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I Can Taste Him On Your Lips


I ground was cold and wet from the rain that had pelted down earlier in the day, and I was attempting to carry in groceries after a rough and awkward (for me at least) trip to the store with Jason. I had my arms loaded with the last few bags, and as I was going up the driveway I hit a puddle of water making me skid and start to tumble backwards.

I yelped loudly as I crashed into something hard, but it wasn’t the ground.

“Are you okay?” He asked from behind me as he helped me back onto my feet, away from the puddle.

“Yeah I think so.” I said with a shaky breath. “Thanks for catching me.”

“No problem. I’m Zack.” He said holding out a hand for me to shake, like a gentleman.

“I’m Christine. Aren’t you Alex’s bassist?” I asked as I shook it lightly, his face seeming familiar to me from the video I had seen over a week beforehand.

“The very same.” He laughed. “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to be the cupcake would you?”

My face heated up when he said that, clearing my throat awkwardly as I remembered the day before in the kitchen.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Jack hasn’t shut up about the pretty cupcake that Alex was feeling up.”

I heard the door behind me open, and Jason emerged, coming to see what was taking me so long.

“You alright honey?” He asked as he approached.

“Yes.” I assured him. “I slipped and he was so kind as to catch me before I caused any damage to myself. He knows Peter and Isobel.”

Jason turned his attention to Zack who looked a bit pink in cheeks.

“Thank you for that then. I’m Jason, Christine’s husband.” He said offering a hand as Zack had done before.

“Zack Merrick.” He replied, shaking his hand lightly as he was giving me a sideways look of confusion.

“Jason, will you carry these in for me?” I asked, handing the bags over to his waiting arms.

After he had walked back into the house, the question that I knew was coming was asked.

“Wait you’re married?” Zack asked shocked as he looked down at my left hand, taking in the thin golden band.

I just nodded, biting away at my lip guiltily.

“I have to go help Jason with the groceries,” I said to get myself away from the questions.

Down the street just five minutes later, Zack burst into Alex’s front door, finding the singer as well as the other guitarist sitting on the couch playing video games.

“Are you seriously messing around with a married woman?” He asked, making Alex’s head whip around at the sound of Zack’s voice.

“I just ran into Christine down the street not too long ago, and I got to meet her husband.”

“Wait cupcake is married?” Jack asked, looking to Alex just as confused as Zack was.

The singer groaned, sitting up and letting his head drop into his hands.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen.” He tried to explain. “I didn’t have intentions of that happening, but it just did.”

“I thought you were done with that shit, after what happened with Lisa.”

“I was, I am!” Alex said trying to convince his friends that what he was saying was the truth. “I don’t plan on anything else happening with Chris anytime soon.”

That was the lie that made him a liar.


Love it!!!!(:
Jewelian Jewelian
It's beautiful.
DrearyRose DrearyRose
yes perfect thank you for writing this glorious piece of fanfiction
taylex5eva taylex5eva