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Eve Black and Alex Gaskarth were friends for years, until they went to different schools. What happens to the two when they meet again?

Eve Black is a girl who misses her friend but no longer dwells on it. She's taken on drawing and writing.

Alex Gaskarth also misses his old friend. He still remembers all the fun they had together. But he's become sucked into music and sings in a band he made with his friends.


Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

17, singer and rhythm guitarist in All Time Low, knew Eve when they were younger, misses the times they had together, became best friends with Jack when he transferred to Dulaney

Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope

17, a true sweetheart, helps Rian keep the guys in check, she's made it her mission to reunite Alex and Eve, is dating Rian

Dakota Kingsley

Dakota Kingsley

17, loves going to parties, kind of wild but knows when to tone it down, sarcastic and dirty minded, wants to play guitar for a band but can't find anyone to be part of it, best friend to Eve since middle school and has yet to meet the Alex she's heard so much about

Eve Black

Eve Black

17, misses her old best friend, writes beautiful stories and has a talent for drawing, she keeps to herself most of the time and isn't one for socialization, has a best friend by the name of Dakota

Jack Barakat

Jack Barakat

17, lead guitarist in All Time Low, a huge goofball, loves partying all the time, has been best friends with Alex since 9th grade, kind of a womanizer

Rian Dawson

Rian Dawson

17, has a really bright smile, drummer for All Time Low, is the sane one of the four, always looks for logic in complicated situations, dating Cassadee

Zack Merrick

Zack Merrick

17, bassist in All Time Low, the quieter one of the four, has a lot to say when the situation calls for it, becomes a brother figure to Eve, has a thing for Dakota



Haha, that's okay. No rush. :)

Nanook Nanook

I'll do my best to not make it another 5 months before I update lol

Daydreamers Daydreamers

Yay, an update! :D
Haha, I always find it funny with the disclaimers in the author's note. XD A lot of people make sure to do that. So no worries girl, you're not the first person to do this particular aspect in your story and feel differently. :P
It was sweet how Alex knew to get out of there and stood by Eve's side. <3
And aww... the star-crossed love. :'( I hope they realize things soon, I imagine it'll be so cute when they finally get together. :D Because they're so cute now, so... yeah. :)
Great job with the update! Hope to see more soon. :)

Nanook Nanook

lol, was thrown for a bit of a loop when I saw that this was updated. XD But glad to see you're back! I am still here reading if this continues. :)
Hmm... Alex just needs to work up the nerve to ask Eve to be his. That probably won't happen for a while though, sigh. :/
Interested in seeing what happens next!

Nanook Nanook

Oh gotcha, it's great that you do that when you can. :)

Nanook Nanook