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I Can Taste Him On Your Lips


“Bye honey,” I said pecking Jason’s cheek just before he walked out the front door that early Monday morning, on his way to work up in New York for a few days before returning home like every week.

He only went up to New York for a few days a week, and the others he spent at home in his office. It was about half and half his working at home to working at the office ratio.

I liked this fact because that gave me a few days uninterrupted with Alex.

But, that thought often made me feel guilty. That while my husband was off working, to pay for the things that I have, I was fooling around with him behind his back.

But then again, Alex made me forget about all of the guilt when he was touching me.

Shaking my head at the thoughts I walked back into the kitchen where I had been making myself breakfast. I planned on spending the day alone, just me, myself, and maybe a good book to pass the time. It had been a while since I had had any ‘me time’ and I was starting to feel it.

And so after I finished my pancakes, I went up to my bedroom to strip down before climbing into a massive, bubble filled bath. Pressing my small ear buds into my ears I pressed play on my iPod and let the soft waves of music flow through me as I relaxed into the warm bubbles.

With the ear buds in, I didn’t hear the knocking at my door and I wouldn’t have known that anyone was there if it wasn’t for my phone suddenly buzzing on the ledge of the tub. I pulled the bud out of my right ear, but did not pause the music before answering.

“Hello?” I sighed into the device.

“Open your damn door woman.” Alex whined from the other end of the line.

“I’m busy, just let yourself in if you really need me that bad.” I said before hanging up, pressing the off button to shut off the device as to block any other unwanted interruptions off my relaxation day, and letting my body slip back down under the cover of the bubbles.

Leaving the bud out, I heard the front door open, and then Alex calling for me as to figure out where in the house I was. It took him a few minutes with my house being as small as it was, but he eventually found me with my eyes closed soaking in the warmth of my bath.

“Well don’t you look comfy,” He commented with a laugh.

“What did you need Alex?” I asked not opening my eyes.

“…I got bored.” He said, and I could just hear the pout in his voice.

“And what am I supposed to do?”

“Entertain me?”

I sighed once more but opened my eyes to see him standing there in the middle of the room rocking and forth on his heels, looking around, waiting for me to say something.

“I don’t plan on getting out of this tub.” I said getting his attention and bringing his eyes back to my face.

“Can I get in then?” He asked smirking.

I just shrugged and slid back into a sitting position to make room for him down at the bottom by my feet, making his let out an excited giggle before stripping his clothes of quickly and slipping in.

“Oh it’s warm and bubbly.” He laughed capturing a handful of suds and bringing them up close to his face before blowing them at me.

I laughed despite myself and did the same thing, blowing the suds back at him.

After us playing around for about ten minutes and changing positions, I found myself leaning with my back against Alex’s chest as he played with my hair absentmindedly. I still had one of my ear buds in my left ear, but the right one now sat in Alex’s as I finally got to start relaxing again.

“It’s been so long since I’ve taken a bath…” He commented after a few minutes of silence between us with only the music playing.

“Mhmm. I never have the time what with you keeping me busy when Jason isn’t around.” I mumbled, snuggling deeper back into his chest and letting out a content sigh.

“So you never take romantic bubble baths with him?”

“Nope, he’s not one for baths, or bubbles for that matter.”

“Man doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

“Mhmm.” I hummed again as I felt like sleep would overtake me at any minute.

“Are you going to just fall asleep on me here or do you want to actually go lay in your bed?” Alex asked making me peek open my eyes to look at him.

“Bed sounds nice.” I mumbled removing my bud, him doing the same, before turning off my iPod and climbing out of the now lukewarm water. I wrapped a fluffy white towel around myself before passing another similar one over to Alex which he merely wrapped around his waist.

I dried some of the stray beads of water off of my skin before dropping the towel and moving to go get clean panties and a bra while Alex stayed behind to pull on his boxers once more.

Just as I was slipping under the ice cold covers Alex entered the room, moving over to Jason’s side of the bed before climbing under the covers. I rolled over just until my body collided with his before cuddling deep into his side, eyes already dropping with tiredness.

“It’s been so long since I’ve taken a nice afternoon nap after a bubble bath…” Alex commented making me chuckle lightly, just before sleep overtook me.

All while Alex and Christine were snuggled up around each other, just holding one another, Jason was trying to call his wife to see how her day had been as it was closing in around dinner time, much later than either of the sleeping figures had realized. With her phone going straight to voicemail even after his third or fourth call, Jason sighed, putting down the phone and sitting down on the bed of his hotel room. He tangled his hands in his short brown hair trying to wonder why it was that his wife was drifting away from him.

He knew that he was losing her, but he did not know why or even who was causing his lose.

He certainly did not suspect that it was a tall caramel haired singer that was taking his wife from him.


Love it!!!!(:
Jewelian Jewelian
It's beautiful.
DrearyRose DrearyRose
yes perfect thank you for writing this glorious piece of fanfiction
taylex5eva taylex5eva