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All Is Lost


"So Alex?"
"Yes Jack?" We had vacated my room in favour of my posh kitchen... AKA shit hole with an microwave oven.
"Rian and Zack like All Time Low and they were wondering if we could make it to practise at Rian's tonight to discuss... Things..." I nodded and went to my fridge pulling out a six pack.
"Drinks all round!" I cheered. "Let me go grab my acoustic and we'll go, don't think I'll need my other one do you? it's in the school..." I bit my lip and he nodded.
"My guitars in there so we'll have to go get them."
"Jack it's 7pm, no one's going to be there to let us in!" He grinned."What have you done!?" He seriously looks like the cat that got the fucking cream. What is he playing at!?
"It was really hot the other morning so I left the classroom window open and spoke to the janitor. She won't have closed it. It's to keep it cool in there." He tapped the side of his huge nose and winked. I can't believe Jack fucked the janitor... Oh hang on...
"We can't break in! There are security alarm thingies!" He shook his head.
"Not in that classroom... I checked... In case of an emergency." He cleared his throat making me think about what princess Jasmine was up to.
"O-okay." Jesus! Barakat is still a bad influence!

We walked up to the school and Jack pulled me around to the side of the building dodging the cameras using his secret, Lebanese, ninja skills. He pulled open the window and climbed through. I felt my heart speed up and him grab my hand to pull me through the window.
"Would've had to come back anyway Alex, I left my house keys on the desk." He laughed and grabbed his keys. I watched Jack put them in his pocket and grab his guitar. He took mine and pushed me back over to the door."You go out and I'll hand you the guitars. 'Kay?" His breath tickled my neck. If only he knew what he did to me.

Actually it's better he doesn't... He'd run a fucking mile.

I climbed out of the window as expected and took the guitars off them. I placed them against the wall and helped him out of the classroom window. He left it slightly ajar and grabbed his guitar, as my heartbeat began to drop back to a normal level he handed me mine.

I was led through the car park by my hand as I tried to calm down. Jack took out his keys and unlocked his car. Good Job there are no gates here any more. Also, Good Job Jack left his car here instead of us driving to mine.
"Alex? Are you alright?" He waved his hand around in my face and I snapped out of my daydream. "Phew, I thought I'd killed you with my good looks." He started the car and pulled out of the car park. His phone started to ring breaking the silence we'd fallen into. I'm in a state of shock, it's his fault. I forgot about most of the crazy shit he'd made me do. "Can you get my phone out of my pocket and check the caller ID?" I nodded although he couldn't see it and felt around in his pocket for his phone.
"It's Zack." I announced.
"Can you answer it and tell him we're on our way?" I pressed the accept call button and spoke to Zack whilst Jack focused on not killing us. I hung up the phone when I confirmed we were almost there and caught Jack staring at me.
"Eyes on the road Jacko." He turned back to the steering wheel and pulled into Rian's driveway.

Still lives with his mother.

He's going to be the Howard Wolowitz of Baltimore.


Omg this is amazing!!!