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Just For A Moment

Would It Hurt If I Elbowed You In The Groin?

Adrienne stared at her reflection in the floor length mirrors of the dance studio. It wasn’t all that long ago was that she was in this very dance studio, worrying about how she’d fit practice and spend time with her boyfriend into her schedule.

She smiled ruefully at herself before turning on the music and practicing the choreography she’d had for her senior showcase. Dance was second nature to her, the steps coming to her as easily now as they did then. It was like she was in high school again, completely focused on each step, each twirl, each jump.

The song itself was just as familiar to her. Didn’t matter how hard she tried to forget it, she could literally play the song in her mind straight from memory; complete with corresponding guitar and drum solo. It held a special place in her heart because the lyrics were so relateable.

[i]“Make the most of living while you're young and have the chance to take your chances...”[/i]

And that’s exactly what she did; made the most of living while she could. Didn’t matter that most people thought she threw her life away. Instead of accepting her scholarship to Julliard, she took a year off to follow an up and coming band. Funny thing was, she didn’t regret it nearly as much as people probably thought she should. She had very fond memories of that year.
Adrienne hadn’t realized she’d had an audience until the song ended and she heard clapping from the doorway.

“That was beautiful.” Lillian Reynard smiled.

Lillian had been Adrienne’s teacher for her entire high school career. She’d been a star in the New York City Ballet Company for a number of years. However, a car accident left her with damaged muscle in her leg, and that was the end of her professional dance career. So she settled for following her fiancée to Baltimore and became a dance teacher; a great one, at that.

“Thanks.” Adrienne returned the smile as she caught her breath and opened the water bottle she’d brought.

“If memory serves me well, that was your senior piece, was it not?” Lillian asked.

“Yes, it was. It was probably my favorite routine.”

“It was probably one of mine, too,” Lillian added. “That routine got you into Julliard.”

Adrienne nodded slowly, not sure if she should respond in some way. She was well aware that she’d disappointed a large number of people in her life when she’d passed up such a great opportunity, including Lillian. But, that was the great thing about Lillian; she had faith in her students. So when Adrienne’s life came spiraling down, Lillian offered her a job as her assistant. Adrienne really owed her a lot.

Thankfully Adrienne didn’t have to come up with an answer because students began filing in.

Lillian sighed, taking her place at the front of the class. “Good morning, class. Let’s begin. 5,6 7,8!”

“5, 6, 7, 8!”

Adrienne fell into step again with the other students. Her legs and feet hurt, her arms hurt, and her entire body ached. She hadn’t worked this hard in a while. Clearly Mrs. Reynard wasn’t going to go easy on them the first week.

“Alright,” Mrs. Reynard cut the music and stood before the senior class. “Good job. We still have a few things to work on, but that’s what we have the entire year for.”

Adrienne stood to the left of the group, trying to catch her breath. She lifted her arms and set them atop her head as she listened to the teacher.

“Remember, this is your last year. You have two major performances this year; the Christmas Banquet in December and your Senior Showcase in April where there may or may not be scouts for colleges such as Julliard,” Mrs. Reynard looked pointedly at Adrienne.

“With that in mind, you’ll need to focus. I hope you all enjoyed today’s exercises because we are just getting started.” A groan echoed through the class. Mrs. Reynard smiled and clapped her hands. “Class dismissed.”

Adrienne filed out, throwing her backpack over her shoulder and heading out the wooden double doors into the hallway where Mallory Kensington waited patiently beside their lockers.

“Hey how’d it go?” Mallory asked.

“It was torture. I should’ve worked harder this summer,” Adrienne lamented. “This week kicked my ass.”

“Oh please, you’ll be fine. You’re talented, Aid,” Mallory grinned. “You skipped junior year and landed in your last year because you’re so good.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m not surrounded by dancers that are ten times better than me,” Adrienne argued. “I’ve got more pressure on to prove myself because I’m not actually supposed to be a senior.”

“Whatever, you’re going to be fine.” Mallory waved off Adrienne’s argument and changed the subject. “So, have you heard from lover boy?”

“We’re just friends,” Adrienne stated, already knowing who Mallory was talking about. She grabbed her books and closed the locker. “Besides if I remember correctly, it’s you and Jack who are always talking on phone, not Alex and I.”

Mallory snorted as they exited the school. “Yeah well, I’m just as surprised as anyone else, but I quite enjoy Jack’s company.”

“I still find it hard to believe you’re dating him,” Adrienne smirked. “He’s immature and just… so not your type.”

“Psh, we’re not dating. We’re just getting to know each other,” Mallory said. “I just… he makes me laugh. I like that.”

“He specializes in getting you drunk,” Adrienne reminded her.

“Just the one time!” Mallory defended. “We didn’t sleep together and he still called me. So, he’s a good guy.”

“Well, I guess that is one redeeming quality.” Adrienne chuckled. “How was your first day?”

“I already have homework. It’s due in two weeks,” Mallory frowned. “I’m thinking of doing a series on dancers, though. Think I can photograph your routine?”

Adrienne nodded. “Yeah, sure, why not?”

“Thanks.” Mallory checked her phone for any new messages. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. Jack invited me over tonight for pizza and a movie and said everyone should come along.”

“I can’t; I have homework,” Adrienne replied. “I really need to work on the steps Mrs. Reynard was teaching us.”

“Oh Aid, live a little. It’s Friday!” Mallory chuckled.

Adrienne shoved Mallory lightly as they crossed the street, passing the local high school Riley and Melanie attended. The two blondes where exiting through the double doors just as Adrienne and Mallory were walking up.

“Hey Rae, hey Mel!” Mallory climbed up the concrete steps.

Melanie gave the two girls her famous smile as she pulled Mallory into a hug. “Well, if it isn’t our budding artists!”

Riley grinned as she finished stuffing her gym clothing into her backpack and slinging it over one shoulder. “Hi guys.”

“What are the plans for tonight?” Melanie started walking as the girls followed her.

Mallory spoke up from the behind her. “Jack’s house, pizza and a movie.”

Melanie nodded. “Hm, there’s a party at Jonah’s tonight.”

Adrianne rolled her eyes at the mention of Melanie’s newest conquest. He was the captain of the football team, and the basketball team, [i]and[/i] the soccer team. And his ego was the size of Texas. Adrienne had seen him a few times when she and Mallory were passing by for the girls. He was good looking, Adrienne would admit that, but he seemed like a complete douche bag. He was usually checking out every girl that passed and flirting was his hobby. Adrienne really despised those types of guys, but if Melanie wanted to pursue him, then who was she to judge?

Riley mirrored Adrienne’s facial expression and shook her head. “I do not want to go to that douche bag’s house. I’d rather hang out with Jack and the guys.”

“Oh my god, he’s not that bad, you guys!” Melanie sighed.

“Yes he is, Mel,” Mallory interjected. “The only reason he’s paying attention to you is because you’re the head cheerleader and have great boobs.”

“True,” Melanie shrugged, nodding in agreement. “But still, it’ll be fun. We can bring the boys with us, even.”

Adrienne sighed. “Mel, you know there’s going to be booze and drugs. The party will end with sirens and everyone getting busted.”

Melanie threw her hands up. “Fine! Movie and pizza with the guys it is. You three are so boring.”

Mallory shrugged just like Mel had a few seconds ago, agreeing with her. “You hang out with nerds. The only cool one is Riley and you’re related to her. What’d you expect?”

Melanie laughed and slung her arms over Adrienne’s and Mallory’s shoulders. “I still love you, no matter how socially awkward you are.”

“We’re here, bitches!” Melanie yelled as she stormed through Jack’s house to the basement stairs.

“HEY!” all the guys greeted as we entered.

The basement was your typical guys hang out; worn, stained carpet, two old, battered loveseats on the east wall, their instruments on the opposite side. There were a couple of folding chairs scattered around, but mostly it was open space. They’d recently added a small TV and their Xbox in the south corner for game tournaments. Someone turned the radio on and the faint sound of music mixed with idle chatter filled the room.

Jack was trying to teach Mallory how to play COD, but he didn’t seem to be having much success. Melanie was painting her nails with Rian’s girlfriend, Kara, while Riley and Rian argued about football teams. Zack was just sitting around, staring at Melanie like she was the brightest star in the whole solar system. Adrienne had taken the spot on one of the loveseats, taking in her surroundings. She preferred to observe and check into conversations here and there.

Alex plopped down next to her with another slice of pizza. Adrienne had lost count of how many he’d had long ago; boys simply had bottomless pits for stomachs. She actually envied that he could eat so much and still manage to maintain the same weight.

“So how was your first week?” he asked after he swallowed his first bite.

Adrienne sighed and crossed her leg. “Horrible. It’s like I’ve never danced before. Mrs. Reynard worked us so hard, my whole body aches.”

“So if I were to punch you in the thigh, it’s going to really hurt?” Alex made a fist.

“Oh I don’t know, Alex. Would it hurt if I elbowed you in the groin?” Adrienne lifted her arm, ready to go through with her threat.

Alex chuckled, raising his free hand in surrender. “I’m kidding, just kidding.” He took another bite of pizza.

“I’m actually excited, though,” Adrienne sat up, stealing a pepperoni from his plate. “We’re going to have two big performances; the Christmas Banquet and the Senior Showcase.”

“What’s the Senior Showcase?” Alex asked, sincerely curious.

“It’s the most crucial performance for a senior. Scouts from the best colleges, including Julliard, come out to get first pick. Senior Showcase is worth seventy-five percent of your college application,” Adrienne explained. “Anyone who dreams of getting into a great college has to nail their performance...”

Alex smiled as Adrienne continued her explanation. Alex wouldn’t tell anyone, but he actually enjoyed talking to Adrienne about her dancing because he loved how she lit up at the mere mention of her career choice. It was endearing, watching her speak with such passion. So he sat back and settled in for a nice, long conversation with the girl he had a soft spot for.


Sorry I took so long... thanks to Beautifulbreakdown for reminding me that I needed to update.

Hope you guys are still with me.


ah! I'm so glad you updated!! :)
I promise to work on it! I just kinda got stumped in an area.... but I'll see what I can do in the next couple of hours.
Jecca Jecca
I really miss this story :(
dun dun dun ... please update soon!
Hi i just started to read this and i love it! Update soon!
Sierraye Sierraye