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Radio Silence


I’m going to tell you the truth here. This story doesn’t have a happy ending, nor does it have a bad one. It isn’t a love story, but it also doesn’t portray any heartbreak. Simply, it’s a story about a boy and girl. Nothing happens between them. Each live a separate life and in no way do they have to cross paths. There’s no need to get your hopes up. There is no fantasy. It’s the harsh reality. Not everything’s a magical and mystical story. We don’t always get what we want.

Maybe I might make an exception this time....

This isn't a full story, only snapshots of life. What I'd like to do it for you (the one who's reading this) is to suggest ideas. It would basically be like oneshots, only with the two specific characters I have below. So, you guys get to help me control their life. One thing, though, I will not write about either of them cheating and the suggestion has to fit in with the story at the time. This won't work if nobody suggests anything.


Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

Riley Pierce AKA Yellow-Labrador-Girl

Riley Pierce AKA Yellow-Labrador-Girl



I am still here and reading! I was surprised to see a notification for this, haha, but happy to see that it's possibly being picked back up again.
Hmm... maybe Riley can do one of those DNA tests where you find out your ancestry, origins, etc., and find her sister that way? Fun fact, my cousin did one of those and found a long lost half sister him and his parents didn't even know about. Apparently they do like a database on people who do them and idk, you're able to find other current living relatives, even long lost siblings. XD
Great job with the update, though. Not much happened, so not much to report on, but it was sweet how Alex was there for her. :)
Interested in seeing more. <3

Nanook Nanook

Yeah, exactly that.
Sometimes the words I originally put in bold/italics aren't on here because the formatting disappears when I copy and paste the chapter after I finished writing it. It really sucks, but often I remember. Guess I fucked up this time xD

Oh, okay, so I saw where you went and put that in... I think I get it now... XD Assuming she was a musician of some sort then? XD

Nanook Nanook

A whole new layer of drama xD

That was what came to my mind immediately as well!