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Barakat, Jack Barakat

Chapter 47

“Amy! You’re here” Amy’s mom greeted the couple at the door. She rushed out to pull her daughter into a hug. She pulled back to have a good look at her.
“It’s been too long! I’m so happy you’re here” she smiled, hugging her again. Amy pulled away smiling up at her. She turned around and took hold of Jack’s hand.
“Mom, this is my boyfriend, Jack. Jack, this is my mom” she smiled, introducing them.
“Oh Jack, it’s so lovely to meet you” her mom gushed, pulling him into a hug.
“Aren’t you handsome?” she smiled.
“You never told me he was handsome!”
“Mooommm” Amy groaned.
“It’s fine, Amy. At least I can see where you got your good looks from”
“Oh aren’t you sweet!” Amy’s mom patted Jack’s arm. Amy just shook her head and walked into the house.
“OOF” Amy let out as she was tackled.
“I should’ve known you’d show up” she said laughing at her cousin.
“Where’s Jacky?” she grinned.
“HERE” he shouted as he walked in. Holly ran at him, arms wide open.
“I swear; my cousin loves you more than she loves me” Amy chuckled.
“Well obviously” Holly grinned clinging to Jack. Amy walked away as the pair stood embracing in the hallway.
“Dad!” Amy exclaimed as she entered the living room. He stood from his chair, pulling his daughter into a hug.
“It’s so good to see you, Amelia” he smiled.
“You too, Dad. My boyfriend Jack is here” she pulled back to look at him.
“I can’t wait for you to meet him” she grinned.
Jack walked into the living room, Holly in tow of course.
“Dad, this is Jack” Amy smiled. Jack extended his hand.
“Nice to meet you, sir”
“Please son, call me Alan” Amy’s father smiled at him.
“Why don’t you guys talk about your beloved Ravens while Holly and I spend some quality time upstairs” Amy smiled, walking up the stairs to meet her cousin. She walked into her old bedroom, not much had changed. She was happy to be back. Her smile faltered as she saw Holly sitting at the desk with a worried look on her face.
“What’s up? You upset Alex isn’t here?” Amy nudged her cousin.
“Amy, we have a bit of a problem” Holly turned to her. She pulled up an article on her phone.
“Everyone thinks that you and Alex are… well, together”
“Wait, what?” Amy laughed.
“Why would they think that?” Holly showed her a picture on some website of her and Alex at Disneyworld. Amy on Alex’s back, arms around his neck while kissing his cheek.
“Let’s just say that some of the fans aren’t happy” Holly said.
Amy took a seat at the edge of the bed and stared off into the distance. Her breathing began to pick up. She could feel it happening again.
“No” she breathed out, hand clutching her chest. She felt like her throat was closing over. The room was suddenly becoming very small. She began to cry. Silent tears flooded down her cheeks.
“Amy? Are you okay?”
“Jack” she breathed out. Holly ran to the top of the stairs calling for Jack. He made his way up the stairs completely confused.
“What’s up?” he smiled at Holly.
“It’s Amy. She having an anxiety attack” Holly ran back into the room, Jack quickly following behind her.
“Amy!” he snapped at her, causing her head to fly up. He crouched down in front of her taking her hands in his.
“Breath with me” he began deep breathes, trying to calm her down. He rubbed circles on her hands as she tried her hardest to control her breathing. He wiped away her tears with his thumbs, whispering endearments to her.
“Come on, you got this. You’re fine. I’m here, just look at me and breathe” he smiled, trying to stay calm himself. Her breathing eventually began to slow down. She could no longer feel her heart beating rapidly. Jack sat next to her, pulling her into a hug as she continued to cry.
“Shh, it’s okay” he whispered, kissing the top of her head as she buried her face in his chest.
“Jack” she whispered shakily.
“Y-your fans hate me” she choked out.
“Why would you think that?”
“Holly, show him” her face remained in Jack’s chest, inhaling his scent. It calmed her down. Holly showed Jack the article and Jack chuckled lightly.
“We can fix this, Amy, I promise” he pulled her from his chest to smile at her. He used his thumbs to once again wipe away the tears from her face.
“We’ll straighten it all out. We’ll talk to Alex about it” he smiled. He leaned in, giving her a small kiss.
“Can we go home?” she asked, a sad smile graced her lips. She felt bad, but she just needed to be a home where she could relax.
“Of course” he pulled her up with him to say goodbye to her parents.
“I’m so sorry, mom” Amy frowned.
“Don’t you worry. We completely understand” she smiled, pulling her daughter into a hug.
“It was a pleasure to meet you, Jack” Amy’s father took hold of Jack’s hand in a firm handshake.
“You take care of my daughter” he winked at Jack.
“I will, don’t worry” he smiled as the pair made their way out to the car.

Amy lay on the couch snuggled up in a blanket.
“I’ve run you a bath” Jack walked in, smiling.
“How come?” she smiled back at him.
“Because you deserve one. You need to relax. Now go get in the bath” he laughed.
“Thank you” she kissed him on the way past.
She walked into the bathroom, the room lit only by candles surrounding the bath. She smiled at Jack’s sweet gesture.
“You cheesy motherfuker” she shouted down, laughing.
“Hey! I was trying to be nice” he laughed. She smiled at how amazing he treated her. She though she couldn’t love that man anymore, however he kept creating new ways to make her fall more in love with him each day.
She undressed and stepped into the hot water. She sunk down into the water, finally relaxing. She closed her eyes, finally feeling at peace.


Sorry about these updates getting further and further apart. I've just been so tired lately, because I stopped taking my iron tablets, which I shouldn't tbh :')


Oh hey

Daydreamers Daydreamers

I'll try ;)

@Northern Downpour
You better fix it in the sequel!

I apologise omg, but I couldn't just end it on a cute, fluffy note :D honestly though, it killed me writing it. My heart actually hurt.

I knew it, he was going to propose! But I did not in any way expect Holly to do that! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT! I will stay calm, I shall not get mad. WHYYYYYYY!!!!!