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Do You Want Me, Undead?


Having just turned 21, life was finally going okay for Lucy Hall. Now all she wanted to do was see All Time Low for the first time with her best friend, not get caught in a zombie apocalypse. She makes it out with the band and crew, the very band she all but worshiped. Feelings start to form and dangers arise. A zombie infested world is a hard place for love to survive. Can Lucy and Alex survive long enough to do something about the bond forming between them?


  1. Chapter 1

    Finally posting this story on here.

  2. Chapter 2

  3. Chapter 3

  4. Chapter 4

  5. Chapter 5

    there is a death in this chapter...

  6. Chapter 6

  7. Chapter 7

  8. Chapter 8

  9. Chapter 9

  10. Chapter 10

  11. Chapter 11

  12. Chapter 12

  13. Chapter 13

  14. Chapter 14

  15. Chapter 15

  16. Chapter 16

    There is some sadness..

  17. Chapter 17

    There's another death :/

  18. Chapter 18

  19. Chapter 19

    Looong chapter :)


omg vic and mike and
they would have reconized them

shadybabii shadybabii

awh. dont worry about it! take your time :)
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie
Unfortunately, i don't even have the next chapter halfway written :( i've been super busy and i've had writers block and just not much inspiration to write. I'll try to get something up by later today or tomorrow up but no promises :/
earthtotiffie earthtotiffie
Aww that is good, I'm right enjoying myself reading all this :D