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All Is Lost



I've been messing around with different outfits and hairstyles for the past half an hour. Jack's meeting me here in twenty minutes. I have to look good. Not for him of course, I just haven't been to a concert in... A while.

When I say Jack's meeting me in twenty minutes I really mean thirty. Well in Jack's world anyway. Just enough time for food. My doorbell rang as I was halfway through making some noodles. I left the noodles in their water and answered the door. Jack's early? Since when has Jack been on time for anything? Let alone E A R L Y!
"Barakat." A smile cracked on his previously straight face.
"So... WE'RE SEEING BLINK!" He jumped into my house and started kicking the air. Well... Until he fell flat on his back.
"For the hundredth time and you're still nuts." I shook my head and went back to my noodles. Great. Now they're all sticky.
"I will never stop loving Blink!" He pointed his finger at me. "Aren't you excited?" He cocked his head to the side like a little puppy. Adorable
"Course I am... Obviously less then you..." I stirred the noodles with a spoon and pulled a face of disgust before draining them and chucking them in the bin.
"Still can't cook for shit can you Lexy?" I pouted and he patted my head."Let's get chicken!" He grinned.
"Do I look like I run a farm!?"
"Not an animal chicken! Food chicken!" Sometimes I wonder how Jack completed High school. Let alone College.
"Jack..." He was getting over excited.
"LET'S GET YOU A PET CHICKEN!" He clapped his hands. "YEAH YEAH YEAH!"
"How about we go and get a Chinese takeout?" I watched as Jack calmed down and nodded.
"Chinese food sounds good."

He's so... Hyper... HOW!?


Omg this is amazing!!!