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Failure’s not flattering


Jack’s POV

“Hallie get your shoes and coat on for me while I go and put Mum in the car.” I said to my sister Hallie.
“You taking me to school?” Hallie asked as I pushed mum in her wheelchair.
“I’m not going to that fucking place again!” Mum said seriously as she tried to get out of her wheelchair.
“Well You’ve got to as I have school and Hallie is 5 years old and I’m not having her look after you so I’m afraid you have to go to the day.” I said as I looked at Hallie.
“Yes I am taking you to school, just like every day part from the weekends.” I said as I quickly put my shoes and coat on and grabbed mine and Hallie’s bags from the kitchen.
“Jacky!” Hallie said loudly and I sighed loudly, already running out of patients for the day, as I got Hallie’s lunchbox from the fridge and put it in her bag and walked out to the hallway to find mum on the floor and Hallie staring at her not sure on what to do.
Mum said something in Arabic which lucky for me I learnt as a second language so I know exactly what she was saying.
“You know you can’t walk and yet you choose to try and get up from you wheelchair and fall flat on your face. Not a smart move here and now we’re all going to be late.” I said in English so Hallie knew what I was saying.
“Hallie get mums wheelchair and push it behind her.” I said as I looked at Hallie as I sort mum out.
Hallie pushed the chair behind Mum and I looked at her.
“Are the breaks on?” I asked and Hallie nodded and she tucked her hair behind her ears and she looked at me.
I put my arm under mums and lifted her back into her wheelchair and I put the lap strap across and kicked her footplates down and put her feet on the footplates.
“Go get your bag Hallie.” I said as I picked my bag up and put it over my shoulders and I grabbed my keys and my phone and looked for Hallie.
“School?” Hallie asked and signed in Makaton which was some for of sign language.
“Yeah, But we need to take mum to day center first and then I can take you too school.” I said and Hallie gave me a big smile which I returned and we walked to the day center and pretty much dumped mum there to much of her disgust and swearing in Arabic.

Once I dropped Hallie to her school I was already half an hour late for school.
I walked to the office where the receptionist looked at me over her glasses.
“Your late again Mr Barakat.” She said as she handed me a late pass as I signed myself in the book to say that I was now in school.
“I know, I’m sorry. But can I be Really cheeky and ask what class I am in now.” I said and the receptionist rolled her eyes at me as she looked at her computer.
“You have double ICT. I take it you don’t want me to tell you what classroom it is in?” She asked as she looked at me and I shook my head.
“No I know where it is thanks.” I said and I turned round and made my way to my lesson knowing I was probably going to get a serious telling off by the teacher.
When I got to the classroom I just walked in and everyone looked at me as I handed my late pass to the teacher.
“You’re late again Jack, this is the second time this week you are late.” My teacher, Mr Avery, said quietly.
“I know and I’m sorry.” I said as I watched him sign the pass.
“Don’t be late again to my class.” He said seriously and I nodded as I walked off and found a computer which was my normal computer which I was thankful for and I signed myself in and checked my phone quickly and found that nobody had tried to get hold of my which I always find a bonus.
“sakhif aljahim” I muttered to myself as I got my beaten up headphones out and put them on and started with my work I needed to do.

It was lunch and I was sat on the sports field smoking and catching up with some homework I needed to do and listening to music when someone came over.
“Got one I can steal?” The person said and I looked up and saw it was one of the school assholes, Alex Gaskarth.
“No. Now leave me alone.” I said as I looked back at the homework I was doing before Alex ripped it out of my hands and threw it over his shoulder.
“Really? That’s just fucking childish, and I’m still not giving you a cigarette.” I said as I stood up and as I did that my phone went off and I looked at it and back at Alex and then my homework.
I just grabbed my bag and walked off as I answered my phone.
“Hello?” I said as I done my bag up as I walked towards the school again.
“Hello, is this Jack? Ms Barakat career?” The woman asked on the other end of the phone and I sighed loudly.
“What has my mother been and done now?” I asked hoping it wasn’t something to bad and get herself kicked out of the day center.
“I’m just phoning to say that your mum has been displaying abusive behavior towards the other people here and staff.” The woman said and I sighed loudly as I pinched the bridge of my nose.
“Can’t she just stay with you until I get out of school and pick my sister up. I have nobody else to look after her.” I said as I looked round to see if there was any teachers around when I saw none I walked off site and sat on the bench which was by the school.
“She can stay until you come and pick her up but after today I’m afraid she can’t come back to this day center.” The woman said and I had to hold back a sigh as I nodded and biting my lip.
“Thank you so much and I’m sorry for her behavior.” I said and I could hear her smile at the other end of the phone.
“We’ll see you later.” The woman said and I hung up and let that sigh I was holding in out and brought my feet up on the bench and hugged my knees as I thought what the fuck I can do now.


“Hallie, dinner!” I said loudly enough for Hallie to hear me which made mum jump and Hallie came running into the sitting room where she sat on the floor.
“Can we have the sound on?” Hallie asked and I shook my head.
“No because it confuses Mum. But you can watch it without the sound on, just eat your dinner before it gets cold.” I said as I sat next to Mum.
“Mum, food.” I said as mum looked at me confused on what she had to do.
“Want me to help?” I asked as I put my plate down and Mum nodded so I helped feed mum.

I put Hallie and mum to bed after I had given mum her medication she needed.
I was sat outside enjoying the moment of peace I ever got these days and enjoying my cigarette when I noticed someone walking over to me.
“So I felt like an ass when I took your homework off you, so here.” Alex said as he handed me my homework which I took off him.
“Thanks.” I said as I offered Alex a cigarette and he shook his head.
“Na, their yours so I’ll let you have them.” Alex said and I smiled at him and I heard the front door open and I looked and saw Hallie.
“I had nightmare.” Hallie said as I smiled at her as I flicked my cigarette away and I stood up and walked over to her and picked her up and she wrapped her arms round my neck and her legs round my waist as she rested her head on my shoulder.
“I’ll see you around Jack.” Alex said and I looked at him and nodded as I walked inside kicking the door shut behind me with my foot and I locked the door and put the key in my back pocket and I made sure that everything was turned off at the walls just Incase Mum got up in the middle of the night and I don’t hear her.
Once I did all my checks I took myself and Hallie upstairs to my room where I gently placed Hallie on my bed and pulled the covers over her and I kissed her forehead and I turned round and picked my towel up and went to the bathroom so I could have a shower and just had some time to myself.

Once I was finished I pulled a hoodie and some shorts on and I headed towards my room when I heard Mum downstairs and I sighed loudly and I went downstairs.
“Mum?” I asked as I walked into her room where Mum was crying loudly so I turned her bedside lamp on and checked her over the best I could and I could see she hasn’t hurt herself.
“Where’s he gone?” Mum asked and I frowned for a brief second before I realized who she was talking about.
“Dad left. He left 5 years ago when Hallie was a baby.” I said as mum grabbed hold of my hand.
“No, no he wouldn’t do that!” Mum said loudly.
“Mum he left us. He did awful things to you and to me.” I said and mum looked at me lost which broke my heart.
“He said he wouldn’t leave.” Mum said and I smiled sadly at her as I moved some hair from her face.
“He left mum. But I’m not going anywhere. Me and Hallie are right here beside you.” I said and mum smiled.
“It’s night time, why don’t you go to sleep.” I said as I stood up and pulled the covers back over her and kissed the top of her head.
“Go to sleep.” I whispered as I tucked some hair behind her ear as she looked at me.
“Night Bass.” Mum said and I smiled and kissed the top of her head again.
“Night mum.” I whispered and I turned her bedside lamp off and quickly walked out the room and I looked up the stairs and saw Hallie again.

“What you doing up? It’s bedtime.” I said as I walked up the stairs and picked her up as I walked past her.
“Can’t sleep.” Hallie said and I sighed as I put Hallie back in my bed again and I crawled into bed and I looked at the time and saw it was 1 in the morning.
“Bedtime.” I said and signed bed in makaton and Hallie shuffled over and she cuddled into my chest.

“I’ll keep the monsters away if you fall asleep.” I said quietly and Hallie nodded and I kissed the top of her head and I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I just passed out and hoped Hallie fell asleep soon and that mum didn’t wake up again.


New story..


I really like this story, it seems pretty sad and I fear Jack will not be able to cope with all of the things happening in his life.

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