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All Is Lost


I knocked on Rians door and waited with Alex, guitars in hand. Zack opened the door and greeted us. He told us Rian was in the bathroom and let us through to the basement. Alex gasped as he saw the basement was just how it used to be, he looked uncomfortable, however, when Rian came into the room.
"Hey Jack." Rian ignored Alex presence as he took a place behind the drums."So? Where do we start?" He smiled.
"I was thinking we should start with the old material we have. Alex shrugged. "We don't have to, but we haven't played together for so long, it might help to get our sound back." I smiled at this and sat down on top of the table.
"I think it's a good idea!" I chirped up. Trying to diffuse the tension between Rian and Alex.

Zack shot me desperate looks every time Rian and Alex started to bicker and have a difference of opinion. Most of the time we were trying to decide on songs to play.
"Alex?" He looked up at me from where he was tuning his guitar.
"Didn't you say you had some more material for us?" He thought about it and pulled a wad of paper out from his back pocket.
"I've only got one with me today Jacky." He handed me the paper and I scanned it. I handed the sheets onto Rian and Zack. Zack grinned and looked at Alex nodding in approval.
"He's still got it." Alex blushed and looked at me shyly. "Let's get started?" Rian nodded and took his place behind the drums.

I stood in front of Rian to the right and Zack did the same on the other side. Alex stood in the middle and adjusted the microphone. He flicked it on and looked at Rian. He counted us in and we started playing.

We were more in time then we'd ever been before. All four parts fitted together perfectly as we went through some of our old favourites - Dear Maria, Holly, Weightless, Damned if I do ya.

The practise was solid for about half an hour until we decided we deserve a break. Rian went upstairs to get drinks and order a pizza. Alex, Zack and I stayed downstairs and talked about random things. I curled up in Alex's lap and waited for Rian.
"Aleeex. Thirsty!" I pouted and he laughed stroking my head.
"If you stood still with that guitar of yours then there'd be no problem." Zack laughed and ruffled my hair.
"I'm going to go piss!" Zack stood up. Alex and I pulled identical faces.
"Thanks for sharing Zee." He left the room laughing and I turned around on Alex's lap hugging him close. "Jacky? What are you doing?"
"I'm tired Lexy Loo." Alex laughed and nuzzled his nose in my head.
"So am I Jackaroo." I closed my eyes as Rian came back into the room, closely followed by Zack. Alex made a motion for them to be quiet and started to stroke my back soothingly.

It feels so right. But I know he doesn't like me like I do him.


Omg this is amazing!!!