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I Can Taste Him On Your Lips


Family vists were never very fun for me. It envolved putting on nice, dressy clothes and heels so I can have my mother flock about me nit picking at every little detail.

So in a knee length red sundress that my mother had given me the year before along with a pair of small black wedges, I was ready to go sit through hell.

“You look beautiful.” Jason commented as we walked out the front door, him stopping to lock it, before getting into his car.

The drive took us just under an hour and it was spent with no conversation, only the radio playing to fill the car with sound.


“You sure have filled the dress out since you last wore it…” My mother commented as she hugged me hello. “You’re not pregnant are you?”

“No I’m not pregnant.” I huffed as I pulled away, crossing my arms over my chest lightly. “I don’t plan on having kids anytime soon.”

“Well there’s only so much time for these things to happen dear.” My aunt Carol said from where she was sitting on the front porch sipping on a glass of lemonade.

“I’m only 23!”

“Don’t argue honey.” Jason mummered as he put a hand on the small of my back, pushing me along lightly up the three steps.

“You do look a bit hippy.” Carol’s 17 year old daughter Samantha added.

“At least I’m not skinny as a twig.” I muttered to myself as I sat down across from the three vultures.

From inside of my purse my phone beeped signalling that I had received a message. I pulled it out and saw the sender was an unknown number.

I stole your number out of my mom’s phone so I could annoy you even when you’re not around ;)

I rolled my eyes at the message but smiled despite myself as I sent a quick reply before turning the beeper off.

“Who’re you talking to?” Samantha asked nosely, leaning forward to see the small screen.

“A friend of mine.” I said vaugly as I locked the touc screen, setting it face down on my lap so she couldn’t see.

I continued to talk with the women while Jason went off with my father and uncle to watch the football game that was on.

“How are things with the new house?” My mother asked.

“We’re settling in very well. It’s a nice neighborhood, and the people are very welcoming.” I said ignoring the buzzing of my phone against my thigh.

“We’ll need to come up sometime to see it for ourselves, that is if we ever get invited.”

I just smiled as I ignored the tone in her voice, and the now constant vibrating.

“Go ahead and answer that blasted thing dear, don’t let family get in the way of your social life.” Carol said in a bitter tone making me groan as I slid the bar over to answer.

“What do you want?” I asked in a hushed tone as I stood, smiling politely to the girls before walking down and off of the porch.

“Such a wonderful greeting love.” Alex’s cocky voice came through the speaker. “I’m working on some lyrics and I wanted a female opinion on them that’s not my mother’s because singing her a song about my feelings isnt something I try to make a habit of.”

“Why did it have to be my opinion? Don’t you have someone else you can call?” I said in a frustrated tone. “I’m currently in jaws of the beast at my parent’s house and I don’t need some cocky rockstar making them hate me even more.”

“So this is what I have so far,” He relpied ignoring everything I had just said. “They’re finding me out, I’m having my doubts, I’m losing the best of me-“

His smooth voice vibrated in my ear as he sang, with an acoustic guitar being strummed lightly in the background.

“-Dressed up as myself, to live in the shadow, of who I’m supposed to be.”

My skin tingled with goose bumps in the summer heat as I leaned against the side of the house.

“What do you think?” He asked, and I let out the breath I didn’t know I had been holding.

“It’s good… It’s really good.”

“I know,” He laughed taking on his cocky tone. “Go back to the jaws of the beast and try not to let it smell your fear.”

I laughed as I slid the bar the left to end the call shaking my head.

I was in some serious trouble.


Love it!!!!(:
Jewelian Jewelian
It's beautiful.
DrearyRose DrearyRose
yes perfect thank you for writing this glorious piece of fanfiction
taylex5eva taylex5eva