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10 Things I Hate About You

I Hate the Way You Talk to Me Part 2

I've been very close to my brothers, Tom and Alex. Unfortunately, when I was younger Tom commited suicide, which planted the seed of me being a bitch from time to time. I hold Alex very close, afraid that if I don't, he'll leave me like Tom left us. Alex feels the same way and became very protective of me, resulting in me having no dating life since by the time I introduce a guy I like to him, he scares them off.
But I began to understand that I have to be alone for Alex to feel content with me. But I can't stand being alone. But I act like a bitch to every guy I meet that flirts with me to keep them away. That way Alex can't scare them off.
But there is this one guy I'm dying over. His name is Austin and he's one of Alex's friends. Plus he's the screamer for my favorite band, Of Mice & Men. I met him once when Alex had me come out to visit him on a Warped Tour a few years back when Austin fronted Attack! Attack!. Since I met him, I started crushing on his sweet charm and his smile was amazing. Plus I loved his tattoos, freckles, and his dreamy eyes. But I never told Alex I liked him, because Austin was the one guy I wanted to date over any other.
"Ari, I'm home," Alex called from downstairs. He was coming home from a tour and a trip to the studio today.
"Lexy," I shouted as I came running. I leaped into his arms, happy to have him home again. I might be a bitch, but I love my brother to death.
"How has your songwriting gone," he asked once I released him.
"Okay, I've been getting at times, but I've managed to get some of my work out to their clients. I'm hoping to save up my money to get some studio time to record a demo. I want to get my name out there and actually become a solo artist and write my own songs instead of writing for others," I told him.
"You'll get your chance one day. You just have to keep working at it. I'll see about pulling a couple strings to get you studio time when I can," Alex said with his signature smile that I shared with him.
"You always say that, ever since I first asked back in 2008. You either forget to pull the strings or you get too busy with touring and with the band," I told him.
"I promise this time I'll get you your chance to get a demo made," Alex kissed my forehead.
Once Alex was settled in again, I called Bryce and invited her and Jack over. Ever since Alex and Jack became friends, Bryce and I became like sisters. Plus I was always there for her when she wanted to rant about Jack being a dick to her. I remember one time Alex scolded Jack for trying to get into my pants and Bryce found out and ripped him a new one. But that was way back in high school, before things got rough between Jack and Bryce.
"Arielle, I need a drink," Bryce plowed past Alex, who had greeted her and Jack. She went past me and grabbed a vodka bottle from the booze stash and chugged from the bottle.
"Alright, what happened this time," I asked her.
"Jack's getting coddled. He's going to be 24 in a month and a half and our mother still does his laundry," she complained.
"It can't be that bad. Cut him slack, he's working a lot with Alex and the guys since they left Interscope and they're all worried about what's going to happen next," I told her.
"That's still not a good excuse. And don't act like you have a perfect relationship with your brother either. You're 22 and he still treats you like you're 16," she snapped before drinking more of the vodka.
"My relationship with Alex is different than what you have with Jack. I know we're not the perfect brother and sister since he's now my boss and he's protective of me ever since Tom died, but we try to be friendly and we act like we're family," I told her. Alex and I do butt heads at times, but more often than not he always makes sure my feelings weren't too damaged in the end.
I guess my bitchiness is due to the fact that he coddles me and keeps me from growing up, because he did it a long time ago and took it upon himself to protect me. And right now I need a guy I can count on that isn't my brother. Maybe if the guys decide to join the next Warped Tour, I can see Austin again and take my chance at falling in love.


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