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Jalex Exsisted

Jalex Exsisted

‘So Jacky what do you fancy for lunch today?’ Alex practically yelled in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my neck.

‘Um I’m not really that hungry right now lexy. You and the guys go get something, I think I’m gonna go lie down’ I sighed.

‘Oh are you okay Jacky? Now you mention it you don’t look to good! You sure you don’t want me to stay with you?’ He cooed at me in a patronising voice. He worries far too much and asks far too many questions.

‘Honestly Lex its fine! Go get some lunch and I’ll see you later’ I smiled politely at him. I could see a small frown forming on his face.

‘Oh alright! I guess I’ll see you later then’ He sighed before placing a soft kiss on my lips and leaving the room.

Finally! Alex is gone. Now I know you must be thinking that sounds really horrible but trust me its not. I mean I love Alex I really do but things have been different lately, Jalex has lost its spark, its no fun anymore and I just don’t have the heart to tell him. I need abit of fun in my life, something or someone to spice it up a little. I decided now would be the perfect time to spend some alone time just me and my hand down my pants because with Alex around it’s becoming pretty impossible to do so. I was just about to get started when my phone buzzed. Damn. It was probably Alex checking up on me to make sure I’m okay. Boy was I wrong.

‘Unknown Number:

Hello Jacky baby ;)’

Who on earth would send me a text message like that? A fan maybe? Nahh it couldn’t be a fan because the only people who have my number are family and close friends. It’s definitely not Alex because I have his number. Maybe this is the kinda fun I’ve been looking for. Someone has answered my prayers. A little harmless sexting wont kill anyone.


Hello sexy ;)’

That’s it play it cool Jack. You don’t want to seem to eager I thought to myself.

‘Unknown Number:

What are you wearing? ;)’

Why do they want to know what I’m wearing? That’s abit odd but I suppose I should just go with it!


Nothing but boxers babe ;) What are you wearing?’

‘Unknown Number:

Just a pair of skinny jeans ;)’

I was imagining nothing but a hot girl in nothing but a pair of tight skinny jeans and I could feel myself stiffen at the thought. My palms were getting sweaty with anticipation.


Take them off for me ;)’

Now I had a mental image of that same hot girl, she had dirty blonde hair and she was lying on a bed.

‘Unknown Number:

Done ;) Now what do you want to do baby? ;)’

Back to that mental image my mind goes except this time she is naked and suggestive.

‘Jack: Describe what you would do to me ;)’

Just thinking about all the things she could possibly do to me causing me to harden again. Hurry up with the next text I thought! I can’t take it any longer.

‘Unknown Number:

First off I’m gonna crawl on top of you and rub my ass up and down your nice hard cock, then I’m gonna place soft little kisses from your neck down to your happy trail, then I’m gonna take your dick carefully in my hands and rub up and down on it before placing it in my mouth to suck on it swirling my tongue around the head ;)’

HOLY SHIT. That’s hot. My imagination is running wild. I take my dick in my hand and begin to thrust up and down on it whilst writing my reply.


And then what are you going to do? ;)’

Soft moans escaped my lips as I imagined everything she desrcribed In more vivid detail.

‘Unknown Number:

Then I want to feel you inside of me, hard and fast ;)’
I bucked my hips and moaned in pleasure as my thumb flicked over the slit. I started to thrust faster, forgetting to reply.

‘Unknown Number:

Do you like that baby? ;) come find me, Room 394, I’ll be waiting ;)’

I quickly finished what I was doing and got dressed making my way to the lift. I had to find room 394 and I had to find out who it was sending me those dirty texts that really got me going.

I made it to the top floor and walked along the hallway.

‘390, 391, 392’ I counted as I skipped along.

Eventually I reached 394. I turned the door handle expecting it to be locked but the door just swung open. I took a carefull step inside shutting the door behind me.

‘Hello?’ I yelled but there was nothing but silence throughout the whole room.

I felt a pair of hands reach round and cover my mouth. As they moved their body closer I was frozen to the spot.

‘Turn around Jack’ they whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes as I turned around to face them.


Surprise Sex.

I was very surprised to find out that the mystery person sending me the dirty text messages was none other than our FOH Evan Kirkendall.

‘Evan?! You are the one who keeps sending me those dirty texts?!’ I asked in a surprised sort of tone.

‘I sure am’ He replied sending a wink in my direction.

‘But why?!’ I asked.

‘Well, I was bored, I had your number and I have always had a little thing for you but I can never get the chance to do anything about it because Alex is always up your arse’ he sighed.

‘Well you have the chance now, Are you going to take it?’ I smirked at him.

‘What are you suggesting Barakat?’ He smirked back.

‘Well I’m suggesting that we have sex, if you think you can handle it’ I winked at him.

‘Bring it on Barakat!’ He giggled at me.

Within a second I had him pushed up against the wall and I began to kiss him lightly on the lips leaving him wanting more. I worked my way down to his neck and began to leave soft kisses all along it until I found his soft spot causing him to let out a small groan. I was about to push my hands up his shirt when there was a loud knock on the door. I placed my fingers to Evans lips and commanded him to shh.

‘Evan are you in there buddy?!’ The voice was Flyzik. We both stayed quite in the hopes he might go away.

‘Alright dude if your not in or just ignoring me then fine I’ll drop by later.’ He called again.

I removed my fingers from Evan’s lips and we both burst into a fit of laughter.

‘Oh that was a close one’ I giggled.

‘Yeah it was, Now where were we’ Evan winked.

Think You Can Handle 3rd Base?

I placed my hands up Evan’s shirt and carefully lifted it over his head revealing his soft flat tummy. I began to place little kisses all the way down from his neck to his happy trail causing him to let out a small groan.

‘You like that?’ I giggled and continued what I had started.

‘Mhm’ he mumbled quietly, biting his lip to suppress his moans.

I put my hands on his hips and pulled him towards me locking our lips in the process. He pushed me backwards and I landed on the bed with him sitting on top of me.

‘Well hello’ He smirked down at me, giggling a little.

He began to rub his ass over my clothed crotch creating a sensational friction and causing me to moan softly. He stopped and unbuckled the belt on my jeans pulling it out and flinging it onto the floor. He fumbled with the button on my jeans before pulling them down and taking my boxers down along with them.

‘mm you’re so hard Jack, did I do that?’ He smirked at me again.

‘ugh Evan touch me’ I groaned.

‘your wish is my command’ He smirked down at me.
He wrapped his hand tightly around my dick and began to rub hard and fast flicking his thumb over the slit. I bucked my hips up slightly and watched as Evan thrust with a face of sheer concentration. I couldn’t help but let out a small giggle at how much he was concentrating but my giggles were soon followed by soft breathy moans as he thrust faster and flicked his thumb over my slit for the millionth time.

‘Shit Evan, If you keep doing that I don’t think I will last much longer’ I managed to breathe out quietly.

Evan gave me and understanding look and climbed of the bed taking off his own clothes and placing them in a neat pile on the floor, making me laugh because even when he was just about to have sex he still had to be a neat freak. Evan climbed back onto bed and straddled my hips carefully and leaned in to kiss me softly, running his tongue across my bottom lip. I parted my lips slightly and allowed him entrance. Our tongues danced against each other as we moaned softly into each others mouths. I wanted this, I needed this.

Evan lifted his ass of my legs carefully and slowly sunk himself down onto my dick staying still for a moment to get used to the intrusion. Once he felt comfortable I placed my hands on his hips and began to thrust him up and down building a slow steady rhythm. He leaned down and began placing little kisses down my neck and began sucking and biting gently on my soft spot causing me to let out soft moans and thrust him up and down faster. I let go of his hips and wrapped a hand around my dick and began to rub it fast but Evan moved my hand out of the way and replaced it with his own soft warm one rubbing fast and flicking his thumb over the slit on the way up.

‘H-holy fuck E-evan that f-feels sooo g-good’ I stuttered out breathily.

Evan just smirked at me and pushed himself up and down harder causing me to buck up my hips as he rubbed my dick faster and let out a loud moan. I bucked my hips up hard again and slammed myself dead on into Evan’s prostate causing him to moan my name loudly.

‘O-oh my g-god Jack’ He moaned quietly earning a smirk from me as I bucked my hips up again repeating the same action as before watching Evan carefully as he threw his head back and moaned in pleasure. We repeated the same actions a few more times and Evan’s thrust were beginning to get sloppy signalling to me that he wad ready to explode and god his moans were making me ready too.

‘J-jack I’m c-close, so c-close’ He moaned breathily and quietly.

‘C-cum for me b-baby’ I smirked at him as I slammed myself hard into his prostate again and moaned softly

He pushed himself down onto me hard one last time and came hard all over our tummy’s and let out a soft moan followed by a string of curses and moans of my name. Shit that was hot. I pushed my hips up one last time and came hard inside of Evan and moaned softly, riding out my orgasm.

Evan climbed back off and rolled over so he was lying beside me in bed and he turned to face me and smiled widely.

‘You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that and it was so much better than I imagined’ He giggled softly.

‘Well lets just say I never expected to ever have sex with you Evan! And I didn’t expect you to be good at it either- I laughed at him.

‘Just one thing though, We can’t tell Alex about this! It will break that poor boys heart’ I sighed quietly

Evan nodded in agreement and sighed quietly pulling the covers over our naked bodys.

‘it will be our secret Jack, Our secret sex.’ He smiled at me before rolling over and shutting his eyes to fall asleep and I don’t blame him! I was tired too.

I closed my eyes gently and cuddled up to Evans side and fell asleep yawning softly, smiling weakly as I lay there peacefully.

‘Think you could handle round 2 sometime?’ I giggled quietly in Evan’s ear.

Evan smiled in his sleep so I took that as a yes and giggled quietly joining him in his peaceful rest.


This is just a one shot! so there will be no more chapters! I might do a follow up though :)

Tash x


Oh wow!