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All Is Lost


It's probably not safe for me to be this excited. But I still remember the first time I went to see Blink live! It was with Lex of course! We were conjoined back then! Naturally,things changed. He's frosty.

Kinda like an old man. His eyebrows add to that effect I guess.

Anyway! The first ever concert I went to! Blink 182! The best concert I've ever been to as well!

I got ready in a rush. Alex had promised he had good plans. Ones I would never expect. I knew Blink were touring back then I was practically stalking the band. Tickets had sold out long before I could get my hands on them. I was gutted but Alex managed to keep my mind off it by just being around... 24/7.

I was confused as to why he wanted to meet me so early. 9am on a Saturday! Usually I don't wake up until about 3... pm. He'd told me to meet him outside our schools gates so I did. I was on time as well! He grabbed my hand and he pulled me down two blocks of houses wordlessly. I had no idea where we were going. When we reached the corner there was a queue of people waiting to see Blink 182. Alex stood at the back of the queue with me and watched me with curiosity.
"have you guessed my surprise yet!?" he grinned. I was in disbelief for about half an hour after.

"I can't believe it! This is going to be amazing! And this time I don't have to get other people to buy my drinks! I'm legal now!" Alex laughed and took me to the other side of the venue. "Alex? Where are we going?" The queue was at the other side! What was he playing at!? Does he want to miss out.
"Well... You remember Matt Flyzik of course?" I nodded. Matt was one of the few people I know we both stayed in contact with after our... Split. "He's touring with a band yeah!? I nodded. "A band that just so happens to be supporting Blink 182 perhaps? I nodded slower. "Still haven't got it? I got us backstage dumb fuck!"

I squealed...

Like a little girl...

I'm not even ashamed.


Omg this is amazing!!!