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Sparks Fly


After a chance encounter, could Alex and Brook be exactly what the other had been looking for?


Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

Brook Lynn Monteverdi

Brook Lynn Monteverdi

Jack Barakat

Jack Barakat

Jennifer Nichols

Jennifer Nichols

Rian Dawson

Rian Dawson

Zack Merrick

Zack Merrick


  1. 01.

    "It was enchanting to meet you..."

  2. 02.

    "In the car I just can't wait to pick you up on our very first date..."

  3. Three.

    "You've got the spark I've been looking for..."

  4. Four.

    "I never thought I'd catch this love bug again..."

  5. Five.

    "You've got me smiling in my sleep..."

  6. Six.

    "Round in circles. Let's start over..."

  7. Seven.

    "I knew you were different from the way I caved..."

  8. Eight.

    "Don't wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a break..."

  9. Nine.

    "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends..."

  10. Ten.

    "Our chemistry is kerosene..."

  11. Eleven.

    “I get by with a little help from my friends…”

  12. Twelve.

    “Ghosts from your past gonna jump out at me…”

  13. Thirteen.

    "Baby, you're perfect, so lets start right now..."

  14. Fourteen.

    "This is see you later; I'm not into goodbyes..."

  15. Fifteen.

    "It's 2am and I'm cursing your name..."

  16. Sixteen.

    "I'm waste of chances, full of bad romances..."

  17. Seventeen.

    "You never know what people have up their sleeves..."

  18. Eighteen.

    "I love your pretty face and how it rests on your pillow case..."

  19. Nineteen.

    "It's amazing how a girl like you could affect a guy like me..."

  20. Twenty.

    "And with a tear in my eye, give me the sweetest goodbye..."

  21. Twenty One.

    "I don't know where you're going, just get your ass back home..."

  22. Twenty Two.

    "Resistance is useless, just two kids stupid and fearless..."

  23. Twenty Three.

    "With you I'd say I'm better off in every way..."

  24. Twenty Four.

    "I'm gonna give all my secrets away..."

  25. Twenty Five.

    "I know that I've got issues but you're pretty messed up to...

  26. Twenty Six.

    "If perfect's what you're searching for than just stay the same..."

  27. Twenty Seven.

    "He's charming and endearing and I'm comfortable..."

  28. Twenty Eight.

    "I'll stop the world and melt with you..."

  29. Twenty Nine...

    "Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound..."

  30. Thirty.

    "Take my hand and we'll make it I swear..."

  31. Thirty One.

    "She even cooks me pancakes and Alka Seltzer when my tummy aches..."

  32. Thirty Two.

    "I am the man who will fight for your honor..."

  33. Thirty three.

    "I took a pen and an old napkin and I wrote down our song..."

  34. Thirty Four.

    "Will you go to prom with me? And dance, and dance, and dance, and dance, and dance..."

  35. Thirty Five.

    "You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream..."

  36. Thirty Six.

    "I'd apologize but I don't realize what I'm doing wrong..."

  37. Thirty Seven.

    "We're not gonna work this out tonight..."

  38. Thirty Eight.

    ""Everybody wants to hide their secrets away. Nobody wants to stand up to the pain."

  39. Thirty Nine.

    "I wish that I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us..."

  40. Forty

    "You ain't the only ones who want to live it up..."

  41. Forty One.

    "This love is ours..."

  42. Forty Two.

    "You're a trainwreck but I wouldn't love you if you changed..."

  43. Forty Three.

    "I couldn't wait for that summer at the Warped Tour..."

  44. Forty Four.

    "Calm before the storm, set it off..."

  45. Forty Five.

    "Long live the reckless and the brave..."

  46. Forty Six.

    "Get me out of this place before I cause more damage."

  47. Forty Seven.

    "That's what you get for waking up in Vegas..."

  48. Forty Eight.

    "Everybody's got a dark side. Can you love mine?"

  49. Forty Nine.

    "I'll be there for you. These five words I swear to you..."

  50. Fifty

    "It feels like I'm at an all time low..."

  51. Fifty One.

    "Now that it's raining more than ever know that we'll still have each other..."

  52. Fifty Two.

    "I want to chase forever down with you around..."

  53. Fifty Three.

    "Make me happy, it's your mission and you won't stop 'til I'm there..."

  54. Fifty Four.

    "It's been occurring to me, I would like to hang out with you for my whole life..."

  55. Fifty Five.

    "Do it for the memories, do it for Baltimore..."

  56. Fifty Six.

    "I'd kill for one more way to tell you how you make me better every day."

  57. Fifty Seven.

    "I'm thankful for the love that you keep bringing in my life..."

  58. Fifty Eight.

    "Your sex takes me to paradise...."

  59. Fifty Nine.

    "Even now just looking at you feels wrong..."

  60. Sixty.

    "Falling from cloud nine, crashing from the high..."

  61. Sixty One.

    "If happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this..."

  62. Sixty Two.

    "I'm just hopelessly hopeful that you're just hopeful enough..."

  63. Sixty Three.

    "I'm gonna break down these walls I built around myself..."

  64. Sixty Four

    "I can live without you but without you I'd be miserable at best..."

  65. Sixty Five.

    "The story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now..."

  66. Sixty Six.

    "All I know since yesterday is everything has changed..."

  67. Sixty Seven

    "If I had a pair of wings, I’d pick you and fly you far away from here..."

  68. Sixty Eight.

    "I'd go back to December, turn around and make it all right..."

  69. Sixty Nine.

    "Finding the gold in our darkest moments..."

  70. Seventy

    "My friends are a different breed; my friends are everything..."

  71. Seventy One

    "Let's be alone together..."

  72. Seventy Two

    "I might be okay but I'm not fine at all..."

  73. Seventy Three


I hope you come back to this story and update again. I miss it!

hopeless1313 hopeless1313

i remember reading the first chapter of this a long time ago and I came across it again a few days ago. Ever since then I haven’t been able to stop reading. I know it’s been a while since you last updated but I hope you will start updating again some day. It’s such a good story and you’ve left it on the biggest cliffhanger! No pressure though, just thought I’d let you know that I’m still very interested in finding out what happens next. :)

Chelsea Chelsea

That is very true all great stories must come to an end.
I am going to start reading your other story right away. I bet it’s another great one. :)

BreaClift. BreaClift.

That’s really sweet to say! But unfortunately it will have to end eventually... :( The plus side to not having the inspiration to write for is it can live forever that way, haha.

Have you had a chance to start reading my stop Dirty Laundry? I actually put up a new chapter this week. :-)

Newyork_xo Newyork_xo

I will honestly say. That this is one story I don’t want to ever end lol. Out of all the fanfics I have read over the years even about different bands. This is by far the best one.

BreaClift. BreaClift.