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VOID (reposted)


Lennon has never had much luck with love. But what happens when Alex Gaskarth, famous rockstar, walks into her life? Or more accurately, runs into her best friends car, along with the rest of his band mates. Alex has had many past relationships, and his former patterns seem to be coming back to him now. Will these two survive the trials of love?

-Yes this is the same story posted on my old account @ something-personal. This is my new account so I will be reposting and updating the story here.


Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

Lead singer of the very famous band All Time Low. Has made a lot of mistakes in his reckless past. Falls for Lennon. Very sensitive. 27-28y/o

Charlotte Vantan

Charlotte Vantan

Very rich, but kind and down to earth. Obsessed with bands. Best friends with Lennon. Her father is a famous music producer. 22 y/o

Jack Barakat

Jack Barakat

Lead guitarist of All Time Low. Best friend of Alex. Very Inappropriate. Likes to goof around, have sex, and get drunk. 27 y/o

Lennon Cruz

Lennon Cruz

Stubborn girl with commitment issues, due to her broken home. Lives in Santa Monica, CA. Best friends with Charlotte. Alex's love interest. 21 y/o

Rian Dawson

Rian Dawson

Drummer of All Time Low. Snarky. Gives great advice; good friend. Secretly judging you. 27 y/o -28 y/o



Alex's ex-girlfriend. Used to be very famous, now a struggling actress. Very manipulative, likes to party. 26 y/o

Zack Merrick

Zack Merrick

Bassist of All Time Low. Super nice. Like literally the sweetest. Doesn't talk a lot, but has a lot to say. 27 y/o


  1. Chapter 1 - I Swear I'm Not a Groupie

  2. Chapter 2 - Keep Your Cool in an Orderly Fashion

  3. Chapter 3 - Car Rides With Stupid Guys

  4. Chapter 4 - Stella

    For this chap I recommend listening to “Stella and “Sick Little Games” by All Time Low :)


Ah, that's okay, thanks for taking my feedback into mind. :) That's awesome of you to do... I feel like a lot of writers often ignore me when I make suggestions, lol, or like already have a plan in mind, so they don't bother with changing anything.
But like I said, if this throws things off too much, I can look past it, I just thought it was a lot happening at once, considering the pace of the other chapters. Don't want you to worry over it too much. So, if you're up for rewriting, go for it, but again, I'll be here when you continue either way. :)

Nanook Nanook

Hey, sorry this is so late, I was trying to figure out how to respond the right way. This did put me off a bit, but I completely understand your point. I'd tried to write this chapter about 4 different times, and this idea wasnt very well thought out and I kinda just wanted to put something out there. Switching povs WAS Supposed to bring new information to the story, stuff that Lennon might not be aware of. Alex IS slightly a player and a flirt in this story, but I'd like to think that he wouldn't want to cheat purposely. I' thinking of rewriting it and trying again, maybe without him having a gf this time. Thanks

Hiii... I'm still here, I swear! Sorry for the delayed comment; just have had a hectic time trying to get on here lately to read things.
But anyway... interesting new update. I'm a bit confused though, and maybe this is a warning to be cautious: I felt like this chapter almost belonged to a completely different story. I can understand maybe wanting a switch in POV, but I feel like this chapter is a total divergence to the original story started in Lennon's POV. First of all, the fact that Alex is hiding his other relationship, which comes a bit out of nowhere. Second, that he suddenly sees his ex AND kisses her at a party, after being caught in a near-kiss with Lennon... this also comes a bit out of nowhere. It just... seems like a lot all of a sudden, for one chapter, for the story...
I know you're rewriting though a bit/reposting, so I don't want to discourage you, but just want to give my honest feedback. I'll still stick around to read, and maybe this is just diving into the full concept of the story, just in a quick manner. Idk. But I'm unsure how to feel about Alex's intentions now. Like, the first three chapters he just seemed like this innocent love interest, and now he seems bad. Very bad. I guess maybe what would've been better is if him having someone at home was maybe introduced the second chapter, and then this chapter just being the ex. That could've maybe helped frame it better.
Just want to be honest and hopefully give some helpful/useful feedback. I did still find the chapter great, it was just kind of a lot to take in at once. Like, I feel like there was two or three character developments that should've been spread in say, three chapters, if that makes sense.
But again, not meant to discourage, only want to give you honest feedback. Hope that you continue writing! Interested in seeing more! :)

Nanook Nanook

You're back!!! I'm so glad!!! I love how she can read him so well, that she always seems to know what he is thinking/feeling. Can't wait for more!

hopeless1313 hopeless1313

OMG an update. :O Was wondering what happened with this story.
I'm just excited to get to the new stuff. New stuff! New stuff!! New stuff! XD
But still, great as it was before. :D Interested in seeing what happens next. :)

Nanook Nanook