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Just For A Moment

Facebook Creates Problems

Zack scrolled through his timeline, thankful that Matt had chosen a venue with a steady internet connection. Not that Matt was the least bit worried about whether any of the band members had the luxury of high speed internet. Still, it was nice. Going on tour with very few opportunities to check his email or Facebook left him feeling a bit… well, disconnected. Sure he had his phone, but it didn’t compare.

There were still a few hours to kill before the show and surprisingly, Zack was more than okay with spending that time on his laptop catching up with his friends back home in Baltimore.

Most of his friends’ posts were pictures from Friday’s big party. He felt a twinge of jealousy that he wasn’t there, but it passed as he remembered why; Friday night he was doing what he loved: performing.

He happened upon a picture of his high school crush, Melanie Watson. She was still the prettiest girl he’d seen and if he was honest, he still had that crush on her. Tall, blonde, and slender, she was one of the sweetest girls despite being the most popular. He clicked on her profile link and waited patiently as the page loaded. He drummed his fingers lightly on the table, wondering if he could pluck up enough courage to message her. Eh, probably not.

Still, he navigated through her photo albums, smiling to himself. However, the most recent album caught his eye; the cover photo in particular, the one with both Melanie and another girl who seemed familiar.

Melanie was throwing the peace sign and her megawatt smile next to a significantly shorter brunette who had big, round, blue eyes and a smile just as big as Melanie’s. This girl, he knew. He knew her fairly well, but he hadn’t seen or heard from her in over three years. Zack hovered over the brunette’s face and her name popped up.

The slam of a door took his gaze away from the computer screen and to his band mates. Rian was already warming up; drumsticks in one hand and drum plate in the other. Jack and Alex were having an intense discussion regarding the newest Batman movie.

“Hey Alex,” Zack interrupted. “Do you remember that girl you dated like three or four years ago?” Alex looked over at the bass player and fixed him with a glare.

“Dude, important conversation happening in this room,” Alex told him.

Zack ignored the look and asked again, “What was the name of that girl you were with?”

“What, you mean Adrienne?” Alex rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly as he looked over at Rian. Rian fixed him with a glare, his big brother instinct kicking into full gear again, even after all these years.

Zack nodded, looking at the photo again. He clicked on Adrienne’s profile link. “Adrienne Martin?” he clarified and turned the screen toward Alex.

“Y-yeah that was, I mean that is, her,” Alex stared at the screen. There she was; his ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Martin. Alex bit his lip. The last time he’d seen her, he’d broken her heart.

“Have you even talked to her again, you know after everything?” Jack asked, grabbing an apple out of the fruit basket in the middle of the table and plopping down on the couch next to Zack. He watched as Zack clicked through the pictures on Adrienne’s Facebook page. “She was pretty hot.”

“Shut up, Jack,” Alex snapped at him. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Rian scoffed, finally voicing his opinion. “Right, nothing happened. That’s why the break up scene went oh so well.”

“You shut up too, Rian,” Alex growled.

“No,” Rian said. “I know what happened and it wasn’t ‘nothing’.”

“Just because you and her were tight doesn’t mean that you know what happened!” Alex snapped. It annoyed him to no end that his ex and Rian were so damn close. “Just leave it at nothing happened. It was a long time ago.”

“Okay, lighten up guys.” Jack tried to ease the tension.

“It’s not that easy,” Alex muttered. “It’s actually really complicated.”

“Yeah, I’d imagine being engaged to someone and calling it off because the ex you still loved decided to show up again would be complicated,” Rian muttered.

Alex glared at Rian and threw a pillow at him. “Just shut the fuck up Rian.”

He hated talking about this. He’d heard enough shit about it to last him a lifetime; it wasn’t exactly his most crowning achievement. “Like I said, leave it at nothing happened.”

Zack and Jack suddenly sat up staring intently at the computer screen. “Alex?”

“What, Jack?” Alex asked frustrated.

“You broke up with her like four years ago, didn’t you?” Jack asked cautiously.

“Almost four, it was actually three and a half years ago,” Alex answered, pulling out his phone to occupy himself.

Jack and Zack exchanged a look. “I don’t think you can just leave it at ‘nothing happened’,” Zack said as he stood up.

“And why not?” Alex asked with irritation. He was really trying to keep his cool and not punch someone out, but it was getting really hard.

Zack didn’t answer; instead he thrust the laptop into Alex’s hands.

Alex stared at the screen studying the photo glaring back at him. It was of a little boy and Adrienne sitting at the table with a birthday cake in front of them. His stomach dropped as he read the caption.

“Happy 3rd birthday to my little man. I’m glad I got the chance to be your mommy.”

“Holy shit,” Alex whispered. “No fucking way.”


So for some reason, this idea keeps running around my head. I actually wanted to try this out. So please if you love me at all or any of my writing, please let me know what you think!

I'm adding this here in the hope that it'll find it's home here.


ah! I'm so glad you updated!! :)
I promise to work on it! I just kinda got stumped in an area.... but I'll see what I can do in the next couple of hours.
Jecca Jecca
I really miss this story :(
dun dun dun ... please update soon!
Hi i just started to read this and i love it! Update soon!
Sierraye Sierraye