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Guardian Angel

Prologue||Defame Me

With you or without you
Misfortune finds its way
you're with me, or against me
I refuse to wait
I wound giving everything and now
I want nothing to do with you
Now you're choking on your words

From the minute I first saw him, I actually trusted him. I trusted that he would help me and Alex, and that he would be consoling and kind. Truthfully, I had always been hard on him, especially when I first laid eyes on him. But how could I not be? I was supposed to be the guardian angel of Alex. But regardless, I kept an open mind.

But my good thoughts and his good intentions would only last a few hours a day. He constantly made my lover feel awful, and would cause him to act up and become angry. But then, he would pin the blame on him.

Well, if you could just do as I say...

well, if you could just behave...

well, if you hadn't of said this...

AndI'd become so angry, so livid, so enraged. I wanted to throw him off a building, snap his neck, drown him, anything so that he could pay for the way he made Alex feel. He was a hypocrite, a narcissist, a bully, and he thought he was a saint. He couldn't understand why Alex was so sad, angry at him, and even hated him. He didn't think he had done anything wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint either. I know that part of the reason that Alex wishes to die is because of me. If I hadn't done what I had done, none of this would've happened. If it weren't for me, Alex would have never met him, and his skin wouldn't be littered with new, self-inflicted scars, placed over old scars of his past.

I admit that that was all my fault, but I was paying my price. But to pay my price, I have to make him pay his price as well.

I had never killed a man before, but what I didn't realize is that when you die, everyone who's ever loved you dies with you.


So I don't usually write fanfiction, I just kind of read it. And this story wasn't actually a fanfiction when I first started writing it. All I'm doing is changing the names of the characters, except for Jasey, Leda, Avea and Lilly.

i hope you guys will give this story a chance! I know that this prologue is short, but I promise you that the chapters will get longer. Have a good day, ya'll


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