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Guardian Angel


There's not too much to say here. If you've noticed that I don't really update this story, it's because
a) it's not my main priority. I have another story on wattpad right now (that I've been thinking about posting here) and I'd rather finish that story before starting a new one. I just really loved the idea of this story, because it's probably the most creative plot I've come up with, and I couldn't wait to start writing it at the time.
I loved that it was set in a forest, because my spiritual path is based entirely on nature and worshipping nature and all that jazz.
Also, although I'm wiccan and not Catholic, I still loved the idea of an amish community. I've always been fascinated with these peoples' lifestyle and just their religion in general. Truthfully, all religions fascinate me.
Furthermore, if there's one thing you know about me, it's that I like ghosts. I'd never written a story with ghosts before and so the idea had me excited.
However, even with all those reasonings, I still love my other book on wattpad even more. That one has always had my heart and a lot of it is based on my own personal experiences. I'm just much more dedicated to that story than I am to this one.

b) I never fully planned out this story. Jack was supposed to be a cruel man with good intentions, and Alex was supposed to hate him. And yet so far, they've been getting along fine. The only person who really doesn't trust him is Jasey, and she was actually supposed to have hope for him.
Secondly, I have no idea how I'm supposed to introduce any of the characters. When does Mariposa come in? When do the ghost twins make an appearance and how? I just don't know. And so, I should've planned this story a little better before writing it without a concrete idea about what will happen, how it will happen, etc etc.

I just noticed that I could've summed this up with just being unmotivated and confused, and instead dragged it out... Oops, sorry :P

I do plan on continuing this story, just not right now. I'll probably delete it, and then when I'm finished my other story or at least have a plan for this one, I'll re-write it and upload it again. I just don't want to give any readers a shit, unoriginal story. And so far, what this fanfic looks like so far just doesn't meet the criteria.



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