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Part One.

Alex Gaskarth had his life laid out for him since he was born. Rich parents, school football star, high grades and could get into any college he wanted. Jack Barakat was the total opposite of Alex. His parents were divorced, his dad and sister hated him because he was gay, he was barely passing classes and was lucky to think of any future for himself. It was fair to say that both boys didn't give each other a second glance when in school, but today everything would change for the pair of them. "Gaskarth!" Alex turned to see his fellow team mate Zack Merrick shouting on him, he grinned and jogged down the hall to catch up with him. "Hey bro, you ready for the game this Friday because coach is going to kill me if we don't win" Alex said running a hand through his hair as he watched Zack chuckle shaking his head. "Don't worry we'll smash them" Zack said as he walked into homeroom grabbing his usual seat next to Alex and fellow team mate Matt or Flyzik as he called him, just then two boys stumbled into the room and Alex watched them. Dark skinnys, some band t-shirt, converse and the fact they high as fuck."Stoners" Flyzik scoffed as he watched the taller of the two break into a packet of chips, Alex shook his head he never understood why people would destroy themselves like that or why they hadn't been kicked out the school yet. Once homeroom was done Alex and Flyzik made their way to History which was the worst on a Monday morning, the teacher stood scowling as the students entered and Alex knew this lesson would be hell. "Great Mr Colin looks pissed today" Flyzik hissed as they watched their teacher slam textbooks down on the desks."Now since I'm sick of the lack of effort in this class and I've quite frankly had enough. So over the next two weeks you will work with a partner to make a presentation that you will show to me and the class, it can be on any topic we have covered and will count as half your final grade" Mr Colin said while writing what should be in the presentation on the board for his students to copy down, then someone cleared their throat."Can we pick our own partners?" A male voice asked from the back of the class, a few gasps sounded and Alex turned round in his chair to see who had spoke. It was a boy from his homeroom but he didn't know his name Jake or something like that, he mixed with the wrong crowd and it was pretty rare if the boy ever spoke in class, Mr Colin looked at him and sighed."No Mr Barakat, I will be assigning the partners" He said as a chorus of groans and protests sounded out around the class, even Alex hated being paired with someone he had never talked to."Enough!" Mr Colin said loudly and the whole class went silent, Mr Colin started going through his list pairing people off for the presentation and Alex wanted to kill Flyzik for getting Colussy. Flyzik turned giving Alex a smirk as he got up and walked over to Colussy, Alex sighed putting his head on the desk waiting to hear his fate. "Mr Gaskarth let's see if you can work with Mr Barakat" Mr Colin said smiling slightly as the bell went and Alex grabbed his bag suddenly hating history. "Sorry" A small voice sounded behind Alex and he turned to see a tall, slightly lanky boy standing in front of him. Barakat."For what?" Alex asked him confused while sending Zack a text to wait outside the locker room for him."Having to be my partner" The boy said kicking his feet slightly while Alex continued to text not even looking at him, the boy sighed and walked away mumbling a 'fuck this' under his breath. __So you're working with Jack Barakat! Fuck bro good luck" Zack said as they were sitting at their lunch table with Flyzik, Colussy and Rian Dawson, the other guys had decided to skip the last few classes."Why good luck?" Alex asked scrapping off half the sauce on his lunch with a napkin, making a mental note to tell Kathy not to put that much on next time."I had to work with him in Biology and fuck the guy doesn't talk and I swear he came into class at three times stoned!"Zack said his mouth half full of food, Alex grimaced as he watched his friend eat."Sure you just didn't scare him away Merrick" Rian laughed while Zack just flipped him off, Alex left the guys at the table as he went to go get some water and he couldn't help but cast a glance at where Jack was sitting. Alex found him sitting on the wall kicking his feet idly with a bottle of water in his hand, there was a group of guys a little further down from Jack and if he had been sitting a little closer to them it would look like he was part of that group."Fuck me" Alex sighed making his way through the lunch tables to where Jack was sitting."So.." He said breaking the silence watching as Jack jumped a little causing his water bottle to drop and roll next to Alex's converse."Sorry eh what do you want?" Jack said his voice so quiet it took Alex a minute to process what he had said."About this presentation thing I was wondering if you wanted to come by mines after school to get it started" Alex said knowing that probably Zack and the rest of the guys were watching him, Jack blushed and nodded."Okay well here, come by whenever after school" He said handing the boy a slip of paper with his address on it smiled at Jack and made his way back to his table."What are you doing?" Flyzik asked as soon as Alex sat down."Getting a start on the fucking presentation calm down bro, I only asked him to come over to mines" He said opening his water and taking a sip, he would never admit to the guys but he seen something he liked in Jack and couldn't wait for the end of the school day.


this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
It's hard to read there being no paragraphs..
bleh bleh
Absolutely amazing. Make a sequel please.