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All Is Lost


I have only one thing to say about last night. PER-FEC-TION. I got to spend the whole night listening to some of my all time favourite songs AND I got to catch up with Jack. Oh yeah, and we managed to meet the band, amazeballs!

I called him this morning. I don't think Jack was too happy to be disturbed judging by the tone of his voice. He said he was just tired and he's meeting up with Rian and Zack later. To be honest I haven't seen Rian and Zack for a few months now. I asked if I could come along.

Purely for Rian and Zack of course. He said yes and we agreed to meet at the coffee shop near to my apartment. So it's now 11am and I'm meeting Jack in five minutes. I grabbed my coat and ran out of the house and around the corner. I saw Jack standing there with a hoodie on and two coffee's. Bless his little cotton socks!
"Hey Alex." He held out the coffee cup. He doesn't seem himself today... He looks... Depressed. Then it dawned on me.
"Post concert depression?" He nodded and smiled slightly.
"You remembered!" How could I forget? He's always been a sucker for it! Ever since our first link concert... And the... Events...

"SEXY!" Jack whistled as I changed my shirt to the Blink 182 one I'd just brought.
"I know. I'm beautiful!" I pulled a face and he laughed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the crowd. we jumped around for the whole of the sit and by the end both of us were breathless.

"I can not believe how... FLAWLESS THEY ARE!" Jack sung I miss you the whole way home and when I phoned him the next day he was down in the dumps.

Completely outta character.


Omg this is amazing!!!