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All Is Lost


I hope Rian and Zack say yes to my plan. I don't know what made me think of it... Well... Yeah, actually I do...

I just wasn't willing to accept it... I'm still not...

But to sum some things up... band getting back together = more time to spend at band practise with Jack.

Anyway, I'm hoping they've said yes and I'm hoping that Jack actually remembered to tell them, I can remember things like this. There was always an error in communication when Jack was involved. I was laughing on my way into the building earning some stares off pupils.

Jack wasn't in yet so I took the opportunity to speak to a certain someone about a certain someone else having a permanent position within my class... As you do...

She said 'she'll think about it'...




"Hey Alex, why are you looking so happy?" Jack was at the door of the classroom laughing as he saw me fist pumping.
"No reason," I grinned and opened the door holding it open so he could come in past me. "Did you ask Zack and Rian?" he nodded and grinned at me. "What did they say!?" I sat on the desk in front of me and he jumped up and down.
"THEY SAID YES!" I cheered and clapped my hands as a dizzy Jack landed on me. I shoved him off and he hit his head on the table. "OW!" He grabbed my ankles and pulled me onto the floor on top of him. The table fell over behind us as I landed neatly on his lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face in my neck. He nuzzled his overly large nose into my neck as I tried to squirm away.
"Jack! Off!" He gripped me tighter ignoring my instruction. The door flew open and a few of my students walked in.

Never have I felt more embarrassed. The group of girls that were the first in stopped walking and started giggling as Jack released me and I stood up and righted the desk. I cleared my throat to get the class' attention. Well this is...



Omg this is amazing!!!