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Barakat, Jack Barakat

Chapter 27

Amy shot up in bed, sweating and shaking uncontrollably. Jack had been trying to snap her out of the dream she was having.
“Jack? Y-you’re home? When did you-“
“About 15 minutes ago. I wanted to surprise you. I wanted to see your face when you woke up next to me” he smiled softly.
“Oh Jack” she began to sob as she threw herself at him, hands wrapping around his neck. He simply pushed back gently and looked her in the eyes. He placed his hands on each of her cheeks.
“Now tell me, what is this dream you keep having?” Amy refused to look at him. She would have to tell him sooner or later, but now? She really didn’t want to. However, she had no choice. This was the second time he’d heard her shouting his name in her sleep. She couldn’t avoid it any longer.
“Jack…” she whispered, unsure of where to start.
“Please, don’t take this the wrong way” she met his gaze, relaxing at the soft stare he was holding with her.
“I won’t, I promise” he smiled. She sighed thinking of how she was going to explain this.
“This dream… I’ve been having it a lot, at least 3 times a week” she looked away from him.
“It’s about you… and Holly” she whispered the last part. Jack stayed silent waiting for her to continue.
“You-you always leave me, for her” she felt tears stinging her eyes.
“You tell me that you’ve never loved me and used me as a distraction until she came back for you” the tears were now falling. Jack used his thumbs to gently wipe away the tears.
“You always leave me. You and her laughing as I beg for you to come back… I’m sorry Jack. I wanted to tell you about this dream long ago, but I didn’t know how you’d react”
“Amy…” Jack started, sighing.
“After what you went through, I’d find it unusual if you didn’t have any nightmares. Look at me” he said, lifting her chin up. He smiled at her. That smile that had made her insides melt many times. That smile she’d fell in love with. That genuine, loving smile.
“I love you, so much. I can’t ever imagine leaving you. Hell, you’re stuck with me” he chuckled.
“I know it may not stop your nightmares straight away, but just know; that’s all they are; nightmares. Twisted, terrifying scenarios that our subconscious mind works up in our heads, eating away at you each time you sleep. Just know, that when you wake from these nightmares, I am here. I am here right by your side, here to comfort you and love you.” He smiled again at her. She couldn’t help the grin that formed on her face.
“Thank you, Jack” she whispered, leaning in and giving him a small, yet passionate kiss.
“I love you” she smiled, leaning her forehead on his.
“Now go back to sleep, it’s only 3am. I’m right here with you. I’m not leaving” the pair lay down as Amy curled herself into his arms. She had missed this familiar feeling of safety at night. For the first time in week, Amy fell asleep with a smile on her face knowing that her nightmare had been defeated.


So this is only short, but at least it's something, right? Anyway, I hope you guys had a great Christmas! :D


Oh hey

Daydreamers Daydreamers

I'll try ;)

@Northern Downpour
You better fix it in the sequel!

I apologise omg, but I couldn't just end it on a cute, fluffy note :D honestly though, it killed me writing it. My heart actually hurt.

I knew it, he was going to propose! But I did not in any way expect Holly to do that! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT! I will stay calm, I shall not get mad. WHYYYYYYY!!!!!