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Barakat, Jack Barakat

Chapter 33

Three weeks.
It’s been three weeks since Amy last spoke to Jack. The last time she seen him was that dreadful day in Alex’s. Even when Amy went back to Jack’s apartment to collect her stuff, he wasn’t home. He simply left her a note
‘I’m out with a friend. Just take your stuff, leave your keys and close the door behind you’
That was it. No kisses, no sign of the slightest bit of niceness towards her. Just bitter words. She hadn’t even tried to contact him. No calls, no texts. He’d have probably deleted her number by now. Even if she did try and call him, he probably wouldn’t answer. For the past three weeks, Amy had spent her time living in the spare room in Rian and Cass’ apartment. She would drive to work each day, then return home and do nothing. She promised them that she would be gone after 4 weeks. She needed to contact her old landlord and see if her old place was still available to move back into.
Amy sat staring out the window of her temporary bedroom, watching the rain beat at the windows.
Ha she thought.
It’s funny how the weather seems to reflect your mood perfectly.
“Aaammyyyy” Cass droned on as she walked into the room.
“You need to stop moping around. Come out with us tonight! You need to loosen up and have some fun” she said, placing a hand on her friend’s shoulder.
“Depends” Amy said, showing not emotion.
“On what?” Cass questioned.
“Who’s going” She stated like it was obvious.
“Oh, um, I’m not sure. You do realise that Rian is still friends with Jack and Alex, whether you like it or not” Cass said cautiously. Amy let out a sigh. Thing is, obviously Amy hadn’t spoken to Jack since that night, but she also hadn’t spoken to Alex. He hadn’t even tried to contact her. Surely he must know where she is, as he’s always speaking to Rian. He could’ve visited her any time, yet he didn’t. She didn’t know where Alex and Jack stood with each other. Had they spoken? Talked it out? Fought each other? Hell, she’d be pissed if they had worked things out and hadn’t contacted her. Maybe she should call Alex. If she was going to go out tonight, she would need someone there to talk to. She felt like Rian, Cass and Zack were always judging her for what she had done. Rian had told her numerous times that he believed her when she said nothing had happened, however, that one bit of doubt always sat at the back of her mind.
“Do you think I should call Alex?” Amy turned to Cass. Cass sighed.
“Just do what you think will help you get out of this emotional funk” Cass offered her a warm smile and left her alone.

“Oh.. hey Amy”
“How’ve you been?” he asked.
“Oh, um, not too good, but I’m getting there. How about you?”
“Same really. I haven’t spoken to.. you know who, since that night”
“Neither have I” Amy sighed.
“Listen Amy, I know I haven’t spoken to you since then. I really wanted to, but I just couldn’t bring myself to. I know you probably wanted the space”
“Actually, it would’ve been nice to have you here” Amy sighed.
“I’m sorry Amy. I’m so sorry about everything that has happened. I can’t help but feel guilty about the whole thing. If you want to call Jack and blame the whole thing on me, you can. You can tell him it was me who came onto you first, just please don’t blame yours-“
“Alex!” Amy cut him off.
“I would never blame you! Don’t you dare say that” she heard Alex sigh on the other end of the phone, knowing an argument was coming.
“No arguments, Alex. This is the end of this conversation” she laughed.
“Okay” he sighed in defeat.
“So anyway, are you going out tonight with the guys?” she asked, changing the subject.
“I’m not sure, I don’t know if he is going to be there” he absentmindedly scratched the back of his neck.
“I don’t know either. I need to leave this place though and loosen up a bit. Cass and Rian are going to end up killing me if I don’t stop being all moody. Please come with us. You can come to Rian’s and we’ll all go together. Please Alex” Amy begged.
“Okay okay, only for you though” he laughed.
“Thank you, I guess I’ll see you later tonight then” she smiled, although he couldn’t see.
“Yeah, I’ll see you later Amy. We’ll have fun” and with that, Amy hung up. She was genuinely looking forward to the night. The only obstacle; Jack. She didn’t have the guts to face him.

“Well aren’t you dressed to impress” Amy laughed as she opened the door to Alex.
“I could say the same about you” he winked at her.
“I have to look nice. It’ll make me look better when I’m shitfaced in a few hours” she grinned.
After having a few drinks, Rian, Cass, Amy and Alex all piled into a taxi, already tipsy.
“Has Jack said what time he’s coming?” Cass asked Rian.
“Oh, he isn’t coming. He texted me before to let me know” Amy’s stomach dropped. She wasn’t sure if she was disappointed or happy that he wouldn’t be there. It was her fault he wasn’t going. She knew full well that he wouldn’t turn up if she or Alex were there.
“What did he say?” Alex looked to his friend.
“Um.. He said that he can’t make it, he’s having a friend over. But he said that he hopes Cass, Zack and I have a good night” Alex stayed silent.
“What a child” Amy muttered. Well at least Amy could now enjoy herself. Couldn’t she?

“Zack!” Alex grinned as they all approached the booth that he occupied. After exchanging hugs and getting settled into the booth, Amy and Cass made their way to the bar to get in the first round.
“How are you feeling?” Cass asked Amy as they leant on the bar.
“Me? I’m perfectly fine” Amy lied through her teeth. Cass could see right through her.
“Amy” she sighed.
“You need to speak to him”
“I can’t! Don’t you think I want to more than anything? I just can’t. He hates me. It’ll break my heart to see him” she frowned. Turning to the bartender, she ordered 5 beers and 2 shots of tequila.
“Just for one night, I want to forget about him. I need something to numb the pain, because it’s killing me, Cass” she handed Cass a shot glass, taking one in her hand.
“Let’s have fun tonight” they clinked their shot glasses before downing the liquid, both pulling a face at the burning in their throats.

“LEEEXXXX” Amy shouted over the music.
“Yes?” he laughed.
“My feet hurt and I’m tired” she pouted. She had consumed far too much alcohol and knew she had to get home before she either embarrassed herself completely or threw up everywhere. Alex laughed at her.
“Come on, I’ll take you home” he said, pulling her up by her hand. He called a cab and the pair stood patiently waiting, Amy leaning on Alex for support. She felt like she could fall at any moment.
“I wish I had a place to call home” Amy hiccupped, looking at her feet.
“Can we just go back to your place? Please” she asked, looking up at him.
“Sure” he smiled.
“I’ll send Rian a text to let him know”
After a 20 minute cab ride, they pulled up outside of Alex’s. Somewhere along the way home, Amy had fell asleep on Alex’s shoulder. He nudged her lightly, letting her know they had arrived.
“Noooo, I want to sleep” she groaned. They exited the cab, and Amy stood whining for Alex to carry her inside. After threatening to sleep on the curb, Alex had no choice but to lift her up and take her inside.
10 minutes of fumbling to get his key in the door, lock it behind him and take his shoes off, he was finally inside trying to place Amy on his bed. She kicked her shoes off and immediately got snuggled under the covers.
“I miss Jack” she let out a small sob. This took Alex by surprise. He sat on the edge of the bed, stroking her hair.
“So do I Amy, so do I” Alex sighed. He missed his best friend dearly.


Sorry if it's boring, just a filler :)


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You better fix it in the sequel!

I apologise omg, but I couldn't just end it on a cute, fluffy note :D honestly though, it killed me writing it. My heart actually hurt.

I knew it, he was going to propose! But I did not in any way expect Holly to do that! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT! I will stay calm, I shall not get mad. WHYYYYYYY!!!!!