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Failure’s not flattering


Jack’s POV

I sat up in bed and sighed loudly, when I heard Alex’s alarm going off loudly in my ear since I was lead on his phone for most of the night.
“Alex, wake up.” I said as I yawned loudly and looked at Alex who was still asleep.
“Don’t make me treat you like I have to treat Hallie.” I said seriously and Alex just sighed as he grunted at me.
“You’ve got until I’ve been to the toilet and then you have to get up.” I said as I got out of bed and I walked over to the toilet and had a piss.
After I’ve been to the toilet and washed my hand I walked back into the bedroom where Alex was still asleep on my side of the bed.
“Alex get up.” I said as I climbed back into bed and cuddled into Alex’s back.
“What?” Alex said sleepily.
“You have school and you need to get up.” I said and kissed the back of Alex’s neck and Alex sighed loudly.
“I’ll send in the big guns and that isn’t even your dad or Danny.” I said and Alex just rolled over so now I was lead on his chest.
“Fine, you win this time.” Alex said and I smiled and lent forward and kissed him which Alex returned and I pulled back and looked at him.
“Don’t go back to sleep, I’ll even make you a coffee and breakfast.” I said and Alex smiled at me as I climbed over him and you could see that Alex wanted to slap my ass but he was holding the urge back.
I picked up on of Alex’s hoodies in and put it on feeling Alex’s eyes on me but I knew it wasn’t because he was looking at my scar I had on my back.
“You have half an hour.” I said as I walked out the door and I could hear Alex groan in the bedroom.

Alex walked into the kitchen and I just stared at him because in my eyes he looking fucking hot in what he was wearing.
“Jesus you two couldn’t even hide the fact that you’ve just gotten into a relationship.” Alex’s Dad said and both me and Alex looked at him.
“You couldn’t even hide the fact you was having a affair on mum but hey ho.” Alex said and I frowned at Alex and looked at his dad who was glaring at him.
“Christ someone is in a foul mood this morning.” Danny said as he kissed Alex’s dad cheek and stole some toast and was rushing out the door nearly knocking Hallie over but he managed to dodge her as she walked out to the kitchen and climbed on one of the stools around the island.
I sighed good morning to Hallie and she smiled and sighed it back as I put a drink in front of her and I smiled at her and I turned round and gave Alex his bunny crumpets he was obsessed over and his coffee and that seem to cheer him up a little bit as he slowly ate his breakfast.
I have Alex’s dad and Hallie their breakfast and went on cleaning the kitchen up.

“You sure you’re going to be okay on your own today?” Alex asked since we dropped Hallie off at school and I was just walking Alex to school.
“Yeah, I can always clean the house, have a nap in the afternoon before I pick up Hallie and then you’ll be coming home and I will be fine. Just stop worrying okay.” I said as I squeezed Alex’s hand since we was holding hands.
“I can’t help it.” Alex said quietly.
“I’ll even text you at lunch to show that I’m not dead.” I said and Alex looked at me and he smiled slightly.
“You sure you’re going to be okay, because I can always skip school if you’re out okay.” Alex said and I sighed loudly and saw a boy walk over towards us.
“You aren’t skipping anymore school. Anyway I’m your boyfriend and not your parent so we are done talking about this.” I said and Alex smiled and rolled his eyes at me.
“Hey Alex, hey Jack.” Alex’s friend said when he got to us.
“Hey Ash.” Alex said and he walked over to me and kissed me which I returned.
“You better message me at lunch otherwise I’ll come home.” Alex said quietly and I looked at him and smiled.
“I will now bugger off and go to school.” I said and kissed Alex once more and he walked off and I looked at him and walked back to my house to sort some bits out and bring some more clothes over to Alex’s.

I walked inside of the house and it felt strange being in the house and no one is inside of the house.
I walked over to mums bed and all of her stuff was still there which hurt but at the same time was my fault for not getting on with sorting the house out.

I managed to sort all of mums stuff out which needed to be sent back to the company that lent us the stuff so I was now sorting mums personal stuff out.
“My word woman you hoarded a lot of shit over the years.” I said to myself as I pulled a load of clothes out her wardrobe.
I kept some clothes which had some meaning to and something for Hallie to have the smell of mum off but most of it went in a bag and I was going to give it to a charity shop as no one else would want it.
I moved from mums room to what was once Ella’s old room and all the memories which I’m trying to forget come flooding back and I had to get out of the house as quickly as I could and I sat on the top step and I just all the images from what happened go around my head which just made me start to cry but I moved from outside and went inside and just cried my way through sorting the rest of the house out.

“What you doing here?” I heard Alex say and I turned round and saw Alex with Hallie.
“I had to sort some stuff out, guess I lost track of time.” I said and Alex frowned at me and I looked down and then I looked at Hallie
“Hallie why dont you go and get whatever teddies you want and whatever you don’t want we’ll take them to a charity shop.” I said and Hallie nodded as she went upstairs.
“Babe I’m worried now.” Alex said and I looked at Alex.
“I just came for some more clothes and then I stayed to sort mums stuff out.” I said and Alex nodded as he walked towards me.
“You’ve been crying.” Alex said carefully.
“This house brings so many bad memories, I went to Ella’s old room and couldn’t bring myself to go inside. All the memories I want to forget just came flying back and I can’t do nothing about it but let it all happen.” I said started to cry again and Alex pulled me into a hug which I returned and hid my face in Alex’s shoulder as I cried.
“It’s okay, it’s just going to take baby steps.” Alex said softly and I looked at him and Alex smiled softly at me which made me sniff.
Alex kissed me which I returned and I hugged Alex which he returned.
“Next time you tell me you are coming here and I’ll come with you and help you.” Alex said softly and I nodded and Alex kissed me softly which I returned.
“Jacky?” Hallie said and I looked up the stairs and sighed loudly.
“Have one of these, I’ll sort Hallie out for for you.” Alex said and handed me a cigarette which I took and smiled at Alex as I went outside and Alex went upstairs to Hallie.


I was sat by the pool lost in thought when someone came and sat next to me and I looked up and saw it was Danny.
“I’m not going to jump in, so you don’t have to worry.” I said and Danny smiled slightly at me and he looked out to the pool while I looked down.
“Alex said you went to your house today.” Danny said and I sighed loudly as I nodded.
“Yeah, I just went to get some clothes. Maybe next time I should listen to my own advice and not go.” I said and Danny chuckled.
“If you want, I’m not working tomorrow so I can help you sort the stuff out if you like.” Danny said and I looked at him and nodded.
“I’d like that.” I said quietly and I heard another set of feet join me and Danny.
“Hope you wasn’t thinking about jumping.” Alex said and I looked at him.
“I wasn’t thinking about jumping don’t you worry.” I said and I pecked Alex on the lips which made him smile.
“Christ how long has it been?” Danny asked and I lent back on Alex and looked at him as he looked at me.
“About a day, I dunno. But your just jealous.” Alex said and I just rolled my eyes.
“Please, I have your father and I’m quite happy with him.” Danny said and I chuckled.
“Anyway we are not talking about what you and my dad do because that’s enough to mentally scar me for my life. I need to steal Jack for his brains now.” Alex said and I groaned loudly as doing Alex’s school work was the last thing on my mind.
“Don’t be up too late, you have school tomorrow.” Danny said and I smiled to myself as I no long had that worry, part from Hallie but she was pretty much my alarm clock anyway.
“I’ll not to be.” Alex said as he stood up and he offered me his ha d which I took and Alex helped me up and I smiled at him.
“Jack you don’t ha e to worry about taking Hallie to school. I have the day off tomorrow and I’ll her to school for you.” Danny said and I smiled at him.
“You don’t have to do that, I’m more than happy to take her to school.” I said as I felt Alex wrap his arm round me and he rested his chin on my shoulder.
“Already sorted with the ball and chain.” Danny said and it felt like a weight had be lifted off my shoulders.
“I seriously don’t know how to thank you for doing that.” I said and Danny smiled.
“You need the rest, especially if your with Alex. You’re going to need all the rest you can get.” Danny said.
“And that’s where we’ll kiss you goodnight and fuck off to bed.” Alex said and he caught hold of my hand and we went to his room but I had to check on Hallie first who was slowly falling asleep to this film she was watching which made me smile and I went to Alex’s room.

“She asleep?” Alex asked as he took his top off and I just watched him.
“Falling asleep, she’s watched that film she watching so many times she can now fall asleep to it.” I said and Alex chuckled as he turned round and looked at me.
“Well thank fuck for that.” Alex said and I chuckled as I took my top off as well.
“Don’t be so mean.” I chuckled as Alex walked over and pulled me close to him and I just wrapped my arms around his neck.
“You need to do your homework.” I said and Alex kissed me.
“But I don’t want to do homework.” Alex pouted and I pulled back which Alex allowed and I walked over to the bed and looked through Alex’s homework.
“Well I can even help you with this as my brain is just fried looking at it.” I said as I looked at Alex who walked over and sat next to me.
“Oh the joys of when you have brains.” Alex said and I chuckled and looked at him.
“And you say your stupid.” I said and Alex lent forward and kissed me.
“Put me down and do your homework.” I said and climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom.
“What you doing?” Alex asked confused.
“Having a shower because I smell, you need to do your homework like the nerd that you are.” I said as I shut the door on Alex and had a shower which took longer than normal as when I went back out to the bedroom Alex was fast asleep with his homework on my side of the bed.

“Seriously Alex.” I muttered as I moved his stuff to the floor and I crawled into bed which made Alex sigh loudly as he cuddled into my back and I found something to watch and fall asleep too.



I really like this story, it seems pretty sad and I fear Jack will not be able to cope with all of the things happening in his life.

Fanfic-addict Fanfic-addict