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Dawn Fox is the singer and bassist of the popular band Lunatics and Love. Her fans see her as a silly and childish 24 year old. The thing is is that she isn't all that happy. Yes, she really is a goofball, but that doesn't mean that she is that happy. She can't get over her ex. They haven't been together for 6 years, but for some reason, she still hasn't forgotten. She's never even had another boyfriend. In fact, she refuses to even look at other guys that way. She only thinks about him. She only writes songs about him. The fact that she ruined there relationship makes her even more upset. She went back to carving into her arm. Her sister is the only one that knows, and Dawn wants to keep it that way. She doesn't want anyone to know about her past.

Dawn and her band are now about to go on tour. What's the problem? The problem is is that so is her ex, Jack Barakat. What will this do to her life? Will they end back up together, and if they do, what problems with they have to overcome?

This is completely fictional. I don't know All Time Low. I wish I did but I don't. Lol.
I do own Lunatics and Love and the idea of this story.
If you're wondering, Dawn is based on me, Carina is based on my sister, the character Leanna that will eventually be in it is my sister's friend, my bass really is named Zack ("A Party Song" was the first song that I learned, so I did it in Zack's honor), and I have carved into my arm with a calligraphy pen before and a mechanical pencil.
NO ONE SHOULD CUT OR CARVE INTO THEIR ARM!! I am not doing it anymore, but I wanted my character to still do it for the story.





PG-13 Romance

Jack Barakat/ OC Prequel to Time-Bomb


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Oh thanks! It's been forever since I've gotten comments or anything.
And I'm happy you like this one. It's not favorite, but it's forever there for me since it was my first ATL fic.
Oh and Idon't know if you've started the prequel but I got really stuck on it, but I have thought of just putting up all the info that wasn't explained. Ex. Why they hate Brittany so much

Anyway, thanks! :)

QueenDes QueenDes
This is my favourite fiction on this website ever
QueenDes QueenDes
This is seriously amazing!!
Dreamer182 Dreamer182