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I'm A Walking Travesty


Alex is the new kid at school, not wanting to live he enters his new school on the first day he meets Jack who keeps a secret that he swears he'd never tell. Will Jack and Alex save each other from the dark depths of their minds? Or will they never trust each other?

**Trigger Warning**

Self harm
Eating disorders

Please dont read if you think any of these things may trigger you :). However I do have trigger warnings on all my chapters so if you want to read it avoid those parts. If skipping parts confuses you or you no longer understand what's going on leave me a message and ill send you either the chapter minus the triggering parts or a brief version.

~Also if anyone self harms or has depression etc then message me anytime..... I'm only really writing this to get my own feelings out but nothing triggers me~


  1. Lullabies

    **Trigger Warning; self harm**

  2. Outsiders

  3. If I Tremble

  4. Hospital For Souls

    **Trigger Warning; self harm**

  5. Lost In Stereo

  6. Floral And Fading

  7. This Means War

  8. Drown

  9. A/N Sorry

  10. Remedy

  11. Vegas Skies

    Could be triggering, read with caution

  12. 5 Years

    **Trigger Warning; Self Harm**

  13. All You Are Is History


  14. I'm Sorry


Heyyyy, you actually commented Yayyyyy..... Thank you so much. Haha.

I write a lot but its never normally all time low related so I dont upload but I won't and I promise to be better on updates :)
thank you again.

love ya too :)

Hey. I'm the new subscriber. I love this story so much. When I saw that you updated I made a very girly fan girl scream.

Please keep writing, and don't ever stop. You are amazing.

Love ya!

Thanks btw sorry I haven't had the time to read more because I just slept all day again. I'm happy if I helped I'm not finished tho I really want to know how you're gonna put everything in place through the story.
I don't know maybe I'll post something one day. But for now I need to tell myself I won't because if I don't everytime I'm gonna write something I'm gonna think about wanting to be perfect for the reader and that would fuck everything's up. Changing little things are okay but in the end you've got to do something that you like because if you force yourself it's just not worth it you know.

Costati Costati


thank you so much for the advice it helped and I call everyone dude anyway so Yeh and I will try add some of these things in, I guess with my writing it comes and goes and then I have no time to write and then I post something short and and not entirely what I wanted but I had this idea a while ago so but it did take a lot to upload but I decided to get it over with before I changed my mind. Also you should post something sometime id like to read something of yours.

If you want my advice...(if you don't just don't read this I don't want to make you mad I really just want to help)..

I mean personnaly I don't like abbrevations in a book except for SMS or well dialogue. It just breaks the reality of the thing in a way. We're like projected in Alex's and Jack's head (by the way I love that we swing back and forth between the two. It's just cute and funny how it's kind of dialogue between them and their thoughts without them knowing it) and I don't think people put abbrevations in their thoughts. Speaking of thoughts explore what Alex thinks of himself or Jack, when Alex says he's stupid and other things. It would be super interesting to know more about that.
I'm going to bed, so I'll do the rest tomorrow it's 6am where I am and I have to wake up at 10 so I really should sleep.

Costati Costati