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Part Thirteen.

It had been three days since the incident at Jack's house and his two friends finding out about him being gay. Alex was silently freaking out because he didn't have anything for Jack's birthday on Friday and it was now Wednesday, he wanted to find something that Jack would love. He knew that he had to go shopping but with Jack living in his house it was hard to lie about where he was going."Maybe I can lie and say I'm going to get my meds"Alex thought to himself then realised Kathy had already gotten him a refill. Maybe a cd? Or new clothes since he didnt have any and was forced into wearing Alex's. Snapping out his thoughts when Rian grabbed his arm pulling him away from his locker and into the guys toilet finding Zack and Jack already waiting."What's going on?" Alex asked noticing how scared Jack looked and how panicked Zack was."Have you opened your locker yet?" Zack asked holding a sheet of crumpled paper, Rian and Jack also holding similar ones."No why? Will yous tell me what the hell is going on!" Alex said his voice raising slightly."Someone knows" Jack whispered looking Alex right in the eyes."No they can't! We haven't made it obvious, have we?" Alex asked now totally freaking out and the fact Rian was just standing there didn't help the situation."Fuck!" Alex said kicking one of the stalls and Jack grabbed his arm making him stop."What if they've put something in everyones locker and the full school finds out!" Zack said running a hand through his hair and Rian went to answer but the bell rang meaning they had to go to homeroom. Jack left first followed by Rian and Zack then Alex last, keeping his head down as he walked quickly through the corridor and walked into his class.As Alex walked into homeroom the whole class went from talking loudly to silent in under three seconds, he heard whispers all around him as he went to take his seat but saw Flyzik growling at him so he took the empty seat at the back. Listening to his ipod Alex tried to drown out the stares and whispers around him, feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket every few seconds was driving him mad. Pulling it out he had over 15 messages from Rian, Zack and Jack, sighing he opened them all to find them saying mostly the same thing only Zack's contained a lot more cursing. Hearing the bell Alex got up and watched as Dale (one of his team mates) tripped Jack up causing him to drop his maths textbook and phone, the rest if the class doubled over with laughter while anger rose up in Alex."Oh look here comes the boyfriend!" Dale cheered out as Alex picked up Jack's stuff and helped him up. Alex was about to say something back when Jack pulled him away out the class."Stop he isn't worth it" Jack said loudly enough for Dale to hear. Walking through the corridor with Jack was the worst expierence of his life (not because Jack was beside him) everyone staring, pointing, whispering and the occasional asshole shouting 'fag' or 'freak'Alex watched as Jack walked away from his since he was in maths and Alex was in chemistry. Walking into the class Alex pratically ran to sit in his seat next to Rian, Zack came in a minute after sitting down at his place and watched the guy move so there was a meter of space between them."Problem?" Zack growled at some boy Alex thought was named Jordan."Yeah I don't want to be near a fag like you" He spat looking at Zack with disgust, Zack did nothing but smirk at Jordan and went on ignoring him." How bad have yous got it?" Rian asked as they were doing an experiment and Zack had also joined there group."Just whispers, getting names shouted at us, stares but Dale tripped Jack up at the end if homeroom" Alex sighed not caring about molecules or atoms right now."What about yous?" He asked and Rian nodded."We got the same apart from the tripping" Zack said filling out the sheet and a thought just came to Alex, Jack was alone in maths while the three of them where here. No one would stick up for him if he got abuse and knowing Jack's history he won't handle it well."Alex what is it?" Rian asked placing a hand on his friends sholder earning a glare from Jordan."Jack's alone in maths alone with no one" Alex said and concern appeared on both boys faces."Ask out the last five minutes and run to his class" Rian suggested but knew there was no way the teacher would let him out. The rest of the day consisted of people shouting abuse at them as they all sat together at lunch and Alex got slammed into his locker off six random people a few of them in the years below him. Zack wasn't allowed to shower after his basketball match, Jack had paper thrown at him during every class and Rian was asked to practice in the single drum room alone during music. Alex really didn't know how he day could manage to get any worse." Who do you think it was?" Jack asked as they made their way back to the house and Alex shrugged."I honestly have no idea, I thought we had done a good job of hiding it in school" He said pulling into the garage and noticed there was another car in his space, Alex knew that car anywhere."Lex?" Jack asked quietly shaking him slightly."My parents are back" Alex said looking at Jack and watched all the colour drain from his face."Do they know that you're-" Jack started but stopped seeing Alex shake his head and Jack nodded knowing this wasn't going to be a good night."They shouldn't be back for another six months" Alex said outloud mostly to himself."Look I can go home and wait till they leave, seriously Lex I've caused enough trouble already in your life"Jack stumbled out but Alex shook his head."The whole fucking school knows so they may as well have the pleasure of knowing as well and I want you beside me when I tell them" Alex said kissing Jack for the first time today but he felt sick with worry and panic, walking into the house Alex and Jack expected the worse.


this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
It's hard to read there being no paragraphs..
bleh bleh
Absolutely amazing. Make a sequel please.