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All Is Lost


After lessons me and Alex went around to his place. Since the band was getting back together we need two things... A name and some songs. It's brainstorming time.
"I'm so embarrassed Jack! Now it's going around the school that we're both gay and that we're dating!" I laughed.
"Are you that ashamed of me? Don't worry Alex, I'll buy you something pretty to cheer you up... When I get a full time job." He hugged me and rubbed his nose against my chest.
"Can it be a shiny pretty thing?" I nodded and he skipped up to his front door. "Welcome to la casa de mí" Alex opened the door and motioned for me to enter. He's moved since we were younger... Not that I'm complaining this place is huge!

He's one up on Rian. Rian still lives with his mother but luckily that means we can still have our old practise space from the Planet X days.
"C'mon up!" Whilst I was admiring his house, Alex had disappeared upstairs. I ran up and met him in his room. The walls were painted bright yellow and scattered with pictures from his childhood and through the years. "Ready to think things up Jacky? I nodded and sat on his bed. He broght over a notebook and a pen.
"Got any ideas Alex?"
"Well I was told to call the band All Time Blow by a student." We both laughed.
"All Time Blow Jobs!" I cheered. He shook his head.
"PG Jay, PG." I pouted and he patted my back.
"OOH! no... I'm finished!" I flopped backwards and he flopped down next to me.
"All Time... Foe? Row? Go? Show? Low? Slow? 'Allo?" I laughed at his fake cockney accent. Well... I say fake but he's British so it's only half fake really...
"Write them down and let's have a look how they look on paper."He did as he was told and scribbled them down handing them to me. I read them out loud and crossed out the ones that sounded wrong.
"Okay." Alex took his book back and looked at the ones left. "All Time Foe, All Time Low and All Time Show... I like All Time Low..." He decided.
"Same... I'll text Rian and Zack, see what they think..." He nodded and started scribbling down on a fresh page. "Working on lyrics?" he bit the top of the pen and nodded. "Can I see?"
"No." I laughed and started to text them both.

They better agree.

Not that they have much of a choice...


Omg this is amazing!!!