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Make Me Skin And Bones


"Brooklyn..." Alex's voice almost cracked, sadness coating it completly, there ws no hiding it "I don't want to leave..." I sighed, staring up at the bright blue sky above us.
"And I don't want you leaving... We were supposed to go through high-school together..."Alex said sadly, I could see him looking at me through the corner of my eye. I rolled my head so I could see him eye to eye.
"We'll keep in touch right?" I mumbled He nodded "I'll message you every day" He promised. I smiled at him "Man..." He sighed "Fuck" He mumbled, "Can I come with you?" I sighed "I'd let you in a heartbeat, It's just my mom..." He sighed "I know"
"Brooklyn, Your mom just called, It's time for you to go" I nodded and looked back at Alex "Good bye, Alex..." I let a tear slip. "Goodbye... Brook." I could tell he was trying to hold the tears back.
We hugged and with that. I walked away. From Alex. From my school, From my town... Everything. And off to Toronto.
"I still hate this" I snapped at my mother. Sitting with my arms crossed in the front seat.
"I know you do, But Alex said he'd keep in touch. So you have to believe him."
I just shook my head at her, obviously not getting the point.



Hey, I'm still here! lol.
Great job with the new update! A bit sad, though, but I guess this story is in general. Nothing too happy came in the chapter. But glad that Alex didn't leave her this time.
Hope to see more soon! :)

Nanook Nanook

Aw, I've missed this story; happy that you updated! :)
Great job with the new chapter... very intense, though. Whoa.
I'm glad Alex came back. She just needs someone that won't give up on her. Maybe he'll realize that.
That being said, though, she needs to learn she needs to work on herself too, for him. Hmm... I wonder if she'll realize that. Or well, she kind of does now, but not in the right way. So maybe that's still a bit on him and in his court to make her realize.
Interested in seeing more. :) Hope it's not too long until another update.

Nanook Nanook

Oh, okay, thanks for clarifying! That makes sense now. And okay, that's cool you're writing that one as well. :) Know if you continue that one, I will read it too. :)
And okay, no problem; just thought I would check with that. Totally do whatever you feel, but just wanted to make sure that was the intention and not like, setting it when they were actually in HS.
Great job with the new update! Hmm... poor Brook. :/ Alex still doesn't quite get it, but he's trying, at least. Better than her mom, anyway, I think. I guess it can be hard for anyone to understand who hasn't experienced it or known someone before that has.
Hoping that Alex continues to be sweet to her. :')
Interested in seeing more. :)

Nanook Nanook

To answer your confusion, I have this book on my quotev, on there it is a Marianas trench fan fiction, I decided to make an ATL one as well but really like the plot, And yes touch of winter is as well my book, I'm still writing it but realized I had this account with nothing on it.
This is meant to be an AU so its present day but with them, all in high school, shameless was just the first thing to pop into my head at the time lol. I hope this clears the confusion :) and also thank you so much!

Wow... I really love what you have of this, and it's only four chapters in so far.
Alex really needs to prove he means it to Brooklyn... but I have faith that he still wants to be, at least, her friend. He must feel like shit for treating her the way he did. Hopefully he stops.
Two things I need to note that confused me:
a) At the beginning of Chapter 2, you mentioned the name "Josh", which I'm thinking was maybe a placeholder name, or the name you changed to Alex when writing this. I was just a bit confused when that happened...
b) At the beginning of the latest chapter, you mentioned the show "Shameless" which is relatively newer and wasn't on when ATL was in high school. So is this set in present day, with them just being in high school now? Or were you trying to stick with the time they were actually in high school? Just something to note; either one is fine, but if you're trying to stay true to the time they actually were there, I would probably switch the show name...
But other than those two aspects, I think this story is pretty awesome so far, for only just having four chapters. You're a great writer. :)
I also wanted to ask... did you happen to start this story on another account?
I noticed both usernames have the same name in them, but also, this story has a similar plot line as that one, so I was just wondering... I actually started reading that one too, but was waiting to leave feedback for more of it to review... I would have waited here too, but wanted to leave feedback in case that was you, so that this rendition (if it's the same story rewritten) isn't stopped too. But perhaps it's just a coincidence, lol. But also, wanted to leave feedback since I think this is pretty amazing so far for so few chapters.
But yeah, just wanted to leave some feedback. Can't wait for more and to see where you take it. :) Rooting for Brook and Alex. :)

Nanook Nanook