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All Is Lost


I've been wondering all morning why Alex's been so quiet. I kept catching him daydreaming in my general direction when I was decorating his classroom. When classes started he snapped back into teacher mode. Scary.

I was doing as I was told for most of the first few lessons. I kept my eyes on certain students and gave Alex their names. In most cases he agreed with me. There was one problem, every time I got close to him I got butterflies and just wanted to grab him and... yeah...

At lunch we walked down to the staff room for food. We're both officially broke after this weekend so there was no escaping as it seems. "Hey Jack?" I looked up at him. His eyes are so... distracting. I didn't even catch what he said.
"Huh?" He laughed it off and repeated what he'd previously said.
"I said, for this... Show... Do you reckon Rian and Zack would, uh, mind it if we got Playground X back together. A one night only kinda thing... New name, new songs, new personalities... I just think we should set an example... Maybe kick things off... Add some atmosphere..."

WHY HAD I NOT THOUGHT OF THAT!? I've been dying to impress him... uh, in my... musical abilities, of course... All weekend! Why does he have to have the brains as well as the looks!? No, wait, I have the looks covered. Who doesn't want a piece of me!?

"uh? Jack?"
"Um.. . I'll ask them... Don't get your hopes up though Lexy, they aren't too happy with you still... I tried to tell them it wasn't your fault. You know how they are..." He nodded and opened the door to the packed room.
"You will ask them then?" I nodded and grinned at him. He smiled back,"Awesome. I owe you one." He patted my arm before raiding the fridge for food. When he returned he was holding two cans of Monster and two pots of pasta, I took one of each off him and he led me to the table where the receptionist was sitting waiting for him. Are they dating? I really hope not...

"Hey Alex. Hey Jack." She smiled and waved at us. I waved back and so did Alex. We looked at each other and stuck our tongues out in sync. We both laughed and high fived.

Like the good old days...


At home I was bored. Border then bored. Since leaving the school I've had nothing to do. Because all of the lessons were practical I didn't have to mark anything or plan any lessons. I'm useless.

Or am I?

I've been thinking back to Alex's conversation this afternoon. He wants me to see if I can get the band back together. Well... I can... Possibly...

I logged into my email account and sent identical emails to Zack and Rian.

Guys! Alex wants to ask if we can do a two song set at the school as a band. Just a one time thing, What do you say? New name, New songs? Text me if you're in!

And now, we wait.


Omg this is amazing!!!