Jake watched more of the film so Jack could fall asleep before we talked.
The only way I can find out if Jack was truly asleep and that was to stop messing with his which I did and he didn’t grab hold of my hand so I took that he was asleep.

“How’s Billie doing? I’ve missed her a lot.” I said to Jake and he looked at me and smiled as he absolutely loved Billie and would do anything for her.
“She’s good, mum managed to get her into that school we was fighting to get her into before you left and she is a lot happier than before.” Jake said which made me smile as I always wondered how Billie was getting on.
“That’s good, how’s your dad doing?” I asked since Jakes dad had Parkinson disease and when I left he was slowly going downhill a little.
“He’s now in a wheelchair but him and mum still enjoy going out together and it looks like their love for each other has only gotten stronger the more dad got ill.” Jake said and I smiled at this.
“What about you? Other than getting with Jack, which is a fucking god send.” Jake said and I looked at him.
“Yeah it’s been tough without you guys but then I made friends with Asher and then I found Jack and supported Jack through a really tough time.” I said and Jack sighed and he rolled over but I guessed he nearly fell out of bed as I felt his hand grab hold of my arm and he ground loudly.
“He doesn’t seem like a bad lad, I take it he’s self harms by the scars and that new looking cut on his arm.” Jake said and I looked at him.
“If you knew what he has been through you can seriously understand why he turns to self harm. But he’s not that bad, keeps me in line and on my toes and his little sister is just the cutest thing ever.” I said and Jake chuckled as he yawned loudly.
“She sure is, anyway I’m going to crash here for the night as I’m now comfy and too tired to even move.” Jake said and I smiled.
“Just don’t go spooning me and get a boner.” Jake said as he lead down and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I won’t promise nothing.” I said quietly as I rolled over to face Jack and I cuddled into Jacks side which made him sigh loudly and I gently kissed his cheek before I fell asleep as well.


Anything that needs improving or it’s fine how it is.. I don’t know


I really like this story, it seems pretty sad and I fear Jack will not be able to cope with all of the things happening in his life.

Fanfic-addict Fanfic-addict