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All Is Lost


The next few days flew by. Every day we had a rehearsal at Rian's place. I'm being one hundred percent honest when I say we sound pretty darn good for an un-rehearsed, piece of junk, four piece.

Rian was getting more used to me hanging around now. He was gradually becoming nicer and nicer. I practically had my momma Rian back. It gave me happy bubbles in my tummy.

When I explained this feeling to Jack he laughed at me and pinched my cheek telling me I was cute. He's the cute one. Everyone knows it, I think even he knows it. I mean he flaunts it a lot more then he should. Not like I'm complaining.

As we buzzed around Rian's basement for the third time this week Jack started to get whiny. It was over silly little things too.

For example : I retuned his guitar for him and he turned into a snap happy kitty cat.

Currently it was just the two of us downstairs. Zack hadn't arrived yet and Rian was trying to call him and discover what had happened.

Jack looked at me guiltily with those gorgeous brown eyes of his. He really is a beautiful person. Inside and out. Sure he's had his fair share of struggles but look at him now. He gave me an apologetic look and hugged me.
"Sorry for being a bitch Lexy. I didn't mean it." I laughed and stroked his head.
"I know." I pushed him away from me and pecked his lips. "Sorry I kissed you." I whispered.

Jack's whole face was now littered with a blush. I'm kind of proud I have that affect on my baby.


Omg this is amazing!!!